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499. Capri | Snapshots Part 3

gelato in Capri
Here are some more photos from Capri! For the past few years, I've only used the camera on my phone to take photos. I used to use an actual camera before I decided it was too heavy to carry around.. and the camera on my phone is just as good (maybe even better) and a LOT more convenient. Now I've decided I want to use an actual camera again and maybe start doing videos as well, for my next vacation. I've been inspired after watching a lot of travel vlogs. I also want to try using a drone. But that will be when I really get into it..since I can barely even keep up with regular blogging these days. I think video editing will take up a lot more time though (I used to hate that course back in school..but now I am interested again). I really like blogging but I usually don't have much to write about for each post. So I figured maybe I should focus more on good quality photography and videos.

Capri blue waters
The blues of the waters are so beautiful. I took this shot while waiting for my boat to leave Capri. It was extremely windy that morning. So windy that they cancelled the high speed boat and I had to take the larger ferry instead..the whole ordeal which I already talked about in a previous post. I tried to take a photo of the big waves but I guess you can't really tell from a still photo. I had to hold my phone so tightly while taking this in case it blew away lol.

Capri harbour
Marina Grande Capri
scenes of Capri
scenes of Capri
Fendi Karlito
seafood penne
scenes of Capri
Punta Tragara Hotel view Capri
Punta Tragara Review

Punta Tragara Hotel
Punta Tragara breakfast
Punta Tragara Hotel breakfast
Punta Tragara restaurant
Punta Tragara pool bar
scenes of Capri
Just napping in the middle of the street...

scenes of Capri
scenes of Capri
Casa Morgano bathtub
Casa Morgano Review

Quisisana restaurant
First night's dinner at Rendez-Vous, the restaurant of Grand Quisisana Hotel

Quisisana Restaurant
Spaghetti Carbonara..I didn't like it that much. It was wayyy too filling.

scenes of Capri
scenes of Capri
scenes of Capri
scenes of Capri
scenes of Capri



498. Recent Life

Pink Lemonade
Finally, here is a long awaited "recent life" post! Very overdue as it contains photos over the past few months. Basically everything from since I came back from my trip to Italy until maybe 2 weeks ago (yes I'm still behind lol - I have to split up the posts due to too many photos). I'm not even done posting all my Italy posts either. Once I am caught up with everything I want to start blogging more often and doing shorter posts, so this blog can be more like a diary again. We'll see. By the way I only recently realized it's already the middle of July now and we're already more than halfway through 2016. I've been so busy with work these days I haven't had much time for other things like hobbies and side projects, and it makes the time go by so fast for me. I'm working on trying to better manage my time and finding a good balance. After July should be better for me though..anyways here are a random assortment of photos found on my phone:

Toronto skyline
Toronto financial district
burrata cheese
Outfit Leftbanked
Toronto harbourfront
Fairmont Royal York Hotel
rainbow cake
High Park
Lobster poutine Market Street Catch
Tsujiri Matcha ice cream
Eggsmart waffle
Lake Simcoe
hanging flowers
Kinton Ramen vegetarian
Toronto dog beach
dog beach Toronto
dog beach

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