15. New Life

Today was certainly very, very interesting and a LOT of fun. ;] So many things happened.
First of all -- I'm sitting in a couch in the lobby right now with my laptop. I LOVELOVELOVE 1 King West. My life feels soooo surreal right now. Its 12am and there are a lot of people at the bar. I love the atmosphere. I have a feeling I'll be spending a LOT of nights down here. All these business people in suits and tourists. I don't fit in at all (I'm the youngest for sure hahah..but I love it.) Living in a regular residential condo/apartment would not be like this. It's like a party here every night with nice men in suits.

So anyway I spent most of the day with a friend. As I mentioned before, we went to
the Drake Hotel for dinner. We ate at Sky Yard, the rooftop patio. It was pretty cool. Then we came back to the hotel and walked to the bank. On the way there we saw a business dinner party & another restaurant full of suits.  There are a lot of young & good-looking ones too ;] After that we came back to the bar/lobby here and we each got a cosmo on the rocks and talked for a bit. I'm feeling a bit..strange/lightheaded right now. lol not drunk but..I'm not sure. The cosmo was good though.

- deleted content-

I already really love living here! 


  1. Holy crap you have quite a crazy life now where you live. It must be weird as hell being so different from everyone around you. Don't give into any of the new city life pressures though :p

    Have fun though!

  2. lol what are the "new city life pressures" ?

  3. duuuuurrgs.

  4. not where I live hahah
    that's more a high school thing anyways =P


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