116. Oliver & Bonacini

This morning I woke up earlier than usual to head uptown for lunch with my mom. We went to Bayview Village and ate at Oliver & Bonacini. If you're a regular reader you probably know I love O&B owned restaurants! I loved it - the service was really good and the food was delicious.

I ordered this panini..it was amazing. I actually never even had a panini before so I'm not sure why I decided to get one. But I think it's going to become my new favourite food.

Another favourite place - Ki for drinks with my friend in the evening.

Other random photos taken recently:

Doing hmwk in the lobby with my friend sticking his foot in front of every photo


114. preubischblau

Sunday morning - woke up to this little note slid under my door hahah :) Then I went to the mall for a bit of shopping with my mom..

New dress + some new makeup

My washroom counter



113. C5 | Afternoon Tea

Today I went for afternoon tea with my friend at C5, on top of the ROM (Royal Ontario Museum) I've been wanting to come here for such a long time. As expected, it was really nice in there. They have a nice bar area as well with Hpnotiq in stock ;] I'm definately gonna go back again soon. Maybe tomorrow night actually.

It's a more modern version of afternoon tea. The food was good though. I want to try out all the afternoon tea places in Toronto..



112. Random Photos

Random photos of what's been going on recently...

Dinner & Hpnotiq at my bar

Union Station

Royal York Hotel

Food from Brookfield Place - Christmas lighting ceremony

Brochures from Abercrombie & Kent - luxury travel company

Mimosa in my lobby with hmwk..

Photoshoot for a school project. My theme was the French Revolution.
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