135. Balenciaga Fall 2010 Shoes

Balenciaga always has the most amazing shoes.


134. PDAC 2010

The big annual mining convention (PDAC) was in Toronto this week. The whole city was full of international miners in suits everywhere - I love it. & every night they had parties all over the city. I know a few people from one of the companies - I met them a long time ago in my building. They were here and told me about these parties so of course I wanted to check them out. Last night we tried getting into Pravda (where they had an open bar) but it was sooo packed in there. We ended up going to Reservoir Lounge next door. I think it was like 95% men in there. There was one Swedish looking guy I kept staring at..then ended up meeting another one who was actually from Sweden. Most of them were from Vancouver though.

Then we headed to the Royal York - it really was crazy there. There were empty beer bottles + cans EVERYWHERE around the entire hotel. Normally it's a really classy place. There were a bunch of students from UBC (from their institute of Mining Engineering) ..we talked to two of them. ("root canal drills" hahahah)

Then after the Royal York parties were over we ran into this other guy we met earlier from outside Pravda...he brought us to Horseshoe Tavern? I honestly never been to a place like that before lol..it was an interesting experience. I felt like I was in a movie!! Like I wouldn't be surprised if any minute someone just breaks a beer bottle over another guy's head to start a bar fight. The crowd in that place looked like they came straight out of the 70s. Definately didn't feel like I was in Toronto anymore. Maybe that's what I'll do this summer - go all over and explore more of the city instead of just sticking to my regular places.

Finally back at 1KW..one of the mining guys I knew was at the bar so I sat to talk with him for awhile. He introduced me to a lot of different people he knew from the industry. Everyone was so drunk. They're all really nice and funny though. Great night! I love PDAC!


133. Alexander McQueen Fall/Winter 2010 RTW

I love this collection sooo much. Every piece is stunning. He really was one of the greatest :( Can't believe this is really his last show..



132. FW 2010 RTW

Some of my favourites from the recent fashion shows (FW2010)


Burberry Prorsum

D & G



131. Fleur de Lis

Here's the rest of the shots from my photoshoots I talked about in my previous post. My favourites from 100+ taken.



130. J'Adore Cristal

The stuff I used for my 'photoshoots' these past few nights. I'm actually pretty happy with the results - I'll post more of them when I have more time.
The photoshoots are for my Fashion Photography as well as Communication Design classes. It's fun but time consuming..not to mention it's starting to get expensive having to print everything out. Why does school have to be so expensive?!

What better way to cope with the stress of school than Pravda on a quiet Tuesday night? My friend & I were literally the only ones there. We shared a bottle of Cavalli vodka..I think we only finished a 10th of it that night?

The view from our lonely little table lol




What a day..I don't even know where to begin. I haven't had so much excitement in a single day in a long time lol. It's 1am and I can still hear car horns going off. So Canada won the gold today in men's hockey..I cannot be happier. It's so much more amazing since it was the final gold medal that resulted in us breaking the record for most golds for one country in the winter olympics, it was also the final game of the olympics, AND it was hockey - the one that mattered the most (to us anyways). Winning in OT against the Americans is even better. & especially Crosby for scoring the goal. I can just imagine all the bars across the country erupting right at that moment.

I ended up watching the game in my lobby bar. I wanted to go to Irish Embassy but I woke up late anyways and I'm pretty sure they would've been at full capacity. After the game we went out on the streets where cars were continuously honking their horns, everyone was waving Canadian flags & giving each other high fives. It was such a crazy/amazing experience.

My flag hanging on my window now :D

Dundas Square! I'm sure most people I know probably ended up here. It was so packed!! At one point we (literally) bumped into these bartenders from Pravda..we just looked at each other & went "PRAVDA!!!" hahah.
There were some people crowd surfing. People kept chanting "CA-NA-DA CA-NA-DA" At one point one of the crowd surfers fell to the ground..people gasped and went quiet. Suddenly he pops back up with his arms in the air as everyone began to chant "he's ok! he's ok!" It was funny.

Traffic was all messed up but it was so much fun. Definately seems like a once in a lifetime (or once in every 4, 8, 12 years?) experience. I can't really think of another day when people across Canada would celebrate like this. I guess in Toronto if we win the Stanley Cup this might happen again..which means it probably won't ever.

I'm really sad the olympics are over now. I'm not in the mood for school tomorrow. It should definately be a national holiday. I'm pretty sure most of the country will wake up to huge hangovers in the morning.
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