268. photodump

I have the craziest sleep schedule. I usually go to bed really late, sometimes even 6am..but being awake at such a crazy time, you get to see sunrises like the ones in the photos above. Not much going on in life these days. I have a lot of things "pending" which I'll talk about only after they happen, as I'm quite superstitious like that. Here's a bunch of random photos taken recently on my Blackberry:

Hiding my mini business cards around Europe. This was at Kapellbr├╝cke, Lucerne.

Love this nail colour. American Apparel's "American Denim"

My nightly cup of blueberries before bed

My building recently got a lobby reno, including new signage and awnings for the back entrance

Peach bellinis at Earls. My favourite. :)



267. London | pain perdu

Cupcakes at Harrods during the Queen's Jubilee! In the spirit of the London 2012 Olympics starting today, I thought I'd make another vacation post of this city. It's already been 2 months since I was here..I feel so nostalgic already.
AND I also realized it's been 4 years since I've been living at 1KW. I was watching the opening ceremony earlier when I suddenly remembered I moved here during the 2008 Olympics, as I spent my first couple weeks watching it everyday. These past four years could not have flown by more quickly. I wonder where I'll be in another 4 years' time..

I miss London.

Sanderson Hotel for Mad Hatter's Afternoon Tea

Eating a pain perdu while waiting for my flight to Copenhagen at Gatwick Airport's Cafe Rouge at 4am. My flight was at 7am - don't ask why I decided to book it so early. My table was beside a huge window so I sat there eating breakfast, watching the sunrise and watching planes take off/land. It was one of the most memorable moments of my vacation, even if it sounds kind of insignificant.
This was the first time I tried pain perdu and I LOVED IT. Then I began to order this at every place I went during my vacation if it was on the menu.

After I realized I was spending WAY too much money on cabs, I tried a double decker bus. I sat at the front row on the top level. Probably the best and cheapest method of sightseeing.



266. Paris | they stare at me while I stare at you

Another Paris post. It took me so long deciding how to group my photos together so that each post would have some interesting content/photos. Let's be honest, I know most of you only like to look at the pictures lol.

I have the option of going to NYC next month (with my mom & sister) but I'm still trying to decide whether or not I should. I know a lot of people love this city so if you do..please try to convince me to go! I've been there a few times before but I never really enjoyed it that much. If I don't go I can put that money towards another Europe trip this year..or another city I've never been yet. I'm tempted to go to ALL (NYC, Europe & other cities as well..why choose one or the other?) but probably not a smart decision in my current state

One of the reasons I want to go is to buy a 400% or 1000% Be@rbrick: these + these things. The ones in these photos are 1000% (the largest size)..not sure where I'll even put it but it'll be nice decor. I'm going to ask some stores which ones they have in stock, so I guess my decision will be based around whether or not they have any I want to buy.

Enough about New York, hope you enjoy these photos I took from Paris!

Nutella crepes in front of the Eiffel Tower..every single night.



265. Dark Knight Rises Canadian Premiere Party

The bottom half of my outfit.

Yesterday night was the after-party for the Canadian premiere of The Dark Knight Rises. It was held in the ballroom of my building..so I went to go check it out with a bunch of other people who also live here..we got kicked out twice hahah (we snuck in as usual) but we did manage to stay there for a few hours. Drank some Radler (beer + lemonade) too!

I also met a guy from NYC (Hi Christiaan with 2 As) We ended up talking at the bar until 4am about a lot of things including:
- my love for men in trenchcoats like this & my rating system
- my fear of choking on sushi/anything in general on a first date. Sushi is kind of difficult to eat if you think about it - it's such an irregular size; not small enough that you can easily put the whole thing in your mouth, but not big enough to take a bite..if you know what I mean.
- space, the universe, life, immortality..you know, the typical deep philosophical conversations you usually have late at night after some drinks
- & a lot of other random stuff.

Fun night!

My building has been re-named.

There were a lot of semi-famous people here: some hockey players, Yasmin Warsame, tv show people..

Guy in white: smiling for my cam? My friend said that's Tyler Seguin but I'm not 100% sure

My photobooth pic with Jonny la gente esta muy loca

Possibly the best gift bag from any party I ever crashed
Batman/Dark Knight DVDS: it's like they knew I've never watched the movies before
Nokia Purity Monster Earphones: it's like they knew mine JUST broke in the morning
& the mask: Wasn't part of the gift bag..just found it

My room

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