801. Bangkok Part 7 | Chatuchak Market & My New Bag!

Louis Vuitton Alma BB Rose Pondichery Jacquard Strap
My new bag! I love it so much. I've wanted an Alma BB for a really long time, but I've always wanted the vernis version in red/cherry colour but never went through with buying it. A couple weeks ago when we went to Iconsiam, I wanted to check if the store had one. I wasn't fully convinced I would buy it still. They didn't have the vernis but they had this one. I tried it on and instantly fell in love! This is in epi leather with a jacquard strap which I now love a lot more than the vernis, plus it will be easier to maintain. I realize that most of my bags and other designer items were purchased vacations abroad. I like having a memory attached to them, plus most of the time it's less expensive than getting from Canada.

This is a really useful travel bag, even though it is a bit small. But definitely a lot more convenient for every day use than my Alma MM lol.

Louis Vuitton Alma BB Jacquard Louis Vuitton alma bb Bang Rak noodles
I really like eating out at these local spots. This noodle place is my favourite for soup noodles. All the food here is so cheap! They always range from $2-3 per dish, are so delicious, and quick to be served. Our area is really good for eating. The entire street behind us is lined with food carts and little restaurants. We are also very close to a night market called Bangrak Bazaar which we just stumbled upon a couple nights ago.

Siwilai Cafe State Tower Balcony Bangkok
Hanging our laundry outside to dry. Unfortunately my boyfriend has lost about 6 of his underwear, thanks to a gust of wind. I wonder what new lives they are living now.

Chatuchak Market
On our first weekend, we visited Chatuchak Market. It's the largest market in Thailand (possibly all of Asia), with 27 sections and 15,000 stalls. They only open on weekends. They sell everything and anything you can possibly want. I am not sure how big of an area we covered that day but we mainly looked at the clothing section and pets section. Sadly, due to COVID, many shops were closed. But even with the closed stalls, there was still a lot to see.

Chatuchak Market Chatuchak Market Chatuchak Market Chatuchak Market food Chatuchak MarketThis store sells fake/plastic fruits and vegetables. I'm not sure what the purpose would be lol.

Chatuchak Market Chatuchak Market Samoyed puppies
Lastly, the pets section! From my understanding, each stall is occupied by a different breeder. I wanted to take one back so badly. I felt bad for the dogs being stuck there in such small spaces though, especially the Tibetan Mastiffs.

beagle puppies samoyed pomeranian puppy Tibetan Mastiff
The Tibetan Mastiffs! They are HUGE! I am not sure if you can tell the size from this photo. I've only seen them in photos and videos before but never in person.

Frenchie puppies furry rabbitsRabbits are the only animal I don't like for some reason. But these furry ones are cute.

kittens beagle puppy



800. Bangkok Part 6 | Iconsiam Summer Kite Playground

Iconsiam kite show
I'm not usually into shopping malls but the good ones in Asia are really on another level. They are often well-designed with lots of different types of stores, restaurants, outdoor terraces, events etc and just an overall nice place to spend the day walking around. Iconsiam is a fairly new mall here in Bangkok (I believe they opened in 2018). We live just across the river from it so we've visited a couple of times. I really love it and think it is now my favourite mall in the world!

During this time they have the "Summer Kit Playground" event (which happens every weekend in the evenings I think). There's a lot of installations and large kites - as you can see on the side, even a blue whale!

The mall is HUGE (and it's not even the largest in Bangkok). So on our first visit we only explored about 3 floors out of 7. Well we visited the eating area ("floating market"), one restaurants area, and I bought a new Louis Vuitton bag! Afterwards we checked out the Summer Kite Playground outside before heading back. The mall offers free shuttle boats bringing people from side to side. I will post the remaining floors of the mall in another upcoming post..

leftbanked despacito Iconsiam Iconsiam kite showOur building is the one across the river with the gold dome on the roof.

Iconsiam Bangkok
During my trips to Hong Kong in the past, I would love visiting all the malls and taking photos of all the stores, interior design and architecture. I did exactly that here too. It felt like deja vu - I really missed shopping in Asia! I always find a lot of unique clothes that I like from Asia. In Toronto I have a really hard time shopping because it is quite rare for me to find something I like enough to buy.

Iconsiam Bangkok Iconsiam Bangkok Bally Iconsiam Bangkok Restaurants Iconsiam Bangkok Iconsiam Bangkok washroom Iconsiam washroom
Another thing about malls in Asia is that they have very beautiful and clean washrooms! Usually there is someone in there cleaning the stall right after its been used (not just during COVID times).

Iconsiam Bangkok Iconsiam Bangkok Iconsiam Bangkok Iconsiam Bangkok floating market Iconsiam Bangkok floating market Iconsiam Bangkok floating market Iconsiam Bangkok floating market
The people here in Thailand have all been very friendly so far. I was taking a photo of this floating market boat and the woman was facing forward at first. Then she turned around as I was taking the photo - I expected her to not be happy with it but instead she smiled for my photo. Ater spending a few months in Morocco just prior, I've gotten used to being told off for taking photos of people lol. (There they REALLY hate being in photos, even if they are just in the background).

Iconsiam Bangkok mango sticky rice Iconsiam Bangkok durian Iconsiam Thai milk tea Iconsiam Bangkok Iconsiam light festival Iconsiam light festival Iconsiam Bangkok Iconsiam BangkokIconsiam part 2 to come in a future post! At the very top is a giant Starbucks.



799. Bangkok Part 5 | Exploring our Neighbourhood

Bangkok river view
We've been out of quarantine for a few days now and I finally have a bit of time to update! We've had quite an eventful few days (probably a combination of being stuck inside for so long plus there's sooo much to do and see in Bangkok) - we explored our neighbourhood a bit (Bang Rak), visited Iconsiam mall, visited Chatuchak market, visited Asiatique, visited Chinatown, and walked around a lot. We are loving the city so far and having an amazing time. The weather here is extremely hot but its bearable/I am slowly getting used to it. I really love the street food culture and the shopping! Everything is so cheap. The Thai people are also extremely friendly.

The photo above is the view from our place. I really love it. We are staying at State Tower which is the building where the movie Hangover was filmed. There is an amazing rooftop bar/restaurant which I'm excited to check out.

State Tower BangkokQuick photo of our place. I forgot to take more photos before it got all messy now so I'll take more after we have it cleaned.

Bangkok street food Our first meal! There's street food stands literally everywhere here.

Bangkok streets Bangkok streets Bangkok streets So many power cables everywhere

Fila pink sneakersMy first purchase - these Fila sneakers.
They were only $15 CAD!! (& they are real from an actual store - not fake ones I found on the street)

Bangkok street food Bangkok street foodI think this is how the street food stalls wash the dishes and everything

Bangkok view at nightOur view at night

Bangkok street foodFirst night's dinner

Jok Prince Bangkok
This congee place (Jok Prince) is really good! It's located right behind our building. We came a couple times for breakfast already. They have been in the Michelin guide for many years and is really inexpensive (like $2-3 a bowl)

Sarnies Bangkok Sarnies Bangkok State Tower BangkokOur building!

Bangkok Bangkok street bananas Bangkok shrineThere's a lot of temples and shrines everywhere on the street

Bangkok bank Bangkok fireworksThere were fireworks last night. Not sure what the occasion was..

Bangkok temple

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