609. Rockies Roadtrip | Day 19 - Return to Vancouver

Canada Place Vancouver
On the second last day of our Rockies Roadtrip, we drove all the way back from Jasper to Vancouver. After so many days on the road we became more experienced with long drives (well, my friends did as I didn't drive at all lol) so we made it back to Vancouver in a good amount of time and earlier than expected. As we were all leaving the following day, we stayed at the River Rock Casino Resort near the airport. I wanted to try the casino but unfortunately didn't have time. There wasn't anything too special about our stay there..just the highlight was an unpleasant experience with our housekeeper "B" hahha. I realized now I don't have any photos from the hotel..I could've sworn I took some so maybe I accidentally deleted them all. Hmm. Anyways, after arriving and checking in, we went to return our rental Jeep.

Afterwards we decided to go to our favourite Cactus Club at Coal Harbour for a final dinner. As always we had a really nice time. I really miss my friends now! After so many days together it was hard to say goodbye. I probably mentioned in the very beginning but I went on this trip with two of my friends from Luxembourg. It was our first time travelling together (my first trip ever with friends actually) and it was a LOT of fun. So many funny memories I will always remember. I will definitely have to visit them in Luxembourg next year.. :)

During the time we were there, it was when BC had a lot of forest wildfires. We were able to see some of them on our drives. The final day was the worst. The air got really smoggy and for some parts we couldn't see far out the window. In this photo below I think it was a factory fire though which literally just started moments before we passed by (as we were able to see the actual flames)

Vancouver fire
BC Wildfire
& in this photo above, you can see the smokey air. We could actually smell it too. It was lucky that it only happened on our final day though as otherwise we would've missed a lot of the beautiful scenery. We had the best weather and clear skies on all the previous days though.

Coal Harbour Vancouver
Coal Harbour
Cactus Club Coal Harbour
Cactus Club
Cactus Club bellini
Cactus Club Vancouver
Vancouver harbour
Canada 150
This will be my final Rockies Roadtrip post. I know it has stretched on long enough hahaha (since I came back to Toronto in August!) The final day/my flight back to Toronto is kind of a blur to me. I just remember having a nice long breakfast with my friends at the hotel then we all went to the airport and parted ways. This was an amazing trip though and I'm glad I got to explore (again) some more parts of my own country and Anouk and Dan were the best to travel with!

Next I still have to finish some of my Asia posts from last year. It feels like I didn't really do a lot of travelling this year. Well this was my only major trip this year but in the beginning of the year I was pretty busy with renovations. In the past a good or "bad" year (to be honest I never had any that was fully bad) was mostly based on how many trips I went on and how they were. This year was probably the best I've ever had in my life so far, based on a few other non-travel related events.



608. Recent Life

Commerce Court Christmas tree
Christmas is already just around the corner...
& here are some photos from the past couple weeks:

leftbanked outfit
King Taps Toronto
King Taps nachos
At King Taps last night for chats about life, drinks and of course our favourite nachos

leftbanked outfit
bibimbap Earls
The bibimbap at Earls is surprisingly pretty good. It doesn't really taste authentic of course but I liked it. I ordered the gingerbread cake afterwards which wasn't as good (now that my pumpkin phase is kind of fading, I am moving on to gingerbread)..it was really filling and sweet. I proceeded to slip into a food coma after that hahah.

smoothie ingredients
Smoothie prep

leftbanked stellasport
Eaton Centre bridge
Pusateris chocolate
Katana makimonos
Dinner with my sister at Katana. I usually only get the makimonos here but that night we also ordered the yaki udon. It was really good!! I would definitely get it again.

Katana on Bay
Katana mochi
Sud Forno
Green Grotto takoyaki
Sud Forno Temperence
Sud Forno desserts
leftbanked croquettes
My first attempt at croquettes. They were so good!! I definitely need to make them again. After that I tried to do pumpkin croquettes which ended up being a huge disaster though..so unfortunate as I was really looking forward to eating them lol.

leftbanked croquette
leftbanked croquette
Ottos Bierhalle
Dinner at Otto's Bierhalle! My friend and I came here one night but they were full with an hour wait, so we left for another place that night. Since then we had been wanting to go back (& as I started following them on Instagram, I've been wanting everything hahah). So last weekend we did and really loved it. The schnitzel was the best I've ever had in Toronto. They had a lot of other German things on the menu as well which I love! I really want to go back again.

I know in a previous post I was just saying how I post too many food pictures and that I would try to reduce it but obviously I haven't hahah. I also just realized that almost all the places I post about are within a 15min radius from my place. Except for Otto's Bierhalle. I should get out of my comfort zone more!



607. Rockies Roadtrip | Day 18 - Maligne Lake and Canyon

Maligne Canyon
On our final day in Jasper, we visited Maligne Lake and Maligne Canyon. This was a pretty relaxing and slow-paced day..with our trip already coming to a close. We were the unluckiest with seeing wildlife on this trip, but we did see a black bear for (literally) a split second on the way to the lake. We started off our day with breakfast, at the same spot we went to every morning in Jasper:

small town breakfast
I love these small town breakfast spots. Lots of interesting locals there lol. Most of who I found to be quite strange..though we also spotted a "diamond in the rough" ;)

Rearguard Falls
In a previous post I mentioned we were staying in McBride which was a two hour drive each way into Jasper. We did some stops along the way which made the drive slightly less tedious. That morning we stopped at Rearguard Falls.

Rearguard Falls
Chinook salmon are my favourite/the tastiest!

Rearguard Falls
The current was so powerful. We were able to get quite close to the falls as you can see...it made me a bit nervous as the waves were incredibly strong, crashing against the rocks, but it was also an exhilarating feeling to stand there watching. I wasn't able to spot any salmon though.

Moose Lake
Moose Lake
Rocky Mountains
This lake was a really unique shade of blue. I wasn't quite able to capture it on camera..

Maligne Canyon
Then we arrived at Maligne Canyon!

Maligne Canyon
Maligne Canyon
Rocky Mountains Roadtrip
Maligne Lake
At Maligne Lake. It was kind of a disappointment for me as unfortunately we weren't able to go to Spirit Island..which is the usual postcard image of the lake. We just walked around here a bit and went for ice cream lol.

lox bagel
I just realized I forgot to include our lunch and dinner from the Columbia Icefield day. So this was my lunch..& for dinner we went to a nice restaurant called Syrahs of Jasper.

Syrahs of Jasper
Syrahs of Jasper
This innocent little intermezzo quickly became the (hilarious) topic of the rest of our evening...and then the rest of the trip hahaha. It will have to remain as an inside joke so I won't reveal it here. ;)

Syrahs of Jasper
This was the main which was a vegan "shepherds pie" which I didn't really like.

Syrahs of Jasper

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