842. Tallinn Part 2 | Back in Estonia

Alexander Nevsky Cathedral Tallinn
In between my previous blog post and this one, we have spent several days in Paris. Blog posts from that trip will come eventually. It was kind of a "last minute decision" to return to Estonia after that. Well, I didn't have many options anyways since it's the only Schengen country I'm allowed to be in at the moment. At the time of this post I'm unfortunately still waiting on the result from my Digital Nomad Visa application..the deadline is in a few days so that will determine what happens after Estonia (if I am forced to leave Schengen).

Now it has gotten a lot colder here in Tallinn and we even got snow a couple days ago, though it has all melted since then. The Christmas Market here is set to open tomorrow which I'm very excited for! I really love Christmas Markets in Europe, and I heard this one in Tallinn is rated one of the best. It's very sad that the markets of Germany are closed this year since they received an influx of COVID cases these past weeks. I've always wanted to go to the ones there. We were lucky to have visited (Munich) last month when it was still relatively normal.

Tallinn old town square Tallinn old town square Tallinn old town Tallinn old town Tallinn old town Alexander Nevsky Cathedral Tallinn Estonia Tallinn old town Tallinn medieval cathedral Tallinn old town Tallinn old town doors Tallinn Estonia Tallinn old town Maiasmokk Tallinn
Maiasmokk is one of my favourite cafes in the city. I really love cafes (or restaurants) in this style. It's the oldest cafe in the city, dating back to 1864, and known for their marzipan. Apparently they are the "birthplace of marzipan".

Maiasmokk marzipan Tallinn Maiasmokk Tallinn pelmeni tallinnPelmeni are Russian dumplings. I really love them.

Rataskaevu 16 Tallinn Rataskaevu 16 Tallinn
I think this is the best rated restaurant in the city. It's called Rataskaevu 16 which is also just their address. I got the elk roast which was delicious.

Tallinn old town Siga la Vaca Tallinn Siga la Vaca octopus Siga la Vaca
This was Siga La Vaca, an Argentinian steakhouse. Of course I rarely order steak at steakhouses. I got the octopus which I was a bit sceptical about at first (I don't think Estonia is known for octopus) but it ended up being really good.



841. Tallinn Part 1 | Around the Old Town

leftbanked despacito Tallinn
Now we are already at the end of our time in Tallinn, Estonia. We've been here for a month already and I'm only doing the first post from here now. I mentioned previously that I've applied for an extension to stay here longer (since my "visa-free" time in Schengen is ending) but they didn't get back to me yet. So I'm still unsure how the outcome of that will be. This weekend we will be going to Paris for a quick trip which will be the rest of my allowed days in Schengen..I'm sad we can only go for a few days (since it is my favourite city) but I guess I should be grateful to even go lol. Should have planned this out better.

I'm also sad to be leaving Tallinn. Even if my visa gets approved and we do end up coming back, I will miss the place we are staying because it's literally the perfect location and we have a lot of favourite daily spots that we go to. Tallinn is a very nice city to live but if you're coming just for the sake of tourism and sightseeing, there isn't much. A day would be enough if you're just coming for a visit. It's a fairly inexpensive place with prices between western and eastern European costs, the food is really good and there's cozy cafes which is important if you work online (like us). It feels like a mix between Scandinavian countries and Russia. There's also a nice mix of old and new architecture. So overall it is a pretty comfortable place. The only thing I don't like is that it gets dark at 4pm and it's pretty cold already.

During the month we were here I also wanted to do short trips to Riga (Latvia) and also Helsinki (Finland) since they are only a few hours away but due to rising COVID cases (and a lockdown in Latvia), we were not able to go. I would've reeeeally loved to visit St. Petersburg (Russia) again but I think the country is also closed now and I would've had to apply for a visa. The time here flew by really fast though. I have a few posts lined up for Tallinn. Here are some random photos from around the old town and our frequently visited spots.

Tallinn old town Tallinn old town square Tallinn old town square Tallinn old town Tallinn old town Tallinn old town Tallinn old town Tallinn old town Tchaikovsky Restaurant Tallinn
Our belated 4-year anniversary dinner was at Tchaikovsky Restaurant. It was really good and I loved the restaurant decor. We had a tasting menu.

Tchaikovsky Restaurant Tallinn Tchaikovsky Restaurant Tallinn Tchaikovsky Restaurant Tallinn Tchaikovsky Restaurant Tallinn Tchaikovsky Restaurant Tallinn Tallinn old town square Boheem Tallinn
One of our favourite cafes that we now go to everyday (for a few hours to work/read) is Boheem. It's set in a large house with about 7 different rooms. It's really cozy here and I love this style. I wonder why there are not more "house style" cafes/restaurants in Toronto. I would definitely go lol.

Boheem Tallinn Tallinn old town pelmeni chicken kievDinner one night at Moon. We got these Russian dumplings (pelmeni) and a chicken kiev. It was soooo good.

pumpkin soup Kadriorg Park Kadriorg ParkI think this park would look really nice if the trees were full of leaves. It looks like they cut them into squares.

Kadriorg Palace Tallinn Kadriorg Palace

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