645. Recent Life | Avicii & Toronto Van Attack

This week was a sad one, due to a couple of different events as I'm sure most of you know already. A few days ago here in Toronto there was a van that drove onto the sidewalk and killed ten people while injuring many more. When I first heard about it I didn't know it was as serious. The more I read about it, finding out the driver's motive and then discovering who the victims were, makes me more uneasy about the whole situation. This is something that has never happened in Toronto before and something we never expected to happen here. When something of this sort happens I think most people think that it could never happen to them. It is really sad and I feel for the families of those affected. Lives can change and be taken away from us so unexpectedly, in an instant, so it's important to never take anything for granted.

Almost a week ago, Avicii passed away which came as a complete shock to me. He was my favourite DJ and I loved pretty much all his songs so I was really sad about this. Celebrity/famous deaths have never affected me in the past. Maybe due to the fact that none of the ones who passed away were ones that I really liked, so this was a first for me. Since then I've been listening to his songs on repeat and I also watched the documentary on him which was released last year ("True Stories") which is really good and provided more insight into why this happened.

In honour, here is my favourite song by Avicii. I made a post on it a few years ago here too since I found it really inspirational. It also describes his own life pretty well:

As always I'm quite behind on my "recent life" posts. Here are some photos taken in the past weeks. I will save (most of) the restaurant ones for the next post.

Toronto harbourfront
Toronto harbour
Our weather here is finally, finally starting to get warmer which means more harbourfront walks! I just went there this afternoon actually on a nice dog walk.

Maple Leafs Square
Game 6 of the playoffs, which we won. But unfortunately we lost last night's game 7 so we are out.

The Oxley venison bangers
Venison bangers at The Oxley. I think I order venison every time I see it on the menu somewhere.

Hennessy Pomeranian
Sunset Grill
I'm really into eating breakfasts these days hahha.

Commerce Court
leftbanked desk
Laduree macarons
Over Easy breakfast
King Edward Hotel
Toronto Popcorn Company
leftbanked cooking
strawberry dessert
Positano puzzle
My boyfriend & I started this Positano puzzle a few weeks ago. It has been many years since I last did an actual puzzle. At first I thought the whole thing would take us maybe 2 hours. So far it has been a few weeks lol (well we don't do it every day)..hopefully it will be done this week and I'll post a photo of the final result. It's fun and kind of therapeutic to do though.

Poop Cafe Toronto
Poop Cafe. Nice to visit for the novelty factor but the egg waffle isn't that good.




644. Recent Life

leftbanked elevator selfie
This past weekend was pretty eventful and a lot of fun! Anouk came to visit Toronto for a few days. Last time we saw each other was during our Rockies Roadtrip. We always have a great time together and I really do hope to visit her sometime this year in Luxembourg! I'm way overdue for a trip there.

On Friday she arrived and we met for a prawn spaghattini lunch at Cactus Club which is like our tradition now. Then in the evening we went out together (her and my boyfriend - it was their first time meeting after hearing a lot about each other over the months) for dinner and Pravda. It was so much fun and one of my favourite times at Pravda! On Saturday I met up with her again where we just had a relaxing day eating and lounging around. Then Sunday we went for afternoon tea at the Windsor Arms Hotel. Then I met my boyfriend to celebrate our '6 month anniversary' that night and Monday as well. I guess it is technically a milestone but every day feels like it. This past half year has flown by the fastest. It only feels like a few short months since we met but also that we knew each other a lot longer than that. It has been the best months of my life so far and I'm so excited for our future together!

So here are the photos from the weekend and also some random ones prior to then (as I am quite behind on my blog as usual):

Leftbanked home
Toronto Popcorn Company Confetti
A Quiet Place
Last night we went to watch A Quiet Place. I had been very excited for this movie since I love horror/thriller movies, and it's rare for those types to be so well-rated. It was really good - a unique story and quite suspenseful. Most of the movie is silent. I didn't find it as scary as I hoped it would be but I jumped at a few parts when there was a sudden loud sound. An extremely embarrassing moment for me was when I forgot to turn off an alarm on my phone and it went off during a silent part - and my ringtone is Despacito!! hahaha.

balloon monkey
leftbanked home decor
Petit Dejeuner Toronto
My sleep schedule has been becoming slightly more "normal" in the recent weeks which means I'm able to wake up in time for breakfast more often now.

Reminiscences of a Stock Operator
leftbanked gym outfit
Messini Authentic Gyros
Demetres dessert
Hennessy leftbanked
Cactus Club prawn spaghattini
So this was Friday afternoon right after Anouk arrived. We went for lunch at Cactus Club. We both love the prawn spaghattini and order it every time. During our trip to the Rockies last year we visited pretty much all the Cactus Club locations on the west coast so it felt right to go there again hahah. Looking back on these photos now makes me want to go back and relive that weekend..

Carisma Toronto
Then at night for dinner we went with my boyfriend to Carisma for dinner where Anouk and I ordered the same dish we had for lunch. This one was so delicious! Afterwards we spent the rest of the night at Pravda:

Pravda Vodka Bar acrobat
Sunset Grill fruit waffle
Breakfast at Sunset Grill the morning after

Louis Vuitton Cobalt Keepall
We stopped by Louis Vuitton where I discovered this Damier Cobalt Keepall!!! It's so beautiful. I can't really capture the colour in a photograph but it's like a dark navy blue (which is my favourite colour).

earls bibimbap
After a quick walk around Eaton Centre we went for tea at the King Edward Hotel. Then dinner a few hours later at Earls, which is another one of our usual places (that we visited all the locations of in the Rockies)

leftbanked outfit
Windsor Arms Hotel
The next afternoon - tea at the Windsor Arms Hotel!

Windsor Arms Hotel
Windsor Arms Afternoon Tea
Windsor Arms Afternoon Tea
Windsor Arms Hotel
Loewe display
Louis Vuitton Summer Trunks Azur Speedy
One King West
Pai Toronto
Over Easy breakfast
Scaramouche amuse bouche
Finally, our dinner at Scaramouche! It was my first time here. It's located a bit outside of downtown, inside a residential apartment which I didn't know before. It was really nice and cozy inside. The food was really good and I loved everything. This was the smoked salmon amuse bouche. For the appetizer we got the crab ravioli. I got the venison as my main. & dessert was the apple and sage cheesecake.

Scaramouche ravioli
Scaramouche venison
Scaramouche dessert
Scaramouche view

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