347. Paris | George V

Paris in the rain
Cabbing around Paris in the rain. I was by the Eiffel Tower when it started raining, so I got in a cab to stay dry. I had the driver drive all around the city so at least I was able to do a bit of sightseeing as well. Paris is so beautiful in the rain (as it is in any type of weather!). Then I got out wherever the rain stopped. At that moment I suddenly realized how much of a high-maintenance traveller I am. Or just how much I hate being out in the rain.

I have exactly ten more blog posts to make from my Europe trip last year, and I need to post them all within the next month. Guess why..

Eiffel Tower
Four Seasons George V
Four Seasons George V
Louis Vuitton windows
LV George V
Parisian man
Laduree macarons
Laduree Union Jack
Laduree Champs Elysees
Tom Ford
Arc de Triomphe
Arc de Triomphe
Arc de Triomphe
Stalingrad station
Paris Metro
Smallest breakfast ever. I was in such a rush to catch the train to London that morning..I ended up missing it in the end and needed to reschedule for the next one =\ That was the third train/flight I missed on that trip because I slept in!

Paris souvenirs

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346. Last Week

O&B bar
Some photos from my phone taken this past week. Lots of O&B-ing and patios. Last time I posted about O&B I said the Mac and Cheese was the best I've ever had. Well I take that back - had it again and didn't like it anymore. I couldn't even finish it this time. That day I came here for lunch with my friend, which eventually turned into 9 hours of patio-hopping all day. Not sure how that happened! I felt so guilty when I got home (for wasting the entire day). Then I realized I used to do this all the time during the previous summers without feeling guilty at all. I miss those stress-free days with no responsibilities:

O&B Front St O&B mac and cheese
Financial District
Earl's patio
Earl's sticky toffee
CN Traveler

O&B Round 2:
O&B Cafe Grill patio
O&B patio

Stripper cop putting his pants back on in my lobby:
stripper cop CIBC Commerce Court



345. NYC | Wall Street, etc

Grand Central Station
Second last NYC post. Kind of unfortunate that it rained most of the days I was there, but I got this really cool photo out of it at least. I realized after experiencing that tropical storm my rain tolerance has gone up. I normally stay indoors/in the path when it rains (even a little) but now I'm actually willing to go outdoors, of course with an umbrella. Last week there was a major storm (& floods) here in Toronto..I'm so proud of myself that I actually ventured outside in search of food. So here's some photos taken during my first and last days in New York.

Brooklyn Bridge Park
Brooklyn Bridge
Brooklyn Bridge promenade

My first attempt at a gif! Walking across the Brooklyn Bridge. Well, halfway across.

Brooklyn Bridge
Brooklyn Bridge
This candy store had the largest selection of gummy candy!! The gummy army men were delicious.

chupa chups
candy store
Wall Street
George Washington
George Washington
Tiffany & Co
American Indian Museum
Wall St streets of NY

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