104. Vodka Freezer

Went to Pravda last night with my friend + this other Japanese man we met awhile ago. I don't think I'd ever turn down going to Pravda, even if it was 1am on a school night. Fortunately I had my astronomy essay done already and I didn't have to wake up extremely early this morning..

One of the bartenders there brought my friend & I into their vodka fridge. That was my first time inside..I'm not sure if they let just anyone go in at anytime. It was pretty cool in there..sooo many nice looking vodka bottles. I want to collect them.

So since I talk about going to Pravda so often & have only been able to take crappy cell phone shots, here's what it really looks like. Images taken from their site. Their decor is pretty over-the-top-Russian. It's always dark in there though so even I've never seen this place in bright lighting like from these photos..



103. Thanksgiving with the Brits

Happy Thanksgiving!! So today..I had some much-needed retail therapy with my mom. She came downtown and we went to the mall. After the mall closed she went back to suburbia and I headed back to 1KW. It was around 7pm when I went for dinner at EPIC/Royal York with those Brits I met a couple weeks ago. I didn't expect to be spending Thanksgiving with them but it was nice.
This year I'm really thankful for everything in life. I wouldn't change anything about it.

I always have to discreetly take photos if I'm with people I barely know lol.

Stuff from Michigan last week

Alice + Olivia blazer

My favourite photographer, David LaChapelle

Defacing government property

What I draw when bored in class.


102. Michigan Renaissance Festival

I'm back from spending the past few days in Michigan with my mom. This was mostly a shopping trip (to Somerset) but yesterday we went to their Renaissance Festival which was definately the coolest thing I've gone to in a long time. I LOVED it. They have it for a couple weeks each year, yesterday being the last day. It was set up inside a 100-acre forest, with little houses/stores built inside and lots of people dressed in Renaissance clothing.

The greasiest little piece of artery clogger I've ever eaten!



101. Balenciaga, Balmain, Rick Owens: SS2010





Rick Owens


Paris Fashion Week is pretty much the only FW I pay attention to.
I want ALL the leggings/pants from Balenciaga, and ALL the blazers/jackets from Balmain. yes, all.
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