100. Red Pepper

Last night I went to Pravda again..had some champagne (which I'm starting to really love), met some nice Brits..great night! I was with my friend at my lobby when we decided to head to Pravda. When we got there I saw a man who lives in my building with a few others who just got here from London a couple days ago - they all came to work in Toronto for awhile and are living at my building.
We had some champagne & strawberries. It definately wasn't a good idea having 3 different drinks all at the same time (Roberto Cavalli vodka, Veuve Cliquot & Dom Perignon!) It also wasn't a good idea drinking on an empty stomach either.

The only pair of jeans I own. They're by Red Pepper..a Japanese brand - bought them when I was in Tokyo! & I love these suspender straps.


99. et puis je fume

Me peering over the penthouse window

Something I noticed just now: I seem to get attached to people really easily but at the same time, I can cut those people out of my life really easily too. It's weird because with some people I meet, after talking with them a few times I think to myself "I'm really going to miss them if we ever lose touch" It's like I have some sort of desire to be friends with them for the rest of my life & most of the time I'm not sure why. I guess I have a hard time cutting people out..I mean it's kind of weird when you've known each other for awhile then go your separate ways..knowing you probably won't see/hear from each other ever again. I've experienced this a lot over the past few months with people I met on vacation, at the bar, and just anywhere. I did get "attached" to a lot of people but now I've lost touch with so many of them (or I'm trying to hahah) and right now I'm just sitting here wondering WHY I was so attached in the first place.

& I'm also thinking about how (as I'm getting older) it's getting harder and harder to keep people around for a long time. Actually I shouldn't even call them friends - just "close acquaintances" I guess. People are constantly coming and going - I used to think of this as a sad fact of life but now I don't. When someone leaves, a new replacement will always come in to make you forget about the previous person. For most people, the only ones who will ALWAYS be with you all through life is yourself, your family and a few true friends (in that order). As long as you have them, nobody/nothing else in life really matters. At least I know that's true for me. & I'm really grateful to have good relationships with all of them.

I think I've been writing this post for about an hour now. I don't even know why I decided to write it just now. Nothing in particular happened today that made me decide to think about this. Actually there was something I DID want to write about but I totally went off topic. I'll probably make another post about that some other time.


98. Je ne veux pas dejeuner

Mark's line of coke..umm powder sugar at the bar

Shots of Hpnotiq with Josef Stalin's doppelganger

Late night drinking on a school night..the usual. After 3 shots within a span of 15 minutes, we all shared a bottle of Veuve Cliquot champagne to celebrate it being a wednesday night?

I'm starting to like the taste of champagne now. I was down there until like 3:15am when the alcohol suddenly hit me. I started feeling really sick so I went back to my room and immediately went to bed. I love how the bar's right in my lobby - if I was out somewhere else I would've literally passed out on the street that night.

Oh by the way, I had class at 8am the next morning. Miraculously I woke up on time and made it there, sans hangover.


97. Je ne veux pas travailler

A few nights ago, Chris Rock had his premiere party for Good Hair at my building's ballroom. Lots of paparazzi and fans at our back entrance. I'm not that into celebrities so I didn't recognize anyone who came besides Chris Rock. I tried taking a picture of him when he came but it was way too hard - he immediately got surrounded by paparazzi..

Strawberry Daiquiri at my bar
Chocolate Martini at Canoe



96. Daphne Guinness

When I grow up, I want to be Daphne Guinness.


95. Tokyo | hot springs eggs?

Some more photos from my Asia trip - these were taken in Tokyo. I don't remember the name of the place but these were hot springs by a volcano, where people cooked eggs which gave them a black exterior. I didn't eat any but apparently they taste the same on the inside. It smelled SO BAD here.

Mt. Fuji from our hotel room!


94. Black caviar

Crazy fun Friday night!
- Beer Bistro: tried Fruli strawberry beer for the first time..mmmmm delicious.
- Pravda: with my friend Mark + other guy from our building who goes there a lot. Had Roberto Cavalli vodka, shots shots shots, & some Cristal champagne!
- I brought my Russian hat with me for the occasion. Perfect accessory!
- Met a Serbian engineer. Got his #. Will not call back.
- 3am: left Pravda. First time for everything I guess..as our bill came to be over 4-digits. Not sure I've ever experienced such an expensive bar night. Thanks JP for picking it up. Geez champagne is expensive.
- Back home to our building..we ended up in an empty suite (that hasn't been bought/rented out yet) to check out the view. 5am bedtime!

Now for the corresponding photos.



93. Contains no DBP, toluene, or fomaldehyde

My building is the small skinny one.
I woke up this morning wearing the clothes I had on last night..with all the lights in my room turned on. I had a feeling last night when I walked in my room that I would end up just passing out on my bed. I spent the night yesterday down at the bar. For the first time in weeks, I had a "typical 1 King West bar" night. I met a few crazy people, drank and took shots with them, & some other things..haven't had a night like that in awhile so it was good. I met a fashion photographer guy who has been living in my building for years, yet we never met before yesterday (he told me he spends 90% of the time in NYC though). There was another man there..we met a couple times before. He just bought a really nice restaurant/lounge place down at Yorkville. At the end of the night he kept asking me to go up to his room (with another guy I just met last night..who was incredibly hyper with really red eyes. Realize now he was probably on coke)

After those two were gone, another two men started talking to me. To be honest I always thought they were gay (they don't live here permanently but I've seen them a couple times). Turns out they weren't. One guy kept touching my hair & then my jeans at the back (there's wings up at the butt area) and saying all these things about going upstairs to his room for a quickie..or something. Oh and the room they were staying in was on the same floor as where I live. I eventually found a way to leave and came up safely by myself.

After all the weeks of nothing incredibly interesting happening down at the lobby, yesterday night felt like the old days again. Well actually I think everyone's been acting different lately. I'm not sure.

A couple nights ago I ate seafood down at the bar with Henri. Most people know that I never eat seafood but I decided to try it that day since Henri said he caught the fish himself. First we tried some smoked salmon..loved it. Then Walleye (I think?) mixed with corn. & finally creme brulee...unfortunately it wasn't good.

The view from Toronto Islands. Came here with my friend & her friend, who was in Toronto temporarily from France.


92. Shallow water. No diving.

I didn't sleep on saturday night. I was up until 8am in the morning with my friend..who unfortunately doesn't remember ANYTHING from that night as he was quite drunk lol. I wish I could post all the pictures I took but he would literally kill me if I do.

After dinner, a bar, our lobby bar, shots, we went to the fitness center/patio. My friend got the idea to throw an empty Rev bottle into the pool so he had to use the stick thing to fish it back out. Then we went around the other areas of our building where I took some embarrassing photos I'm not allowed to post.

Eventually we ended up at Fran's (the usual) for middle-of-the-night breakfast.

At 7am we started the journey back home, walking past City Hall and the Sheraton Hotel, where we stopped for a game of chess (first photo of this post) Then we made it back home for some hours to sleep.

After waking up + lunch, we went to CNE/The Ex. It was really fun. We went on a few rides..also tried bumper cars which didn't go so well because I don't even know how to drive those things!! For half the time I just stayed in one spot..and at one point I kept spinning around in circles. It was funny and completely embarassing at the same time..the bumper car guy had to walk in to teach me how to step on the pedal. A little girl behind me was also like "do you even know how to drive it?!"

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