692. Recent Life

selftraits leftbanked despacito
Here is a long overdue "Recent Life" post! The first one since coming back from vacation in the beginning of January. Mostly containing food photos at restaurants (as always). In the photo above is my boyfriend and I, 3-D printed. We got it done for Christmas. It turned out better and more realistic than I thought it would.

carisma toronto
carisma Toronto
Dinner at the newly-renovated Carisma. Well it was newly renovated when we went..maybe not so now lol.

Distillery Light Fest
El Catrin
El Catrin
Dinner at El Catrin

KBeauty masks
Making "art" with my masks:

Im From Masks
I've been getting back into baking lately. Made madeleines for the first time and really loved them. I know they are not in the traditional madeleine shape but the recipe/taste is. Also tried a matcha version:

matcha madeleines
Akira Back tuna pizza
Dinner at Akira Back. The tuna pizza is sooo good. I'm pretty sure it is their most popular dish.

Akira Back wagyu tacos
The wagyu tacos are also delicious.

Akira Back scallops
Akira Back Toronto
Akira Back croquettes
Akira Back black sesame dessert
leftbanked outfit adidas
orange bundt cake
hennessy pomeranian
hennessy pomeranian
Freshly groomed.

The Chase lobster cavatelli
Dinner at The Chase

dim sum
leftbanked outfit
Drake 150
Dinner at Drake 150

Drake 150 Halibut
united nude cube sandals
My new shoes!

leftbanked outfit united nude
Mira Toronto
Mira Toronto
Dinner at Mira



691. Dinner at Envy

Envy Amsterdam
On New Year's Day, we went for a tasting menu dinner at Envy. Dishes were a combination of innovative yet traditional. They took a lot of care and attention to detail in plating each course. The photo above is just an intermezzo. I am not sure exactly what it consisted of (everything except the shell was edible) but it was actually one of my favourites of the whole meal. We had 8 courses in total plus an amuse bouche box and the intermezzo. The entire dinner took about 3 hours as we had a bit of a wait in between each course. Other than that I really enjoyed the food and the experience!

Envy Amsterdam out of the box
Amuse Bouche box

Envy Amsterdam
Pork Belly + Eel + Tangerine

Envy Amsterdam
Oyster + Beet + Sheep Yogurt

Envy Amsterdam caviar
Signature Dish: Caviar (that they suggested we eat from our hand like that) + 62°egg + Garlic

Envy Amsterdam halibut
Halibut + Sage + Zucchini

Envy Amsterdam
Kolhrabi + Truffle + Hazelnut

Envy Amsterdam venison
Deer + Foie + Pistachio

Envy Amsterdam dessert
Fig + Red Wine + Apple Syrup

Envy Amsterdam dessert
Bread 'n Butter + Vanilla + Caramel

Envy Amsterdam Tasting Menu
The personalized menu was a nice touch. My favourites were the pork belly, halibut, kohlrabi and desserts.



690. Amsterdam Part 2 | New Year's Eve & Rijksmuseum

Freddys Amsterdam
I can't believe it has already been a month since NYE! It feels like so long ago. We celebrated the new year in Amsterdam. We started pretty last minute to make plans for that night (like the day before) so unfortunately didn't manage to find any good restaurants that were still available.

We ended up just going out and going into the first restaurant we saw with tables available. It was an Argentinian steakhouse (which there are a ton of in Amsterdam) and it was the worst and most overpriced meal from the trip. I had a salmon and it was extremely undercooked. I sent it back, then they brought it back out and it was still undercooked. So they took it again, brought it back out etc..by that time it was almost midnight so we had to rush.

We made it to Dam Square with literally ~3 minutes to spare.

Amsterdam fireworks
NYE Amsterdam
Amsterdam NYE
There were fireworks all around and they went on for hours! People there all celebrate out on the streets, drinking and lighting their own fireworks. After walking around for a bit we went for a drink at Freddy's Bar inside L'Europe Hotel.

Amsterdam Rijksmuseum

On New Year's Day, we went to Rijksmuseum.

Rijksmuseum Van Gogh
Rijksmuseum library
Rijksmuseum asparagus
Factfulness Bimba y Lola
When we were in Spain I discovered this book, Factfulness, and really wanted to get it. We visited several bookstores in Spain but nowhere had an English version. I finally managed to find it in Amsterdam! & read it during the flight back. Also I got this orange bag from Bimba y Lola which is a super popular brand in Spain.

Dutch stamppot
Probably the only time we managed to have traditional Dutch cuisine. I really loved it. They are "stamppots" which is basically just spinach (or other vegetables) and mashed potatoes with a sausage.

leftbanked despacito Amsterdam

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