425. ASIA

Hello from Hong Kong!! So we have spent the past several days in Beijing, and got here to Hong Kong last night. As I said in my previous post..I had been planning to do daily blog posts. Unfortunately, China had pretty much everything blocked (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, WhatsApp, Gmail & most importantly..my blog) so I was unable to come online as often as I had hoped, and to update my blog. I was able to come on someimes with my roaming plan (in exchange for a huge phone bill waiting for me back home). Now in HK, I am finally able to come on again but I have a LOT of Beijing posts to catch up on. I had an amazing time, I wish we could've spent more time there.

It's really late now and I have to sleep soon, but I wanted to give you a quick update. Here's the photos taken before the flight and as we were landing...I will try to start today on daily posts!!

Louis Vuitton Damier Azur
Pearson Airport departures
Before this, its been over a year since I have gone on an international flight/in the international departures at Pearson Airport..so I'm not sure how new this area is. It definitely didn't look like this when I was here in 2013. I really like the new look and all the seating & iPads.

Arctic from the plane
Arctic from the plane
Arctic from the plane
Arctic from the plane
Arctic from the plane
Arctic from the plane
Arctic from the plane
China from the plane
China from the plane
China from the plane
selfie plane view
The flight from Toronto to Beijing was about 13 hours. Surprisingly, the time passed by pretty fast. I had been prepared for a long boring flight. We flew over the Arctic and I was able to get some shots of the amazing view.

Maya Island Hotel Beijing
After landing, we drove about 2 hours in traffic before arriving at our hotel. The lobby was beautiful..it smelled really nice in there too. I'll do a full post on it in a future post!



424. Vacation Time

Tomorrow at this time, I will have just landed at my destination. I am finally off for a long-overdue holiday! Actually does it still count as a holiday if I'm still going to be working during that time? I don't want to reveal where I'm going yet (well if you follow me on other social media you may already know)..I will post about it when we arrive. So excited :)

I am going to try my best to post as frequently as possible. I'm going to aim for daily..even if it will be a quick post but I want to keep you all updated and I know that if I leave everything to post until after my trip, I will never get it all posted (I actually still had some posts from my 2009 travels not posted lol I am a major procrastinator)

Samsung Galaxy S6
Just got the new Samsung Galaxy S6 a few days ago!! I LOVE this phone. The colour is very beautiful..this photo makes it quite a bit lighter than it is in person. The white one is my old S3. The camera on the S6 is amazing. It's probably my favourite feature of the phone. I also love the fingerprint lock, and the heart rate monitor.

Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory
My recent obsession. Caramel apples from Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory. I had like 5 over the course of a week and a half. I used to really love the original red ones but now this one is my favourite. It has coconut shavings over a layer of white chocolate and caramel. Now I am craving one..

HennessyHennessy waiting at the vet. Actually I don't think he even knew at that point we were at the vet's.



423. Harbour Sixty

Shrimp Cocktail Harbour Sixty
A couple weeks ago when he came to visit, my boyfriend & I went for dinner at Harbour Sixty. This is my favourite restaurant in Toronto. I actually have a couple favourites but in my opinion..Harbour Sixty is the best if you want a combination of amazing food, atmosphere and service. I've only been here a couple times before and always had a wonderful experience. (THIS was my first time coming where I did a slightly more extensive review.)

In the photo above is their shrimp cocktail appetizer. The shrimp are HUGE. It's hard to tell in this photo how big they are but they were the biggest I've ever seen in my life. Very juicy and flavourful.

Harbour Sixty Buffalo Mozzarella
I got the Buffalo Mozzarella. If you clicked to the other post of my first time here, we had the Burrata cheese. It was amazing..I actually forgot and thought this was the same thing I previously ordered, but I realize now when I re-read that post that it was different. This one was good but I much prefer the Burrata they used to have. I wonder why they took it off the menu. It was so delicious (before that I didn't even liked cheese).

Harbour Sixty Toronto
Harbour Sixty lamb chops
Long Bone Lamb Chops/Iowa Chops with a Crisp Potato Pancake

Harbour Sixty Toronto
Harbour Sixty Salmon
Baked Salmon Filet with Soy Mustard Glaze & Mango Salsa. So good.

Harbour Sixty
For the sides we had asparagus, creamed corn & roasted beets

Baked Alaska
& finally, dessert - Baked Alaska! I had been looking forward to trying this ever since making the reservation. Harbour Sixty has an extensive dessert list..but when I saw this I knew I HAD to try it because it combined everything I love in a dessert: hazelnut and chocolate gelato with glazed meringue and strawberries, blueberries, etc (& at the same time great presentation and being highly Instagram-able). The glazed meringue is actually like toasted marshmallow..at first I thought it would be the harder meringue (which I really love) but I love soft marshmallow as well. I know, I realize in this post I keep saying I love everything - but it's true! The server brought this to us then poured the alcohol over and lit it up. The flames burned for a few seconds before going out. Unfortunately I wasn't quick enough to snap a photo of it when it was all on fire. There was so much alcohol though. It was very strong. The fruits were completely soaked in it..I was only able to handle like one strawberry or else I would've gotten tipsy off them lol.

Anyway..it was a great night! :)



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