91. Royal York

Me (on the left) & my friend Joanne..wandering around the Royal York Hotel. We found a way to go to the top floor. It's such a cool feeling discovering something new in a place you go to a LOT. We've been to this hotel many times, exploring ballrooms, etc..but never to this floor.

Room Service?

Weighing our Starbucks

My 1KW lobby



90. I take too many photos of drinks

Mike's bike helmet in the first photo - he's another guy who lives in my building. Then lots & lots of drinks (and ice cream!) I've had recently. I swear I'm not an alcoholic.


89. the calm after the storm

The crazy storm as observed from my windows. I sat in my room with all the lights turned off to watch the lightning. There was a lot of thunder. After awhile the sky turned a bit yellow/green.
& a rose living in my JPG Evian bottle, currently on it's deathbed - I don't know how to keep roses alive for longer than 3 days. They shrivel up so fast! :(


88. what city used to be

Yesterday seemed like such a long day..well I guess because it was really eventful. It was pretty spontaneous too, as all the best nights usually are. First my friend Daniel & I went to Beer Bistro. This place is across the street/diagonally from my building so it's quite convenient. I lovelovelove their fries - they're fried in duck fat and come with smoked ketchup..mmmm. I don't even drink beer but I decided to try a few since it's Beer Bistro & they have about 83894274834 different beers from around the world. I tried 3 sample beers - McAuslan Apricot Wheat, Ephemere Pomme, & Fuller's Chiswick Bitter. I'm not a beer connoisseur so I won't attempt to review them..all I'll say is I'm gonna stick with cocktails.

I went back to my building, hung out in ____'s room for awhile, went back down to the lobby bar to find my friend Mark & his brother. We decided to go to EPIC, the lounge/restaurant in the Royal York Hotel (which I posted about in my previous post). Had a yummy sour apple martini and a chicken caesar salad.
After EPIC closed, we went back to 1 King West. We met 2 really drunk men from Vancouver (Frank & Dean) Dean kept looking at me and smiling, so we all started talking. They're so funny, I love them.

At 3am, we went to Fran's for the usual middle-of-the-night breakfast!!
The food took forever so we went next door to the Pantages Hotel to check our their lobby. It was so cool - I'd like to refer to it as Belvedere heaven.

After our breakfast, we came back to our lobby and sat around on the couches until 5:30am (normal for us). Starbucks across the street opens at this time, so we went in an attempt to be the first customers of the day...but unfortunately there was already one guy ahead of us.


87. Late-Night Adventures

Recently my friend Mark (who also lives in my building) & I have been at our lobby bar literally every single night and staying up until ~5am every.single.night. We just sit down there, go bar-hopping, eat breakfast in the middle of the night at 24hr diners, come back to the lobby, lounge on the couches, go back to our rooms to sleep until late afternoon the next day, then repeat it all again. Lots of fun.

One night we decided to wander around our building. Here is our ballroom. It was so creepy coming here! I seriously felt like we were being watched. I looked up on the balconies (located a floor above) & I swear I saw the curtains moving.

This would be the Royal York Hotel. It's located 5min from our building/1 King West. It was almost 2am when I suddenly had a craving for a sour apple martini at the Royal York bar. Even though we knew it would be closed, we decided to go to the hotel just for fun. We just lounged around the couches but left before the security guys got too suspicious.

Walking back to our building at 3am. This is the "courtyard" I guess..with a very nice fountain.

86. Hong Kong | Afternoon Tea at the Peninsula Hotel

I know I've been really bad at keeping up with this blog. I want to post all the pictures from my Asia trip but I'm so lazy with resizing pictures and all. In case you're new here, I was in Hong Kong, China, Macau, and Japan way back in May. I've made a few posts on this trip but I've been going slower than turtle pace.

So here are some from the Peninsula Hotel in Hong Kong. Located on Salisbury Road on Kowloon, it's one of the most luxurious and well-known hotels there. It has a helicopter landing pad on the roof and an impressive fleet of Rolls-Royce limos.

Here are some photos I took when I went for afternoon tea with my mom there.

The afternoon tea is located in their lobby. It's very well-known. If you are visiting Hong Kong and are a fan of afternoon teas, you MUST come here for it. Next time I'm in Hong Kong this is definitely on my to-do list again. Great food and perfect atmosphere!



85. sven

Two nights ago I was down at my bar with a few random people..then my friend Sunny (he lives in my building too) & I went to Pravda! We got there like 45min before they closed.

I had a glass of Cavalli Vodka. I usually don't like vodka..but at least it was designer vodka hahah.

Then on I went shopping at Holt Renfrew with Sunny again. He got a really cool shirt but I didn't buy anything..I'm so broke these days =\ lol well fortunately there's nothing I REALLY REALLY want...I kind of stayed away from the women's section so I won't be tempted. Though we did go to Louis Vuitton afterwards and I've decided I must get something from the vernis bleu nuit line. It's so gorgeous.

My friend & his gf came over to visit me one night & we snuck up to drink on my patio. Unfortunately we got caught by security since it's illegal to drink there..hahah.

Spending way too much time at my lobby bar these days. But I'm meeting so many interesting people. The bar is like my living room. I'm spending more hours down there than I do in my suite..
I'm sure everyone experiences some "turning points" in their lives -- well on Tuesday night I had another one of those, after a memorable conversation with someone.
I've been here at 1 King West for a year now (moved in last August!). A year ago I would never think my life would turn out like this..I mean with all the people I've met and all the crazy things that happen down there every night. I've learned a lot these past few months from every single person that I met. I really love living here.
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