182. Hennessy

I've been so busy with Hennessy this week..going around and getting all the things he needs, vet visits, etc. He probably has too many toys and treats. As you can see he's completely taken over my place with all his stuff!

When I got him I didn't even tell my parents because I wasn't sure if they'd let me have a dog. I've always wanted one though and was never allowed. So I just went and got him (with my sister). After a few days I finally told my parents and was REALLY relieved when they didn't really get mad about it lol.



181. Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessy I

A couple days ago..I finally got the one thing I've been wanting for the LONGEST time, ever since I could remember (like when I was 5?). I'm sure if you have me on Facebook/Twitter/know me in real life, you would already know what it is. :) So here's what happened that day..

The place we were going to was about 2 hours away. I had to keep this as a secret from my parents (for now) so my sister's BF agreed to drive. It was a fun day - I haven't been out of the city in such a long time. & I love roadtrips. First we stopped at this fish & chips place. lol it was such a cute little restaurant. Look at the carpet!

We stopped in a small town called Cambridge to check out their antiques market. I love visiting places like this! The town was quaint with a lot of historic buildings.

Then we drove on........

To pick up my new puppy!!!!!!

He is a cream Pomeranian :D I named him Hennessy (after LVMH)
I'm sure some of you remember Mucho - the Chihuahua I took care of for a month for a friend. It was so lonely at my place after I had to give him back (his owner came back from vacation)
Henessy is such a good dog - he follows me everywhere & learns really quick. His leash training took only 2 days & housebreaking him took about 2 as well. He's not fully trained but he's getting there. I took a LOTTTT more pictures, I'll post them in my next post!


180. the public eye never blinks

Got some very very exciting news to tell you soooooon...!!!

Real Sports Bar: the best sports bar in Toronto

Lunch with my mom at Dynasty. I have to say, I really enjoyed the food here & usually I don't like Chinese food/dim sum

Dinner with my sister on top of the CN Tower where we planned an exciting weekend...

Then Pravda with Chi-Town + his co-worker! We will be having a "Hennessy" party soon ;]
We met some other Americans too as they all pounded back shots. This was such a fun night.
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