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I know I haven't updated in so long! Even after this post I'm still a bit behind. Life has gotten quite a bit busier these days. I've been focusing on some new things including work, launching a new online store, trying to read more, etc. I also need to find time this summer to start driving lessons..hopefully lol. Something I've been saying for years. But time seems to be going by too fast.

Here are some photos from the past several weeks:

Toronto Roy Thomson Hall
Tutti Matti
Discovered this Tuscan cuisine restaurant called Tutti Matti a few weeks ago. I really looooved this pasta. It tasted so fresh and summer-y with asparagus, snap peas, pancetta and house-made fettucine pasta.

selftraits leftbanked
Selftraits of me (right) and my sister (left) at my mom's lol. I'm also in the pic in the background (2009 in Guilin!).

Sorry cafe
Sofia Yorkville
Sofia Yorkville
Dinner at Sofia. I usually really love Charles Khabouth's restaurants but this one was just ok. There was nothing spectacular about the food. My lobster portion was quite small for what it was worth. The interior decor was really cool though.

Sofia Yorkville
Sofia Yorkville tiramisu
Sofia Yorkville
Toronto skyline
High Park cherry blossoms
leftbanked outfit Stella McCartney Adidas
Hennessy Pomeranian
stormtrooper Bearbrick 1000%
Distillery District Toronto
Madrina Bar y Tapas
Another dinner at Madrina Bar y Tapas

Madrina Bar y Tapas
tortilla Madrina Bar
shrimp paella Madrina Bar
bone marrow tartare Madrina Bar
Madrina Bar y Tapas octopus
Distillery District Toronto
leftbanked outfit dog walk
1 King West AGM
At my building's annual owners meeting! Mostly come for the food..

leftbanked outfit Fendi
leftbanked outfit
Leftbanked Despacito Iceland
Updating our vacation book with our most recent trip..& currently planning the next one to somewhere we've never been before!

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