122. a bottle of wine on the nightstand

Recent photos of dinners, drinks, restaurants, etc..

Fune, my lobby bar, Turf Lounge, Bier Markt, Irish Embassy...


121. Last day of magic..

Souvenirs from Pravda last night..I haven't had one of those crazy "Pravda nights" in such a long time it seems. It was so much fun though. Especially in the beginning when we were trying to get a table/booth hahah. It involved my friend faking a horrible British accent.

The past couple weeks have been fun..I just realized how nice life would be if only I didn't have to worry about school. My mood has been on two extremes these days - thinking about school makes me so depressed but all the other stuff (like going out last night) made me realize how much I love life right now.

The night began like usual. Me & some other people from my building (+ my friend Amanda) went for drinks and dinner across the street at Irish Embassy. We've been at this place like every other night this week. I mainly go for the eyecandy, aka the cute bartenders..

Then over to Pravda. The table took us awhile to get..they were all booked for the night but eventually we got one. The staff didn't want to give us one at first since there was only 4 of us and all the tables were reserved but eventually as we decided to walk out they came after us and said there was one available.
Ended up being a very fun night: perogies, champagne, strawberries, other mixed drinks, fake British accents & real British accents!


120. Movie Set | RED

Yesterday was quite an exciting and entertaining day.
Filming for the upcoming movie, Red, took place in my building/1 King West yesterday. I sat in the lobby for pretty much the entire day, hoping to meet Bruce Willis & Morgan Freeman (apparently they were shooting here). In the end I never got a chance to. I missed Bruce Willis by like 2 minutes though - when I went to the bar, the bartender told me he was just there having a coffee. I also heard that Joaquin Phoenix was here too.

As soon as I updated about him (Joaquin Phoenix) on my FB/Twitter I started to get emails, FB messages & Twitter messages from reporters at "E!" asking me if they could talk to me about it!! lol that was pretty cool. I don't follow celebrities at all but my friend told me the whole thing about Joaquin Phoenix quitting acting..so I guess that was why they were all so interested. He may or may not have been filming here - I just heard the rumour but didn't see him personally!

The picture above is part of the set. The film crew took over like our entire bottom floor (where the bank vault is) ..the first time I accidentally stumbled onto it while going to the path..the second time I went again and asked very nicely if I could take a look around. There were a couple men there who said it was fine. They were so nice. So I looked around the set a bit (it was so different from before!) and managed to snap like 2 quick shots before I got kicked out by this woman..here's the sneaky pics I managed to get:

My lobby was PACKED

In the evening, dropped by Irish Embassy for a quick drink with some people in my building. My friends then went to some nightclub while I had to come home/do homework/go to bed so I don't miss class the next morning. I mean, I have to at least try to be responsible sometimes right?! (I HATE SCHOOL!!) When they got back (they all live in my building) they convinced me to join them in the room they were all in. I was planning on listening to my conscience for once (going to bed earlier) but I gave in. They called me on the phone as one of my friends kept repeating: "Tiffany, you only live once. You only live once. Come. You only live once."

Then there was only 3 of us left, so we went over to my friend's "office" (also conveniently located in my building hahah) for 4am room service/dinner and more drinks. Fun day/night..totally regret not going out to the club with them as well. You do only live once after all!


119. Le Papillon

Sunday evening I went for dinner at Le Papillon with my dad and my sister, who came downtown. It's a French-Canadian restaurant with the most amazing chicken crepes. I love this place..and already have plans to come back again with my friend another night this week.

My crepe - chicken, mushrooms, celery with tarragon sauce.

What my dad & sister got

My yummy dessert strawberry crepe

On another related note - here's a really crappy low-budget video Raekwon filmed at 1 King West last year. I remember the night they were filming it. I just saw it for the first time tonight though. Someone in my building showed me..they also posed beside his motorcycle hahah. & the famous white Lambourghini!


118. that boy is a monster

A few months ago, someone told me that they were so pissed off at the world that they were thinking of just packing and moving the following week to Mexico. I think I know how he feels now..that's exactly what I feel like doing at the moment. I may even become a hermit the next month. This has been a horrible week..I'd say 80% of it is because of school and the rest has to do with other stuff in life..which is actually a result by all the stress from school. It's only been my first week back and I'm already extremely overwhelmed by all the projects, assignments, readings, etc..every moment when I'm not doing readings and taking notes, I feel like I'm wasting time. And it's not like I'm procrastinating a lot either - I've been doing a lot of my marketing modules..my new Moleskine is already filled up halfway from all the notes. I gotta restock now..I have a feeling I'm spending almost the same amount of money on those things as I will be on my 2 textbooks this semester lol. =\

I feel like I'm living two different lives these days, and just stuck in between. I'll elaborate more on this another day.

So glad it's friday tomorrow. I really need some time to catch up on sleep and relax a bit. Two nights ago I only got 3.5 hours of sleep (8am classes = death). This morning I accidentally slept in and woke up 10 minutes before my class was supposed to start, so I panicked, got ready in 10 minutes and made it to class 15 minutes late. I didn't even have time to eat. I had a couple classes back to back until 6pm, which means I didn't get a chance to eat until after that. It's a wonder I still haven't passed out yet.

This week I've had Japanese food literally everyday..it was my "Japanese Week" with Henri & Jason from my building. I met Henri at the bar a couple months ago since he's always having dinner there..this week he decided he got sick of 1 King West food & to have Japanese instead so they invited me out. With all the stress from school it's nice to at least be able to have a proper meal. I haven't done that in the longest time..usually I just get takeout to have back at my place if I feel like having a meal..or half the time I'm just eating snacks. I have such an unhealthy lifestyle.

The first night we went to Yamato ..it's located in Yorkville - I see it all the time when I'm in the area and always wanted to try it out.

I went to check out Henri's suite when we got back - this is the view from his balcony, the north side of the city.

The next night, we went to Fune ("foo-nay")..I'm pretty sure it was the same management as Yamato though. I liked this place - they had those boats floating by with plates of sushi on top. You just take whatever you want and they charge you at the end.




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