212. instituto marangoni

This past weekend I went to a global expo that was mostly about studying abroad. I graduate in less than a year's time, and have been thinking more and more about what I want to do in the future. I don't have enough energy to write a long post about it now, but long story short - for awhile now I have regretted studying fashion. I like fashion as a regular hobby but not enough that I want to pursue a career in it. The other industry I want to work in is tourism, so I'm considering going into that now. 

Although when I think about studying for a master's degree in the future, the idea of continuing on with fashion isn't completely out of the question. Depends on which school I go to. I think part of the reason why I don't like it as much now because the program my school has for fashion isn't exactly what I thought it'd be. I am more interested in the business side, but we don't have many courses related to that. So when I went to the expo, I got some info on Instituto Marangoni, a fashion school with campuses in Milan, Paris & London. 

So I got a bunch of brochures and realized it was probably a waste because if I were to continue on with a master's degree abroad, the top schools I'd like to attend are either Central St. Martins (obviously) or University of Monaco. THEN I got to thinking...is it even worth it to get more education??

Brassaii last weekend

King West Mag! It's a fairly new publication. I've been looking to get an issue when I first heard about it..and finally the other day I realized I can pick them up for free at my valet desk lol.



211. welcome to St. Tropez

8am at the harbourfront a few days ago. I don't know if I've ever been up so early, by choice, on a day off but there's a first for everything. Well I was out the night before with a friend..kind of pulled an all nighter..took a short "nap" then went to the harbour.

So the night before: first we went to Ki !

Then Earls - I'm coming here so often these days!! They have a nice patio & amazing bellinis..sure I've said this many times before

More random pics from bar-hopping this week:

Last sunday night at the Thompson Hotel..after an unsuccessful night of searching for a good TIFF party

New skincare haul!! I always change skincare brands every few years; the last couple years I used Estee Lauder and now I'm trying Laneige. I really like the packaging (always the top selling point for me). I haven't started using them all yet but so far I tried the serum and BB cream - really like them. They have a very nice scent.



210. Nikki Beach at Bell Lightbox for TIFF 2011

A few days ago I went to an opening party for TIFF (Toronto International Film Festival) on the rooftop terrace of Bell Lightbox! It was by Nikki Beach - loved it!! So nice up there. Officially the nicest rootop patio I've seen in Toronto so far. I really liked the set-up of it. The DJ that night was also really good..apparently he's from St. Tropez. He played that song "Welcome to St. Tropez" which is now one of my new favourites/on repeat. 

This was the terrace - there were steps that go to the top, and in between/every few steps would be a platform with couches. I'm not good with descriptions so here's a very nice visual

Amazing view of King St

They had some of these beds inside the tent. Very cool.

& a bed at the very top!


We also dropped by Brant House for like 10 minutes at first. Adrien Grenier was there (I don't watch the show but he's the guy from Entourage..he's also staying at my building!)

Apparently this is Russell Peters..not sure who the other people are.


209. Kremlin / Red Square / St. Basil's Cathedral / Moscow

Look what I finally got in the mail yesterday!!! Sooo happy when it arrived. I went on an extensive search to find the perfect large poster to hang on that wall for a long time. I had a couple different scenes I wanted (it was between this, Nyhavn in Copenhagen or Victoria Harbour in Hong Kong). Actually the one I wanted most was Nyhavn, but I couldn't find a nice enough print of it. Then I found this - the Kremlin in Moscow! As most of you know, I really love Russia (if you look on the nightstand in the corner, coincidentally I have a book of Russia lol)

With the painting I did for a school project two years ago. It's part of St. Basil's Cathedral

A few days ago I found some tapioca from an Asian grocery store & made bubble tea!!

Tapioca..looks like giant caviar

The sky was really pink a couple days ago. My camera automatically balanced the colour so you can't see it too well..but in reality it was probably 5x more pink than you can see here. So beautiful.

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