417. Cava Suprema

Bearbrick Commerce Court Fendi
I had a pretty relaxed (lazy) weekend. Stayed in, did a bit of work, & watched the first to third Big Bang Theory seasons in a span of 2 days?! I've never watched this show before but now I'm hooked.

I love bright nail polish and recently found this one from China Glaze - Pool Party. I've tried many different brands but they are the best for neon colours. This one is actually really pink/red/coral-ish but in the photos it looks really orange.

China Glaze Pool Party
Toronto Pomeranian
Toronto L Tower

Hennessy's favourite spot to sunbathe during the day..on this blanket in front of the couch.

Come and Get It Toronto
Come and Get It Toronto
Patria cocktail



416. Spy vs. Spy

Spy vs Spy Mad Magazine
I just wanted to make a very quick post to say that I'm still alive! I have been so busy lately with no time to blog. It has almost been a month since my last post! The photo above is what I got my dad for Christmas - Spy vs. Spy figurines (from MAD Magazine). It was one of his favourite comics when he was younger.

Below..the bakery section at Pusateri's and dinner one night at Mercatto.




415. Recent Life

CN Tower Christmas
I can't believe Christmas is only a couple days away!! I hope you all have a wonderful holiday and best wishes for 2015! What are your New Year's plans?

1 King West Christmas
Christmas decor in my lobby

Nadege Patisserie
Nadege Toronto
Nadege marshmallows
Nadege macarons
Nadege Patisserie just opened a new location in the PATH. I was really excited about this and went a few days ago to pick up some marshmallows and macarons.

Bloor Street Diner
A few nights ago - dinner at Bloor Street Diner before watching The Imitation Game at the theatre above. We decided to try out the VIP theatre which I thought was not worth it at all. The screen and room are a lot smaller than regular theatres. The movie was amazing though and I definitely recommend it. I may be biased as I love all war movies..

Hennessy has an adorable new friend (just for a week though)

Dragon Legend Markham
Dragon Legend buffet
Peking Duck
Lunch with my mom at Dragon Legend today. I LOVE the decor in the restaurant..it's very unique.

Commerce Court Christmas Tree
Toronto Financial District



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