299. Harbour Sixty

Harbour Sixty Milano Spritz
Last week I went for dinner at Harbour Sixty, one of the top steakhouses in the city, with my friend. It was one of the best dining experiences I've ever had. Amazing food, stunning decor and the service was just perfect. We ended up staying there for 5 hours (we were actually the last two there) and left incredibly full with two boxes each of leftovers. One of the things I loved most about this place was that the portions were all large, unlike many other high-end restaurants. Harbour Sixty is both quality and quantity..I definitely recommend it (especially if you love steak or wine).

Harbour Sixty
The cheese and olives that came with the bread. & I really loved our velvet seating.

Harbour Sixty Burrata cheese
Our server was telling us the specials and mentioned this burrata cheese, which is flown in fresh every few days straight from Italy..to which my friend responded "we can't say no to that!", and with my new-found love for burrata cheese (which I tried for the first time in my life the previous night) I was eager to order it. So we each got our own plate of burrata cheese with grilled tomato and crustini. We were both amazed at how good it was..so light and creamy. Definitely order this if you go there! My cocktail was a Milano Spritz.

Burrata Harbour Sixty
So good it deserves a close-up.

Harbour Sixty smoked salmon
Appetizer #2: I went for the Applewood Smoked Salmon. (The yellow thing on the side is the lemon)

Harbour Sixty Pancetta Wrapped Sea Scallops
My friend's second appetizer: Pancetta Wrapped Sea Scallops. See what I mean about large portions? Actually in this photo these don't look so big but they were..the pancetta/bacon was a bit spicy and so delicious

Now onto the mains...

Harbour Sixty steak menu
Harbour Sixty filet mignon lobster tail
I got a 10oz Filet Mignon and my friend got the Broiled Caribbean Lobster Tail. Our server recommended us his favourite side dishes: parmesan truffle fries, asparagus and truffle mac and cheese. Loved everything.

Harbour Sixty steak filet mignon
Close-up of my tender juicy filet mignon - cooked medium rare

Harbour Sixty Lobster Tail
Close-up of my friend's lobster tail

Vecina St. Eden Napa Valley Red Wine
Harbour Sixty wine collection
A little break from all the food photos. Harbour Sixty has the most extensive wine list of any restaurant I've visited so far (their wine list came in a full sized binder). They have over 1000 different kinds. All the bottles were displayed throughout the restaurant behind sleek glass cabinets.

Molten Chocolate Cake Harbour Sixty dessert
Now back to the food. With a tiny bit of room left for dessert, we shared three different ones. Here is the Molten Chocolate Cake. Normally I don't like anything really chocolate-y but I have to say this was really delicious. It's not that sweet and has a very rich taste.

Coconut Cream Pie Harbour Sixty dessert
LOVED this as well..the Coconut Cream Pie

Harbour Sixty creme brulee dessert
& finally, the Creme Brulee. Regretfully I was already way too full by that point to have much of this lol. They have a very long dessert menu here. I wanted to try everything!!

Harbour Sixty tea
Tea Forte

Harbour Sixty
5 hours later (our dinner lasted from 6-11pm), our leftovers were wrapped up for us and put into this nice little bag.

Harbour Sixty leftovers boxes
Even the boxes were nice - lined with gold

Harbour Sixty bar
Here's their bar

Louis XIII Harbour Sixty
& one of the private rooms "Louis XIII". They have a few other private rooms where they do a lot of business meetings, business dinners, weddings etc.
Oh & another random fact - they have those high-tech electronic toilets here! Haven't seen those since I was in Japan..

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298. Staycation | The Grand

Grand Hotel Toronto rooftop hot tub
I spent a night at the Grand Hotel earlier this week, for my final staycation (in the next little while). I was really impressed by this hotel - a lot more luxurious than I originally thought and the interiors are beautiful. Very European style.
It's not in the most ideal location, but they offer a complimentary shuttle service to bring you around most of the downtown area.
In the top photo you see one of the rooftop hot tubs with an awesome view! The rooftop terrace is actually really big..two hot tubs and a large open area:

Grand Hotel rooftop
Grand Hotel entrance
Love the entrance. As I arrived and walked up the steps, a doorman on each side opened the doors for me.

Grand Hotel Toronto
This is what you see right after you walk in.

Grand Hotel lobby
The lobby.

Grand Hotel Toronto hallway
Hallway of my floor.

Grand Hotel Toronto welcome gift
Walked into my room to find this - always nice to receive a personalized welcome note, and a bonus if it comes with a gift! My room was a Junior (1-bedroom) Suite. It was huge! Kitchen, bathroom, sitting area, patio (with patio set), King bed, desk area, two TVs..it was just like an apartment. (The Grand is actually a condo-hotel as well so that's why it has so many amenities, perfect for long term stays)

Grand Hotel Toronto kitchen
Grand Hotel King bed
Grand Hotel bathrobe washroom
Grand Hotel pool
The beautiful saltwater swimming pool on the bottom level (with some maintenance workers at the back..) They also have a fitness centre, steam rooms, sauna..
So after a long relaxing bath, I went to sleep and set three different alarms so I would be sure I'd wake up in time to try their buffet breakfast.

Grand Hotel Citrus restaurant
Grand Hotel breakfast
Grand Hotel patio
Delicious!! Too bad the weather wasn't warm enough to sit out on the patio. I checked out shortly after breakfast & used their shuttle service to get back home. That same evening my friend and I returned once again to their restaurant for dinner.

Citrus restaurant Toronto
Burrata cheese with pumpkin and spiced pumpkin seeds + tuna tartare

Smoked chicken parpardelle pasta
Smoked chicken parpardelle

Butterscotch budino

Hope you enjoyed the tour!

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297. Photos of the Week

Aria ceiling
I love the ceiling at Aria! Came here for a lunch the other day.

I am having the most unproductive Sunday. Time for another random photos-post!

Aria Toronto salad
Fall greens & root vegetable salad, white balsamic vinaigrette, spiced walnuts

Aria chicken supreme
Pan roasted supreme of chicken, warm fregola and mushroom salad with porcini jus (SO GOOD!!)

Aria dessert tiramisu
Tiramisu & green tea

Leftbanked outfit
Owners' meeting at my building - partly (ok, mostly) went for the delicious food

Skyfall James Bond tickets
Pre-screening tickets for Skyfall! I thought the movie was amazing..definitely need to go watch it again. Lots of action & I loved the Shanghai scenes. Go watch it if you haven't yet!!

Tickets courtesy of Heineken and The Royal Few (awesome members-only website) - I have a bunch of invites, does anyone want one? There are many perks to being a member..though most are Toronto-based for now.

Broofield Place Christmas Lighting Ceremony
Brookfield Place's Christmas event the other night. I look forward to it every year..it's mostly a fundraising event with performances, silent auctions, lots of food, drinks, and Christmas music. Very magical evening.

Brookfield Place chocolate fountain
Brookfield performers
Canoe Toronto
After Brookfield, my friend & I went to Canoe for drinks. My favourite spot in the city. Great atmosphere, delicious food & amazing views! It's located on the top floor (54th) of TD.

Canoe tea
I'm not adventurous with alcohol but I am the opposite with tea - love getting the ones with the longest descriptions. This was the Lavender Sunset, which included: peppermint, balm-mint, black currant leaves, chamomile, lemongrass, rose petals, lavender, orange flowers & heather flowers. It smelled heavenly.

WVRST Toronto beer hall
Yesterday night: went to a few places on King West; started off at Bier Markt, then WVRST

wvrst duck fat fries and sausages
I had a bratwurst and my friend got the Italian one. We shared the duck fat fries (they were good but my favourite in the city is still Beer Bistro's). I also got a Pilsner Urquell beer..which reminded me of that day in Prague :)

wvrst duck fat fries dipping sauces
With the fries, you have the option of 2 different dipping sauces. My favourite is the BBQ

Spice Route Toronto
Our last stop - Spice Route! One of my favourite lounges in the city

Spice Route Toronto patio
I miss warm summer nights on this patio..

Toronto Christmas tree

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