187. Moussy

On my way home I saw a girl who's somehow connected to this man who lives in my building. I barely know him though. Actually we probably just talked once, and it was only "elevator talk". A few months ago I saw something that made me soooo disgusted by him and everything I see that relates to/reminds me of him just makes me cringe now. Like seeing that girl. & WHY is it that the more I don't want to see someone, the more I see them?! I'll go as far as saying she's the most annoying girl ever and I really hate her...even though we've literally never met. It's all because she's associated with that man. The man doesn't even know me, he's unaware of why I have such a horrible image of him, and why I'm like a total b*tch when he tries to talk to me in the elevator. But I've lost complete and total respect for him. Ugh there's way too many disgusting men in my building.

Went to do some hmwk at my friend's office in Brookfield Place, located right across from where I live (1 King West)

Hard worker

Nice relaxing evening at the Royal York Library Bar


186. destination calabria

Recent photos found on my phone and camera:

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