241. La Société

Today is my birthday..I didn't even realize it until yesterday. In the past few years I didn't really care about my bday, partly because it's always the busiest time of the year at school & I'm too stressed to even think about it. Last year on this day I went to Pravda for only an hour lol. This year I'm not doing anything. It just hit me that there's like 2 more weeks of classes left!

Here's a quick post before I get toooo behind on this blog..

One of my friends from Germany sent me a box of these chocolates..they're called Heidelberger Studentenkuss ("Student's Kiss"), apparently quite popular in Heidelberg. It has a cute story behind it, which you can read about here. The filling is praline-nougat-chocolate with a wafer bottom and wrapped in dark chocolate. Very good!

Dinner at La Societe last week with my family. It was my first time going to this restaurant - I really liked it! Will definitely go back. It's French cuisine. The decor inside really seemed like a restaurant in Paris.


Dessert!! I think I'll go back sometime just for the dessert. They make the best macarons.

Tuesday night I went to the Leafs vs Islanders game with my friend. Not such an exciting game..we lost 5-2.



240. Furoshiki

My Pet Boutique is my favourite store in the city for dog stuff, and pretty much the only one I shop at. The staff there are very nice, and ordered one of this especially for me - the Dog Perignon toy I've been looking for for a long time! :D
This is the large size. I have the small one too, but it's been destroyed by Hennessy. (BTW if you're new to my blog - the Chihuahua in that post, Mucho, is the dog I took care of a year ago for my friend..I had him before I got Hennessy)

So I've been thinking about changing my blog a bit once I have more time. I realized lately I've only been posting about food, drinks and restaurants I go to. It's only because I only have time to throw together a bunch of pics taken on my phone, and those are mostly what I have. But I'm going to try to cut down on those from now on and make this into more of a "personal" blog..if you know what I mean.

My dog is kind of an alcoholic - he only likes the Cristal & Dom hahah..they're literally the ONLY toys he doesn't end up destroying!

I impulsively bought this flourescent yellow clutch/iPad case online a month ago and it finally arrived. It's hard to photograph the colour but it looks really cool in real life - really flourescent neon. It looks very nice against all black, which is what I mostly wear..but I'm not really a clutch person. I'm thinking I might sell it again.

It unfolds to be a flat piece of plastic. It can hold quite a bit - it expands and folds/sticks back together easily.

Dinner at Williams Landing a few nights ago.

It's a restaurant located in Liberty Village..so this place was like 95% yuppies lol (the 5% being the table of older people coincidentally in this pic). Yuppie definition here

I got poutine and an apple cheddar salad..it was soooo good. I really want to go back sometime, just for more of that salad. The poutine was bad though.



Itty Bitty Bra | Strapless Sequinned Bra

I received a couple of these sequin bras in the mail last week, thanks to Itty Bitty Bra. I love everything with sequins so this was perfect - it looks great under a sheer top or dress.

The bras comes in extra small, small, medium, and large sizes. The brand is mainly designed for women who wear A & B-sized bras, though it fits me perfectly fine & I'm usually a 32C. (I got the Medium and Large) It doesn't offer much support so I wear it over my regular bra for the extra sparkle.

This style retails for $62.50 and is available in silver & black.

Itty Bitty Bra is conceived as the superior alternative to pricey brands or labels with imprecise sizing. Since its inception, the brand has drawn a growing number of devoted followers including celebrities such as Taylor Swift, Rachel Ray, Misty May-Treanor, Amber Heard, and Cheryl Burke. The brand also has camisoles, thong panties and boy shorts, all ranging from $16-$65, available in specialty boutiques and stores including Fred Segal (in Santa Monica, CA) or on their website.



239. PDAC 2012

I've been sooooo busy this entire week with PDAC and school stuff. It was a lot of fun though, as always! I think every year gets better and better. I met up with/bumped into people I've met during the previous PDACs & met a bunch of new people as well, mainly from Vancouver (which was perfect because I'm still in the Van-phase) & some foreigners. Literally went to bed at about 6am every night..it took me the past few days to fully recover. Actually I might still be recovering.

We went bar/lounge/event-hopping each night. I loved the first few nights, then by the last night I was so exhausted I was actually relieved it was over. I really wanted to network this time and was able to meet some really important contacts/got some great advice so I'd say it was a successful PDAC lol.

I don't take as many pics as I used to anymore..so to sum up half of what happened, in photos:

Ballroom at Royal York - the awards night

This was my favourite night..going to the Royal York hotel suite parties. There was a different party in each suite on one of the floors, each with open bar/food.

EPIC Bar at the Royal York. Came here every night..

C Lounge - I think this was Sunday night. This was the "main party" that night - it was crazy packed!! I have NEVER been to a club before that was as busy as that place was. Surprised I made it home in one piece.

The Library Bar at Royal York - came here every night too, as the last (or 2nd last) stop.

It doesn't look like it from this pic but it was always really packed in here too.

& the night I got home starving..decided to order room service and got this HUGE plate of almond crusted chicken. It was good but it's like a meal for 5 people?! The fries are covering half of it..I don't think it's possible this is a single meal. Each piece of chicken was really big..it took me about three days to finish it all hahah.

So that's PDAC. Now back to regular life & hopefully a more normal sleep schedule. I'm still going to need some more time to catch up with everything..the rest of this month will be REALLY REALLY BUSY!!


238. paraparaparadise

If you talked to me recently you'll probably already know I'm really excited for the PDAC convention starting tomorrow!! It's an annual thing here in Toronto, for everyone in the mining industry. I've been going (to the parties) for the past few years and it gets better each time. I'm not in the industry but I know a lot of people who are so they bring me around. I think this year there will be like 30,000 people here for it from all over the world. Will definitely be going to all the Royal York parties this year and also going to check out the actual trade show! + hopefully meeting lots of interesting people along the way.

One guy I know from Vancouver/PDAC arrived in Toronto early this week. That night we went out to Ki first..

Then Jack Astor's to meet some other PDAC-ers he knew there and to watch the Canucks hockey game (they're all from Vancouver!)

Then the Royal York Library Bar. I love this place!!

Back to my bar.

Thursday at Pravda with another PDAC-er I just met lol. Had a great time. I learned a lot that night..got a lot of advice & I now have a clearer idea of what I should do in the near future.

Gold Floor lounge at the Royal York..this is like the main hotel for PDAC.

Enough about PDAC for now - ended the night at WVRST yesterday for some bratwvrst!

It was my first time at this place..I really liked it!

Unfortunately I've never been to a real one but it felt a bit like Oktoberfest in there. They serve beer in those large beer mugs and have those long tables.

Now I must attempt to get some work done because I know I most likely won't be able to for the upcoming days..
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