175. Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas!! (at the Royal York)



173. Mucho | Blue Chihuahua

blue chihuahua
This is Mucho: a (light) blue Chihuahua! I'm sure most of you already seen pictures of him on my Twitter/FB already.
He belongs to a friend of mine - who conveniently lives in the same building as me. My friend is going on vacation for a month so I'll be taking care of Mucho for him :)

I love him!! He has the best personality..he's extremely hyper but very calm when picked up. He's always sleeping on my lap and on my bed with me. He's really smart too..and litter box trained! He looks bigger in pictures but he's actually TINY.

& I love his colour. It's very rare for a Chihuahua. I've ALWAYS wanted a dog..now I definately want to get one. Very soon. I want a Papillon or Japanese Spitz.

blue chihuahua
blue chihuahua
blue chihuahua
blue chihuahua
blue chihuahuablue chihuahua



172. The Macallan | I love a scotch that's old enough to order its own scotch

I went to a Macallan scotch tasting a few nights ago. I'm not a huge drinker - I pretty much just drink fruity drinks with small percentages of alcohol, but scotch isn't too bad. I love the smell of it.

First we tried the 10 year, then: 12 Year Sherry Oak, 15 Year Fine Oak, Sherry Oak Cask Strength (59% alcohol?), and 18 Year Sherry Oak. I'm obviously not a scotch connoisseur but I liked the 12 and 18 year ones the most. The others were too strong for me. But overall, fun night!

I impulsively bought these today..even though I shouldn't have because I'm broke and unemployed. sigh. They're kind of awkward to walk in too..and so painful (on the sides). But I'll get used to them. Hopefully.



171. Fox Tail

I finally got a fox tail today! It looks so big in this picture..but it looks better in real life. I love it so much. I've been wanting one ever since I saw the Louis Vuitton ones. Ace of Spades from the other night

90th anniversary of Paris Vogue!!

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