44. - Christian Dior Spring Summer 2009 Haute Couture

If I ever get married, this will be my wedding dress.



43. Ballroom

Just bought myself a new costume Russian naval officer hat!

A few photos of the beautiful ballroom inside my condo!



42. Paris Fashion Week 2009 - Menswear

Jean Paul Gaultier - FW09
hahah I need to see the video of this show.

I love the hair!!!! & those hat things.
Louis Vuitton - FW09

First semester, Intro to Fashion was my favourite class but this semester we have a new teacher and it's kind of different. I took notes during the first 20 minutes or so, but then my teacher proceeded to show us pictures on a slideshow; each slide consisted of a single picture and she spent like half an hour talking about each one. 
Anyways during the 20 minutes I spent paying attention, I noticed:
1 - she told us that Michelle Obama's inaugeration shoes were designed by J.Crew when in fact they're not. They're by Jimmy Choo.
2 - she showed us a picture of the interior of Galeries Lafayette in Paris and said it was Le Bon Marche..aren't they two different department stores?
3 - she also showed us a picture of GUM! lol I was like "I blogged about that! :O"
Sorry for all these random posts lately - I'll get back to my "regular" blogging soon..whatever that was anyways.


41. Milan Fashion Week 2009 - Menswear Part 2

Dolce & Gabbana - FW09

D&G - FW09

hmmm I like Burberry & Moschino more. The Paris (Men's) shows will be starting tomorrow..I'm sure there will be lots of good ones. Then January 26th = Haute Couture!!


40. Milan Fashion Week 2009 - Menswear

The Men's Fall 2009 Ready-To-Wear shows have started a few days ago (in Milan)..and of course I have been keeping up. So here are a few of my favourites / what I want to dress like if I were a boy / examples of how I want my future husband to dress / examples of what I will force my future husband to dress in. I'm so attracted to designer menswear.

Moschino - FW09

Burberry Prorsum - FW09

Every man should wear bowler hats, wear Burberry trenchcoats and carry a skinny long umbrella when they walk (so British). And of course, own a bag in damier graphite.
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