718. Anniversary Dinner at Blueblood

Leftbanked Despacito Anniversary
Last week my boyfriend and I had our anniversary dinner at Blueblood, a beautiful steakhouse inside Casa Loma. I really loved it. It was a great way to celebrate the best two years of my life so far!

Blueblood Toronto Prince painting
Blueblood ceviche scallops
Blueblood lobster tail
Blueblood Steakhouse
Blueblood Toronto



717. Recent Life | The rest of September + October

Sapiens Leftbanked
Currently reading Sapiens. It is really interesting - I love it so far. If you don't already know it, it talks about the origins of our species/homo sapiens and how everything was shaped through the the cognitive, agricultural and scientific revolutions to how we are today. We first got the second book (Homo Deus which talks about the future) at the airport before a trip and I read some of it. But I decided to read Sapiens first before finishing that one.

art gallery
carpet art
lego art
Piano Piano lunch
Piano Piano Toronto
Lunch at Piano Piano

Fuwa Fuwa pancakes
Dessert after lunch for my mom's birthday at Fuwa Fuwa.

mooncake maxim
Mooncake from the Mid-Autumn Festival.

Fancy Face Rose Room
Meetings at our new Fancy Face studio!

bubly grapefruit
La Societe burgers
La Societe

Reign Restaurant Royal York

Landwer Cafe
Cafe Landwer

The Chase Fish and Oyster
The Chase Fish & Oyster

Bar Mercurio Toronto
Bar Mercurio



716. Recent Life | August & (most of) September

leftbanked despacito Rogers Cup
I am getting more and more behind on my "Recent Life" posts that it's starting to stress me out lol. I still haven't completed all the Peru posts but I will put that on hold for now. Here is most of what happened during August and half of September. I had too many photos I will leave the rest for a separate post. I can't believe it's already Fall again! I do enjoy the crisp temperatures around this time of year though.

A few days after coming back from our trip was the Rogers Cup Final (Serena Williams vs. Bianca Andreescu). It was my first time ever watching a tennis match. It lasted only about 15min, after which Serena retired from the match due to an injury and Bianca became the automatic winner. I wish it could've lasted longer to make it more worthwhile but I still really enjoyed the experience!

Rogers Cup Toronto
Rogers Cup Final
Greenhouse Blue Lemonade
Chotto Matte Toronto
Chotto Matte dessert
Dinner at Chotto Matte again.

North Medical Spa Toronto
LOVE this washroom (at North Medical Spa)

Wynona Toronto
Dinner at Wynona. It was a nice sunny day so we walked here and back (a bit over an hour each way)

Wynona Toronto pasta
The pasta is so delicious. Mine had corn inside.

Wynona Toronto dessert
A pear and meringue dessert.

Toronto Air Show CNE
At the annual Air Show which marks the end of summer, at the last weekend of the CNE (my 3rd visit this year!)

Skull Store penguin
Skull Store
My favourite booth was Skull Store's. I really love this stuff, I find it so fascinating. They sell a bunch of weird things and oddities like skulls, fossils, taxidermy, skeletons, bones..etc.

Hotel X lounge
Then we went for drinks at Hotel X.

Toronto view from Hotel X
Sara Restaurant Toronto
Dinner at Sara.

Sara Restaurant Toronto
Sara Restaurant
Bluestone Salmon Toast
A few weeks ago I discovered this cafe down the street from me (Bluestone Lane - it's an international chain but only recently came to Toronto) and I've been going for breakfast literally every single morning since then. I've walked by many times in the past and never bothered to try it. Then one day I went for a toast and became obsessed with them. I always get the avocado one now and sometimes the banana or salmon. They are all so good!! & I love the atmosphere in there.

Bluestone Avocado Toast
Bluestone Banana Toast

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