158. King Edward

During the day I went to an interior decor function at the King Edward Hotel. It's a hotel located just a couple steps down the street from mine. They're in the process of building some private residences on a few floors. The event was just for people who purchased a unit there, but I went with my friend who's a real estate agent.

I wish 1 King West could be as nice lol..maybe it's because I'm so used to it already but I don't find my lobby to be particularly nicer than most other hotels.

Their washrooms seem very "Dior"

After the King Edward I came back to my building..then late at night I went with a few people from the building up to our patio. We stayed there for a long time and made such a huge mess at the end with our broken bottles, towels we took from the fitness centre, garbage..we did clean it up though.

Looked like a full moon & seems as if only 1 person is awake at 3am?

Roberto Cavalli vodka! tastes horrible mixed with apple juice. We had nothing else.



157. Sultan's Tent

I went for dinner at The Sultan's Tent/Cafe Moroc (click the link - I love the song on their site!) for the first time with my sister. We've been wanting to come here for a long time already and we finally did! I loved it. The food was really good. They also have belly dancing shows every night. I'm definately gonna go back there someday!

First Course: My sister had the soup and I had the Sliced Smoked Duck Breast Salad. The dressing was champagne + pomegranate.

Main course: my sister got the lamb and I got the Chicken Marakesh with couscous.

Dessert: My Brulee Royale/Creme Brulee and my sister's Moroccan Treats (just cookies and pastries)

Mint Tea

Love their washroom

I also went to the Toronto Athletic Club recently. I mainly wanted to check out the view. It's located on the top/36th floor of TD. My friend works for the clubs and got me a pass.

The view!


156. Babylon back in business

One of my favourite books!! Very inspiring. Especially since I want to open my own hotel someday.

At O&B on Front St.


155. St. Jacobs, ON

This morning I woke up bright and early to visit St. Jacobs with my family. It's a small rural town with a farmer's market, lots of antique shops, mainly populated with Mennonite people (Amish?). Most of them still use horse + carriage, don't use electricity in their home, etc.

Its been a loooong time since I was last there, and I haven't gone for a drive through the countrysides in forever so it was a lot of fun. As much as I LOVE the city life, I also love rural or isolated places.

Miniature version of the town:

Outfit. Not sure how I blend in with the locals.


154. Givenchy Fall 2010 Haute Couture

This is an AMAZING haute couture collection..one of my favourites. The detailing = stunning.

(photo credit for above + below: Bryanboy)

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