753. Azores Day 15 | Faial Da Terra Hike & Nordeste

Faial Da Terra hike
Faial Da Terra is a small town with only a few hundred people, with a really nice hiking trail. The trail is very lush and rocky with some small streams running through. We spent about 2 hours hiking there and back and reached one of the waterfalls (I think there are 3 in total?). I'd say the difficulty level is moderate; there was a lot of up and down. I was pretty exhausted by the end.

By the way - if you are ever in Azores and want someone to bring you around the island, I would recommend our taxi driver. He is really good and informative (and speaks good English). The first time we just got in his taxi off the street and he started explaining a lot of things about the island without us even asking. He seemed to genuinely enjoy giving the tour. We ended up using him again for this day trip. His name is Ricardo and can be contacted at ricardocosta19666@gmail.com.

Faial Da Terra Azores Faial Da Terra hike
There's some interesting wildlife in there (not what you'd typically see on a hike). Here we saw a wild rooster on the right, and a cat..if you can spot it in the picture.

Faial Da Terra rooster
This reminds me - some of our neighbours seem to have roosters. We are in the city and not in a rural area..just a lot of people seem to have them here as a regular "pet". A few nights in the middle of the night they started crowing/calling (?) really loud and once one starts, the others in the area start as well. They don't even do it at the crack of dawn. The past few times seemed to be like 3am. It is pretty annoying but I find the sound kind of funny. I think there's something wrong with our surrounding roosters..like they don't know they should be doing it at dawn. Or is that just like a stereotype and it's normal for roosters to just crow whenever?

Faial Da Terra hike Faial Da Terra hike Faial Da Terra hiking trail Faial Da Terra waterfall
Finally reached the waterfall!

Faial Da Terra Azores Faial Da Terra Nordeste Azores

After Faial da Terra we went to Nordeste which is the eastern tip of the island. From there we came back to Ponta Delgada along the North coast. The scenery was very beautiful along the way (as it is all around the island!). There's a lot of small towns scattered throughout. They more or less look the same but each has their own unique charm.

Nordeste Azores Nordeste Azores Nordeste Azores Nordeste Azores Ribeira dos Caldeiroes Park Ribeira dos Caldeiroes Park



752. Azores | Snapshots & Upcoming Plans

Ponta Delgada Dondue

We are already halfway through our time in Azores! When we first planned this trip, I thought a month would seem really long but the time is flying by. Staying in Ponta Delgada has been really nice and already feels like "home". We have some favourite places already and some sort of routine.

A couple days ago we planned and booked our next destinations. We are in Azores until the end of this month. After that we will spend about 1 week in Porto (& Douro Valley!). After that, we will spend 1 month in Canary Islands. I am excited but I am a bit nervous as the COVID situation will be worse there. In Azores it feels pretty safe. We haven't planned anything after Canary Islands yet but we may go to Germany in November. I've always wanted to visit the Christmas markets there.

So this post will be a bunch of random photos that didn't fit into any of the other posts before. Mostly food pics taken from my phone lol.

PS - I'm sending postcards from every destination we visit. Message me if you want to be added to my list!

Ponta Delgada Azores rock
We started running in the evenings. It's a nice environment for it here beside the ocean.

Ponta Delgada Mariserra Azores cat
A cat we saw on one of the runs

O PataNisca Ponta Delgada O PataNisca Ponta Delgada Azores ice cream Azores dog
A dog wandered up to us at Vila Franca. Then awhile later his owner came and found him.

Azores dog Azores cat
Another cat on the street. I try to pet all the dogs/cats I see.

Azores dog O Churrasco octopus Ponta Delgada O Churrasco Ponta Delgada Ponta Delgada church Ponta Delgada church walls A Tasca Ponta Delgada A Tasca Ponta Delgada A Tasca Ponta Delgada A Tasca Ponta Delgada Comur Portugal Azores

This is a Comur store. They sell gourmet canned foods (mostly seafood). I really love the packaging design of their cans. It was so difficult deciding which ones to buy! In the end I bought 6 cans. They are quite expensive and came out to be a bit over $100 CAD. I plan to give some away to family and will keep a couple for myself as souvenirs.

Comur Portugal Comur Portugal Comur Portugal Ponta Delgada FACEBOOK | TWITTER | INSTAGRAM | BLOGLOVIN'


751. Azores Day 14 | Furnas

Furnas Azores

Yesterday we hired a cab to take us around some parts of the island including Vila Franca do Campo, Furnas, and the Gorreana tea plantation. The highlight of the day was visiting Furnas. It's a small town known for its thermal hot springs and "bolo levedo" bread. The bread is available all over the island and it's sooo good. We've had it before at some restaurants and bought it from grocery stores here but the ones we got fresh from Furnas were the best. They are super soft and kind of sweet. It's my favourite bread I've ever had.

Furnas Azores Furnas Azores Furnas Azores Furnas Azores
It was really nice here but the sulphur smell was really strong (like the eggy smell)

Summer Breeze Furnas

We went to eat at this restaurant called Summer Breeze. To be honest at first I thought it would be a tourist trap and not good judging by the name. We had to wait a really long time (30+ minutes) for our food to arrive. It was well worth the wait because it was amazing!! I got this "chicken supreme" burger which had chicken, a fried egg, lettuce, tomatoes, bacon, cheese sauce etc on bolo levedo bread. I also loved the fries - I'm pretty sure they make it fresh themselves. We will likely be returning again to Furnas since we didn't visit Terra Nostra Park yet. When we go again I want to try the famous stew that they cook underground in the volcanic heat.

Azores Juicy IPA Azorean craft beer - pineapple flavoured. The label is so cute!

Vila Franca do Campo

The small town of Vila Franca do Campo. If you search this place on Google images, you will see a really beautiful lagoon. This islet is a popular destination. Usually they have boats bringing people there, where you can lay on the beaches and spend some hours. But unfortunately it seems they are not running at this time. So it was kind of pointless to visit the place lol.

Azores San Miguel Azores Islands Cha Gorreana Azores

Azores is also known for their Gorreana tea. I actually don't really like it - the taste is super mild. We visited their plantation which I also felt was kind of underwhelming. The scenery was nice but the tea plantations in Asia are a lot more impressive.

Cha Gorreana Cha Gorreana tea fields Azores craft beer
There's also a Gorreana tea beer lol.

Azores cat

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