655. Recent Life | Vacation Plans

Eggspectation pancakes
It has been nearly a month since my last post. I've been so busy lately due to work and also vacation planning! I haven't had time to post until now which is literally the night before my trip (and I really wanted to make a final post before leaving)! I'll be travelling around a few countries in Europe for the next month with my boyfriend..including Spain where he is from. I will keep the other countries a secret for now until we visit them but they include a few places I've always wanted to visit. I will do my very best to do daily trip updates (since I managed to do them on my previous 2 trips) but it'll be quite difficult. I'll be working the same while there so I might not have as much time..but I'll try! I'll of course be updating my Instagram quite frequently.

British Pounds
Pizzeria Libretto
Pie Bar spaghetti
Pie Bar Toronto
The Fix Ice Cream
Italian Soda
Amano Pasta
Dineen Commerce Court
This is my new favourite place to go and work. It's literally right down the street from where I live yet its taken me so long to come. I've now become a regular there lol. A lot nicer atmosphere (and tea) than Starbucks.

Union Station
Union Chicken
Miku scallops
Last weekend for my sister's birthday, I went with her and my mom for dinner at Miku

Miku sashimi
Miku Toronto
Miku desserts
Miku pavlova
I really loved the pavlova!

Toronto harbourfront
fat raccoon
Pravda Toronto
Pravda Vodka Bar
Coras fruit crepe
Dineen Coffee
Hennessy Pomeranian
leftbanked haircut
Sunset Grill fruit waffle
Kay Pacha ceviche
Dinner at Kay Pacha

Kay Pacha watermelon mojito
Kay Pacha
St Lawrence Market
Market Street Catch
Hennessy Pomeranian
Hennessy after a fresh haircut

leftbanked shoes United Nude Issey Miyake
Los Colibris
Dinner at Los Colibris

Los Colibris
Los Colibris dessert
Hennessy Pomeranian



654. Recent Life

United Nude Rise Issey Miyake
My new shoes! They are designed by Issey Miyake for United Nude. I always have a lot of trouble finding clothes and shoes that I like enough to buy. Most things I own are things that I saw and fell in love with (a lot) at first sight. That was the case with these. They're the perfect colour for summer and pretty comfortable to walk in actually.

Here are some random photos taken in the first few weeks of this month..

Toronto harbourfront
Hungarian Restaurant schnitzel
Hennessy Pomeranian
Alibaba Tencent
baby raccoon
While walking back from dinner one night, we found a cute baby raccoon on the street. Despite living in Toronto all my life I don't think I've ever seen a raccoon on the streets before (apparently our city has a lot). He seemed to really love my boyfriend and kept following him lol.

baby raccoon
baby raccoon
Mira Restaurant
Dinner one night at Mira, a fairly new Peruvian restaurant. It was my first time having Peruvian food. We both really loved it. Everything we ordered was delicious. I especially love the ceviche sampler and the squid ink rice.

Mira restaurant cocktails
Mira Restaurant ceviche
Mira Restaurant
Mira chocolate ball
Dessert was a big chocolate ball filled with coffee ice cream, chocolate ranfaƱote, honey comb, yuzu marmalade & raspberry.

Mira dessert
llama light
Beer Bistro
leftbanked gym
Trying to work off all the food from these days!!

Breakfast and watching the World Cup final.

Akira Back octopus
Another really delicious dinner at Akira Back. Everything we ordered was really good as well. My favourites were the wagyu tacos and tuna pizza. It seems to be two of their most popular menu items:

Akira Back tuna pizza
Akira Back wagyu tacos
Akira Back wagyu rice
Akira Back unagi
Akira Back
Bisha Hotel bar
The restaurant is inside Bisha Hotel, so we had some drinks at their lounge afterwards.

La Cubana menu
La Cubana Toronto
leftbanked La Cubana
La Cubana
La Cubana

Issey Miyake United Nude

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