409. Cluny Bistro

Cluny Bistro lunch
Since I haven't updated my blog in so long here's my second post of the night! Yesterday my sister and I went for lunch at Cluny Bistro. It's a fairly new French restaurant in the Distillery District. Their interiors are beautiful! I love restaurants in this style. I had the Classic Croque Madame (with extremely skinny fries) and she had the Charred Marinated Tofu salad.

Cluny Bistro entrance
Cluny Bistro interiors
Cluny Bistro interiors
Cluny Bistro interiors
It was a Monday afternoon so it was pretty empty in there. Great atmosphere.

Cluny Bistro interiors
Cluny Bistro Tofu salad
Croque Madame
My portion was pretty large and very filling. My sister's was the opposite, so we ended up sharing mine. I really love the fries here. They're extra skinny and the seasoning was really good.

Cluny Bistro bar
Cluny Bistro Toronto
Cluny Bistro boulangerie
Cluny Bistro bakery
Distillery District
Distillery District

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408. Recent Life

Brookfield Place World Press Photo
The annual World Press Photo exhibit is now on at Brookfield Place! I look forward to this every year; I never actually find out in advance when the exhibit starts, but I walk by here almost every day so it's always a nice surprise when I see it up. The exhibit is a collection of amazing photography taken by photojournalists all around the world. If you can't make it to the exhibit, you can see all the winning entries here. Some of the images are pretty graphic and disturbing (those are my favourite to look at though). Sorry my shot above is such horrible quality. I'm thinking I should start carrying an actual camera around instead.

Tomatoes and Mozzarella
Heads in Beds book
This is a great book if you love hotels like I do! It's very interesting and funny.

Everyburger Too Yacht to Handle
I love Japanese snacks. Picked up a box of these "Every Burger". At first I didn't think they'd taste that good but I just got them because they looked cute..but they are seriously DELICIOUS! I need to find a nearby Asian supermarket to stock up on more. After a long hunt for the perfect "Tiffany Blue" nail polish, I finally found it. This is Too Yacht to Handle by China Glaze. I love this shade.

Barsa Taberna patio Toronto
Barsa Taberna
A few weeks ago at Barsa Taberna for Spanish tapas. Sadly, the last patio night of the year as Summer is over already..



407. Dinner at Canoe

Toronto Canoe menu
Another dinner at Canoe..starting with a photo of the view and their new white menus. We sat at the chef's rail this time, facing the kitchen and watching the team prepare all the meals.

Canoe kitchen
Canoe amuse bouche
Amuse bouche..a variety of tomatoes and cheese.

Licorice Infused Watermelon Canoe
I ordered the "Licorice Infused Watermelon" appetizer to start, as I love watermelon and the description sounded very interesting (with charred lobster, marscapone, fennel and pickled rind). I had no idea what it would be like but that's one of my favourite things about Canoe..the presentation is always unique and everything turns out delicious. This was served on this slab of marble (?) atop 3 hockey pucks.

Canoe Intermezzo
The intermezzo was like a very fizzy grape juice that melts in your mouth.

Risotto and creamed corn Canoe
I got the risotto (I loved it so much the last time I had it from the tasting menu that I had to order it again. Also got a side of creamed corn.

Canoe cheese
Canoe cheese
Cheese Plate. I'm not really into cheese that much actually..but the Glengarry Lankaaster was good.

mini donuts Canoe
view of Toronto
I will never get sick of this view!

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Make Up For Ever "Artist Liner"

Make Up For Ever Artist Liner Matte Black
I received the Make Up For Ever "Artist Liner" last week in Matte Black. I use black eyeliner on a daily basis (have done so for years) so I've tried just about every brand available in every form possible. My favourite is the retractable waterproof ones; they glide on easier than pencil liners, are easier to apply with precision than liquid/cream liners and lasts longer than non-waterproof ones. After using Make Up For Ever's Artist Liner this past week, it has become my new favourite as it has all those qualities. It isn't said to be waterproof, but it stays put throughout the day and offers bold, long-lasting colour that's also easy to take off at night.

The price is also very reasonable for the quality: $23 CDN / $19 USD at Sephora. In the past, I would always use Chanel's waterproof retractable eyeliner (for high-end) or Sephora Collection (for lower-end). Make Up For Ever's Artist Liner is close to the quality of Chanel's but without the $30+ price tag, so I would definitely repurchase this in the future.

Make Up For Ever Artist Liner M10 Matte Black
The liner is highly pigmented and glides on effortlessly to define and enhance eyes. The formula is silky and blendable, and with a super slim tip which makes it easy to apply. The ultra-creamy texture provides a bold, long-lasting line of intense colour or can be blended out for a smokey effect.

The Fall 2014 collection comes in a range of 15 vivid hues in 5 different finishes:

Make Up For Ever Artist Liner Fall 2014
M-10: Matte Black
D-12: Diamond Black
S-14: Matte Anthracite Grey

Make Up For Ever Artist Liner Fall 2014
I-34: Iridescent Green Tree
M-50: Matte Bright Brown
M-60: Matte Dark Brown

Make Up For Ever Artist Liner Fall 2014
I-16: Iridescent Taupe Grey
S-20: Matte Navy Blue
I-22: Iridescent Turquoise

Make Up For Ever Artist Liner Fall 2014
M-24: Matte Majorelle Blue
I-30: Iridescent Khaki
I-32: Iridescent Pop Green

Make Up For Ever Artist Liner Fall 2014
ME-70: Metallic Bronze
M-80: Matte Plum
I-90: Iridescent Purple

Buy it at Sephora: $23 (Canada) / $19 (USA)

*Sponsored Post: product was provided by Make Up For Ever in exchange for my honest review*



406. Recent Life

Prada Saffiano Lux
A few weeks ago my mom and I went to Holt Renfrew to look for a new bag for her..we spent a loooong time at the Prada boutique, trying out pretty much every style they had. In the end she decided on this one. She gave it to me to use for awhile but I haven't used it yet..the colour doesn't seem to match any of my clothes.

Grey Prada Saffiano Tote bag
IQFood Co Toronto Clover Canyon Hollywood Bowl
I have been using my new Fendi a lot though! It is a great summer bag. I got the heatstamp done with my initials. I was pretty surprised at how small the letters came out (as all other Fendi tags I see have bigger letters) but I guess I can deal with it. Also got a new Clover Canyon dress recently.

Pomeranian Hennessy
Toronto Financial District
Watermark food
Evolution Food Co yogurt and juice train tracks
Mamma Theresa Ottawa
La Societe burger
La Societe Club Sandwich

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