311. reality & fantasy

Leftbanked Burberry Louis Vuitton coats Williams Landing Toronto foodporn salad tacos
Another random photos post of everything that's happened in the past few weeks/months/Instagram shots/etc...

Above: My room + Williams Landing dinner. Lovelovelove their apple salad!

Trump Leftbanked Trump Hotel bathtub
Trump Hotel slippers I took home + my day at the Trump Hotel (more about this in my next post)

Pravda Toronto Trump dessert
Pravda night + desserts I found in the kitchen of Trump

Pravda Vladimir Lenin
Lenin & the gold balloon at Pravda.

Trump Hotel Toronto Trump Hotel Chocolate Stock Restaurant
More of Trump + Chocolate lollipops from Stock

Tom Ford phones Blackberry Samsung Galaxy 3
My two colour co-ordinating phones.

Blowfish Toronto Blowfish makimonos
Dinner at Blowfish last week.

Blowfish Sake Sangria Blowfish ribeye enoki rolls
Watermelon Sake Sangria + Ribeye Enoki Rolls..two of my favourites at Blowfish!!

Canoe Toronto mozarella cheese
Lunch last Monday at my favourite restaurant, Canoe !

Canoe Toronto salmon
Weslodge Toronto King West Restaurant
Weslodge decor taxidermy
Dinner at Weslodge - I shamefully admit, these photos are months overdue. The decor in there is like a modern saloon with walls full of taxidermied animals.

Weslodge Scotch Egg
One of their most popular dishes, the scotch egg (my favourite)

Weslodge snow peas
Weslodge Restaurant Toronto
Weslodge Restaurant Toronto
The food was good but the portions were tiny.

Weslodge dessert
Weslodge Toronto King West

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310. NYC Part 4 | The Scream

Edvard Munch The Scream
The Scream by Edvard Munch is currently on display at the MoMA until the end of April, so when I visited it I had to go see it. It reminded me of the Mona Lisa at the Louvre - small painting with a huge crowd of people around pointing their cameras at it. Here's some more photos taken from the MoMA (more in this post)

La Danse by Henri Matisse MoMA
La Danse by Henri Matisse

Jackson Pollock No. 31 MoMA
No. 31 by Jackson Pollock

art at the MoMA
art at the MoMA
Andy Warhol Campbell's Soup MoMA
stairs at the MoMA
Zucco Le French Diner
Rockefeller Center Christmas
Rockefeller Christmas tree
Rockefeller Tree unlit

Pastis NYC New Year's 2013
I wish I could rewind time back to this night..

Pastis NYE 2013
Right in front of us were the most entertaining group of people to observe

Pastis drink
Meatpacking NYC
ABC Kitchen calamari
Dinner at ABC Kitchen. The food here is very good and organic, local, etc by the famous chef Jean-Georges. I highly recommend what's in this photo: a drink called "The Local" (I think) and the calamari!! Best I've ever had.

ABC Kitchen
ABC Kitchen NYC design
ABC Kitchen chicken
ABC Kitchen pizza

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309. Randoms from INSTAGRAM

ninja matryoshkas armand de brignac ace of spades cristal champagne Leftbanked outfit union jack Burberry trenchcoat
Taking a small break from my NYC trip posts. I have gotten completely & utterly addicted to Instagram. I now have a Samsung Galaxy S3 and upgraded my phone plan as well to get 6x more data than I had before. My dad just showed me my most recent cell phone bill..my phone plan costs literally 4x more than his (of course he doesn't use data) thanks to my Instagram-ing all day. =\ Anyway. If you follow me you'll most likely have seen these photos already. & If you don't follow me, you should.

Bearbrick Crystal Head Vodka Cristal Toronto Ki Toronto
My windowsill (you've probably seen this a million times already) + one of my favourite bars, Ki !

Pomeranian Christian Dior cosmetics perfume
My dog wants to play + my favourite cosmetics brand - Dior

WedLuxe Wedding Show Royal York Hotel Toronto Holt Renfrew Tiffany & Co
WedLuxe wedding show (checked it out for work purposes) - it felt so weird being asked "so when's your wedding?" by all the exhibitors + post-Christmas Christmas gifts

Pomeranian puppy Burberry trenchcoat Louis Vuitton alma bag Leftbanked outfit
What I see when I wake up + my outfit

Allan Lambert Galleria Brookfield Place view of Toronto Leftbanked
My favourite building/where I go for late night walks, Brookfield Place + my view


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