33. Modern Luxury

So Louis Vuitton is one of my favourite brands now. I think it's because I've been reading so many books on luxury brands lately that I've developed this obsession with brands that have a long history and tradition..such as LV, Hermes, and Goyard. I don't like the monogram stuff except the trunks. My favourites are vernis, azur and damier graphite ♥ Lately I've been thinking about my list of "must-buy" items. 
A few of these items include:

One of these trunks, but I want a custom-made one in Damier Azur. I just lovelovelove Azur. Andddd I want my initials painted on there. I was looking into having something "custom-made" or "made-to-order" and to get a trunk made for me in Azur would take about 8 months. If anyone were to randomly surprise me with one, it would really be the BEST gift I would ever receive; even if I could afford one it would be so annoying having to wait so long. But if someone were to secretly get one for me and keep it a secret for 8 months..then surprise me with it..ah it really would be the ultimate gift. Unfortunately I know that would NEVER happen though - I can't ASK someone for it because then it won't be a surprise. & how many people know me well enough to know I want a custom trunk? Plus they're quite expensive.
Moving on.

I also love damier graphite, even though it's part of the "men's" collection. I rarely see guys in Toronto using LV, let alone a graphite one. sigh. Future boyfriend: take this as a hint
The keepall is also on my list. An essential piece to any Louis Vuitton collections. 
I want this book too.
Now onto Goyard -- I want that trunk in white. I assume this should be cheaper than the $20,000 one I blogged about previously


32. In the Future Everybody will be World Famous for 15 Minutes

Just purchased some new Andy Warhol prints!

New YSL book

New designer bottle - Christian Lacroix!

& new item on my wishlist!! But $20,000.. :(


31. Meet a Clown, Fall in Love

Designer water! Evian by Jean Paul Gaultier.

Christmas present for my dad.


30. Babouska Clutch

New purchases! The bag is my mom's, the blue clutch is mine.
Interning at Gucci is making me want to shop there more and more..I've wanted the royal blue clutch as soon as we got the shipment in! I love the colour so much. But suede is a bit hard to take care of..


29. check back tomorrow



28. Mad Russian Christmas

I've spent the WHOLE DAY doing my 24 dress designs & I'm still not done. We have to design/draw 24 dresses, front & back..and since I really suck at drawing the human figure I spent a lot of time trying to get it to look decent. I was drawing the dresses & I liked each of them better than the last, so in the end I ended up drawing a lot more than 24 because I hated the first ones I drew.
I think I drew for about 8 hours straight today. It's 3am now & I'm taking a break..I'll probably sleep at 5am tonight. I haven't even eaten much today.
Well this paragraph is most likely making no sense at all since I'm so tired & I shouldn't even waste time blogging right now so I leave you with some pictures...

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