185. "the damage"

Moleskine drawing from sitting through boring lectures

Most of my Moleskine collection

Drinks at E11even - I love this place!

I like how you can order drinks from their iPad menu

The envelope with the bill inside..

Then we went for more drinks at the Hotel le Germain lobby bar



184. slick-haired aussies

My PDAC 2011 souvenirs. ;] I know some people from Barkerville Gold - they were the ones who got me going to these parties. So PDAC and its parties have just ended for this year :( I wish they could've lasted an entire week..oh well, there's always next year! It was good this year..met some very interesting people, as always!

Crystal Ball Gala Night

Mining Night - probably the "main" ballroom party

Lots of free food in the suite parties

Until next year.. :)


183. PDAC Mining Parties

This week is the annual PDAC convention in Toronto, aka one of my favourite times of the year! I know some people from gold mining companies so that's how I started going to these parties. They're so much fun. The biggest ones are always at the Royal York, where we go from suite to suite, & all the drinks are free..

We always end up at the Library Bar..completely packed in there! Mining industry people are so much fun to meet - they're all sooo friendly and fun to party with. I'm planning to go every single night of it.

More PDAC stories to come!
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