698. Recent Life | Yukashi, Madrina Bar y Tapas, etc

Yukashi Toronto
Now that I've finally completed all my Iceland 2.0 posts, I can finally get back to posting about my life..or more so, the restaurants I've visited/food I've eaten recently. I will start with the most beautiful dish from Yukashi. I would recommend one of the set menus and sitting at the counter so you can watch the chef meticulously prepare everything. Each course was delicious and so well presented. I really loved all the vegetables - they all tasted so fresh. Dessert was just a scoop of ice cream and matcha cookie. I was expecting/hoping for something more unique and extravagant though lol. It was a very nice experience overall!

Yukashi Toronto
Yukashi Toronto
Yukashi Toronto
Yukashi Toronto
Moon Boots
Putting away my Moon Boots for the season. I have gotten one pair each winter for the past three years.

Klairs Midnight Blue Calming Cream
Lena ceviche
Lena Toronto
Dinner at Lena

Saku Toronto
Tried to have lunch at the new Raku, but the wait was too long so we ended up at Saku instead lol.

chocolate fondue
leftbanked Adidas outfit
Hotel X bar lounge
Toronto view from Hotel X
On a fairly warm day we walked all the way to Hotel X..had some drinks then walked back.

Madrina Bar y Tapas
Dinner at Madrina Bar y Tapas, a Spanish tapas restaurant. Everything was so good!! I particularly loved these:

Madrina Bar y Tapas
Madrina Bar y Tapas
Madrina Bar y Tapas
Madrina Bar y Tapas
Madrina Bar y Tapas
Bearbricks Kaws
8lbs gym
Starbucks Onward
Harbour 60 Smoked Salmon
Harbour 60 Lobster Tail
Dinner at Harbour 60. I ordered a lobster tail. It was soooo good! I only managed to finish half though (and took the rest back home for breakfast the next morning hahah). I've had lobster dishes before (like in smaller pieces) but never a full lobster tail like this. I really loved it.

leftbanked outfit
Miku Sablefish
Dinner at Miku

Miku Toronto
Miku Green Tea Opera

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