691. Dinner at Envy

Envy Amsterdam
On New Year's Day, we went for a tasting menu dinner at Envy. Dishes were a combination of innovative yet traditional. They took a lot of care and attention to detail in plating each course. The photo above is just an intermezzo. I am not sure exactly what it consisted of (everything except the shell was edible) but it was actually one of my favourites of the whole meal. We had 8 courses in total plus an amuse bouche box and the intermezzo. The entire dinner took about 3 hours as we had a bit of a wait in between each course. Other than that I really enjoyed the food and the experience!

Envy Amsterdam out of the box
Amuse Bouche box

Envy Amsterdam
Pork Belly + Eel + Tangerine

Envy Amsterdam
Oyster + Beet + Sheep Yogurt

Envy Amsterdam caviar
Signature Dish: Caviar (that they suggested we eat from our hand like that) + 62°egg + Garlic

Envy Amsterdam halibut
Halibut + Sage + Zucchini

Envy Amsterdam
Kolhrabi + Truffle + Hazelnut

Envy Amsterdam venison
Deer + Foie + Pistachio

Envy Amsterdam dessert
Fig + Red Wine + Apple Syrup

Envy Amsterdam dessert
Bread 'n Butter + Vanilla + Caramel

Envy Amsterdam Tasting Menu
The personalized menu was a nice touch. My favourites were the pork belly, halibut, kohlrabi and desserts.

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