441. Hong Kong | Mongkok, Temple Street, Dinner with Family

Mongkok Hong Kong
This was either our first or second day in Hong Kong. My aunt, uncle, my mom and I went to Mongkok. I was on a mission to find the Daft Punk Bearbricks. We came to this boutique called Naughty Guy which was filled to the brim with hundreds of Bearbricks. Unfortunately the Daft Punk ones were sold out..but they put me on the waiting list. I probably would've been back in Toronto by the time it was in stock again though. Then we walked around a bit and found another toy boutique with Bearbricks.I saw a huge Daft Punk box behind the counter and got extremely excited. So I bought them immediately!

Carrying around the huge box all day in such a busy area was kind of a hassle (thanks to my uncle who helped), and bringing it back on the flight also took a bit of effort..not to mention the credit card damage..but it was definitely worth it lol.

Bearbrick collection
Daft Punk Bearbricks
More photos here

Langham Place Mall Mongkok
Mongkok Hong Kong
Middle Eastern restaurant
After walking around all day, we met up with all my other Hong Kong family members and went to this Middle Eastern restaurant that my sister recommended. I don't know the name but the food was really really good.

My mom & I shared a Hoegaarden

Hong Kong taxis
After dinner we walked around. My favourite time in Hong Kong is (late) at night. The streets are never empty.

Temple Street Hong Kong
We went to Temple Street. One of those night markets where a lot of foreigners/tourists go.

Temple Street
Temple Street market
Temple Street Hong Kong
Temple Street market
Hong Kong Temple Street
Black Sesame Soup
Hong Kong desserts
Then we stopped for desserts. It's like a tradition to go out for late night dessert (usually black sesame soup) while in Hong Kong. As I'm sitting here making this post and thinking back on that night..it's making me really crave this. I don't know if it looks disgusting for those of you who haven't had this before or know what it is lol. But it's a really popular Chinese dessert and sooo good.

Causeway Bay crossing Hong Kong
Causeway Bay SOGO Hong Kong
This intersection kind of reminds me of Shibuya crossing.

Hong Kong taxis
streets of Hong Kong
These last 2 photos were found on my uncle's camera. I'm in this last one..which I didn't know at that time was being taken lol. Can you find where I am? ;)



440. Recent Life

white outfit
After months of my blog dying a slow death (where I barely managed one post per week) I'm doing pretty good with my updates these days. I even managed to update the "favourite posts" on the sidebar. Next I need to finish the static pages (on the top navigation bar), & most importantly - get a new logo/header designed. It's going to be quite expensive...but then after I make the investment and get a nice one, that should keep me motivated to not neglect my blog again. Hopefully I can keep up my posting rate of 2-3 a week or more..then I'll be able to finish my travel posts in no time. Then I will run out of content and need to go on vacation again? hahah.

So I'm taking a break from the vacation posts now with some random photos of my recent life. In the photo above, I'm wearing a super wrinkly 3.1 Phillip Lim top I got from Hong Kong. I love the silver collar and cuffs.

Lamborghini Huracan
MotorExpo Toronto Lamborghini Huracan
Lamborghini Huracan from the annual MotorExpo around the Financial District last week. Lamborghinis used to be my favourite when I was younger..now my favourite has been replaced by the Mercedes G-Wagon (current dream car) & Bentleys..but I love the colour of this Lamborghini! I used to love the flashy colour-ed ones until I found them too flashy, but I love navy blue.

Origin brunch
For Father's Day, I brought my dad to Origin for brunch. I've been here several times for dinner before but not brunch. We got these to share. The "Bufala Mozzarella" (my favourite - I get this every time I come!!), "Crushed Yukon Gold Potato" & "Smoked Bacon Eggs Benedict". Everything was very good and we were extremely full by the end.

Peach Side Babe Essie
I'm in a nail polish obsession phase again. This one is "Peach Side Babe" by Essie from the Summer 2015 collection. I don't find the quality of Essie nail polish to be that good but I like their shades. It doesn't really matter to me anyway since I literally change my nail polish every other day max.

Essie Cute as a Button
This one is "Cute as a Button" by Essie. I really like this colour. It's very similar to "Live Love Carnaval" by OPI which is my top favourite pink shade.

Aburi Nigiri and Grilled Squid Le Modern Japanese
Dinner at Le Modern Japanese Cuisine. The food here is pretty good and I love how everything is nicely presented - very Instagram-able. In this photo is the Aburi Nigiri and Grilled Squid.

Le Modern Japanese Cuisine
Double Salmon Roll

Nigiri Platter Le Modern Japanese Cuisine
Nigiri Platter

Green Tea Crepe Cake
Green Tea Crepe Cake

My little sunbather

Dirty Bird Birdger
Dirty Bird Ice Cream Sandwich
The Dirty Bird "Bird'ger" & "Sweet Nuttins" ice cream sandwich..sooo good.



439. Hong Kong | Food Markets

Meat Market Hong Kong
I love visiting food markets. This one we went to in Hong Kong had a huge variety of different fruits, vegetables, meat, seafood, etc..a lot which I've never even seen before. It was pretty interesting. I kept taking photos of everything (mostly the seafood). I don't think this place is really a touristy spot so all the vendors gave me weird looks lol. We went to visit some family members that day, and they came here to buy food to cook for that night's dinner.

durian Hong Kong
Hong Kong fruits market
Fish market
Fish market Hong Kong
Seafood Market Hong Kong
Hong Kong fish market
Seafood market
Fish Market
Food Market Hong Kong
If you can't see..those are toads in the cage.

Hong Kong lobsters
Colourful Lobsters
seafood market Hong Kong
Hong Kong seafood market
Hong Kong seafood market
Hong Kong seafoodHong Kong food market
Hong Kong food market
Hong Kong bakery

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