56. Streetstyle

(credit: styleclicker)
Really amazing streetstyle blogs/sites are hard to find..even harder is finding really amazing pictures. I only save the ones that I really really like; I'll probably save one single picture after looking through at least 50 different entries. Anyways here are a few of my favourites:

(credit: not sure)

(credit: GadeMode)

(credit: Style Sightings)

(credit: Style and the City - my favourite!)

(credit: garancedore)
This guy really looks like Adrien Brody.
(credit: cafe-mode)
LOVE this pic!!

(credit: cafe-mode)
LOVE the coat..

(credit: Facehunter)
hers too..

& I love these boys:

(credit: style and the city + styleclicker)



3 things I really love: Switzerland, Moleskines, and limited edition items.
So naturally, the moment I heard about the existence of these things merging together, I just had to....
Presenting the most perfect Moleskine in existence:

Limited Edition Helvetica Moleskine!!

Typography exhibition in Harajuku, Japan:
"To celebrate this extraordinary font, Moleskine collaborated with the Helvetica foundation and acclaimed Japanese designers GROOVISIONS to create two special editions of the legendary notebooks (black and red).
A limited edition of 500 of each notebooks will be available in very selected retailers in Asia, to the pleasure of all fans of this legendary font."

lovelovelovelovelove it!



54. Alexander McQueen Fall 2009

Alexander McQueen - FW09

Amazing - this is my favourite type of fashion show (I'm sure you understand why I also love Dior couture) I have to admit, most fashion shows usually bore me when it's one similar outfit after another. I guess I prefer it more when designers use fashion as art. Definately my favourite show of the season!



53. Louis Vuitton Graffiti Pareo

My dad called me early this morning (from Hong Kong) while I was still in bed to let me know he's going to Japan tomorrow (jealousjealousjealous) and also China to Xi'An - that place where they have all the terra cotta soldiers in the tomb..just before coming back to Canada.
AND he was like "everything on your list is sold out!" The list is my wishlist of Louis Vuitton graffiti items I wanted him to get for me. I was surprised because Hong Kong has so many Louis Vuitton stores. Then I was scared because I REALLY REALLY REALLY wanted the graffiti pareo and if it's all sold out in HK..what are the chances that Toronto will have them?!

After a few frantic phone calls..the Bloor store had it in stock. A couple hours of trying to decide what to do, and subconsciously typing up my entire intro to fashion essay..
I went to ask my bartender (who loves designer stuff as much as me) for advice and he was like "get it! get it!" while I tried to convince him to get those crazy but awesome graffiti shoes.

I loved the SA who helped me today! I asked her about the groom line being relaunched and she just laughed and told me that I was the second customer who asked her about it and that she has no idea. I love finding out things before the SAs.
I also told her that my dad told me all the graffiti is sold out in HK and immediately she was like "oh Hong Kong's ALWAYS sold out of limited edition stuff!" I have to admit I was relieved when she said that because when I found out Toronto had this in stock and not HK, I thought my dad was lying lol.
hmm I also looked at some of the other graffiti items. OMG I WANT SOME GRAFFITI LEGGINGS. They're soo cool. I don't know why I'm so obsessed with everything graffiti now because I hated it at first.

Finally...here it is!
It's actually a sarong but practically everyone uses it as a scarf. It's 6 feet long.



51. Balenciaga + DSquared

Balenciaga FW09 RTW
I love the cowl skirts..

DSquared FW09 RTW
& I love the Starbucks.

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