237. tomorrow I'll miss you

Last week we went to DEQ, a bar/lounge at the Ritz Carlton. I love it there!! More than the Trump. & definitely more than my own building.

After the Ritz-Carlton that night, we went over to Spice Route! Another one of my favourite places. Had a couple Hpnotiqs..

Then we went for food at the Thompson Hotel's 24-hour diner. I don't really like the food at this place but it's good for middle-of-the-night-food.

Porsche 911 Carrera S - I really want this car after I finally get my licence! (or the 4S) Mine will be white with navy blue seats. :D

We had pretty good weather one day last week so I took a walk down to the harbour with my dog. I can't wait until summer is here again so I can come every single day/night again.

Photoshoot in my sauna last weekend! It was a lot of fun. I might post some of the photos when I get them.


236. you beat my drum hard

Weirdest thing happened - the dream I wrote about in my previous post (now deleted) actually came true. Without my meddling. Well, in real life it didn't go exactly like how it did in my dream, but the end result was the same. I know it sounds ridiculous but I think somehow I can see the future..or I have a sixth sense. The reason I think this is because I wasn't even involved in that whole situation in the first place - I didn't see/talk to the people in it in a long time, yet I dreamt about it. Hmmmm..this probably doesn't even make sense to any of you reading this. To make up for my lack of interesting photos lately, I'll just write more (of my thoughts) on this blog instead of just writing photo captions as I usually do.

I met this guy at Pravda a looong time ago, and since then..for almost every single Thursday of the week we text each other the same thing. This conversation you see above occurred in the span of like one month. This is really all we text each other about. I find it kind of funny.

For the record, I don't go every single week lol. I am trying to get out of the Pravda phase for awhile..

Real Sports Bar/Leafs game!

Hpnotiq & nachos that had everything imaginable on them.

Irish Embassy last weekend for brunch with my sister before we went to watch the Woman in Black. Horror movies are my favourite!! But I find very few of them scary.

Their pancakes are soooo good. I'm gonna try waking up early enough for breakfast one of these days just so I can go there for some..

The other place I've been at these days - Marche for hmwk/rosti/dessert/whenever I'm bored..
I love the view. Especially for the after work crowd of men in suits..heheh ;)


235. now you're just somebody that I used to know

Went to the Suits bar at Trump again on the weekend. I like their chocolate covered almonds.

Last night I intended to have a nice Monday evening doing homework down in my lobby. Suddenly the couches around me got swarmed by a group of women (but also a younger REALLY cute guy). I was slightly annoyed at first since I wasn't in the mood to be surrounded by drunk middle-aged women (but the cute guy may stay) Well they turned out to be sooooo funny - I had such a great time hahah. I loved them. They were just staying at the hotel for a 2-day conference. I ended up just talking to them..needless to say, I got no hmwk done.

My recent discovery: I always prefer foreign boys, but the only Canadian ones I like all seem to come from Vancouver (& coincidentally, the ones I met all have nice trenchcoats).

Watching HIMYM with Hennessy before bed..



234. I feel it for the first time

This week went by so fast. The major things that happened last week seem like just yesterday. & a LOT has happened this past week. My mood has gone up and down (in the extremes; either really happy or really annoyed) in the span of like, 3 days. For the most part I've been really annoyed with some people and stressed about school. But today I'm fine.
Sometimes I feel like I live life too fast. I'm not sure if you understand what I mean? I realized I get bored of things pretty easily, which is probably part of the reason too (for my previous point). I jump from one obsession to the next immediately, as soon as I find a replacement..sometimes this happens the day after.

Went to Ki again a few days ago with a friend I haven't seen in a long time to catch up on each other's exciting lives.

I don't remember the last time I came when I didn't order both edamame and sweet potato wedges. They really have THE BEST sweet potato wedges here!

I come to this place in the PATH a lot, it's called deKefir; mainly a frozen yogurt place. I've actually never gotten their yogurt because I don't like how it tastes..but I LOOOOVE the waffle!! I get one almost everyday.


233. Trump International Hotel & Tower - Toronto

A few days ago my friend & I went to the Trump Hotel on their opening night!

We just stayed at their lobby bar, named Suits. I really want to go to the restaurant when it opens. The bar was kind of small but the lobby/entrance was really nice. I wouldn't mind living here :D It's actually just down the street from my building. Might be visiting a bit more often..

Last night we went to an event held by Toronto Business Casual called Taste of Distinction: Wine, Fashion & Diamonds. It was in the showroom of !Xam Diamonds.

After that, we quickly dropped by at Irish Embassy then Pravda (typical night) then I came home. Ended up being quiiiiiite a good night.

My attempt at being productive today by sitting at Marche for most of the afternoon with my laptop and homework in front of me. Unsurprisingly, got nothing done as I just spent most of the time texting my friend about "Vandouche"s. Yea, that's a made up term lol..consisting of three words (guesses?)

My front & back views.

Last week's bar-hopping

They had these drink coasters where people could write what they were celebrating that night. Instead of a birthday or anniversary (what most people wrote), my friend & I celebrated something else ;)

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