333. Pravda, Jump, Yogurty's Giveaway

Trying my best to update my blog more often these days! I'm thinking of switching over to Wordpress and getting someone to re-design my layout. It seems like a daunting process..have any of you made the switch from Blogger to Wordpress? I'm afraid I'm going to mess something up and lose some old posts, and not even sure how to switch my domain name over..

So I went to Pravda last weekend. It was fun but overall - one of the worst nights ever!! Not going to get into it. The acrobat was cool though.

At Bar Milano for Sangria & (surprisingly good) pizza beside the harbourfront:

LV Speedy & my olddddd "LVOE" bandeau

Dinner last night with my sister at Jump:

I had the gnocchi. It was ok..wouldn't order it again. Plus the portion is kind of small considering this is the larger size.

My new obsession this summer = Yogurty's ! I attended one of their media events last month when they opened their rooftop patio at the Liberty Village location. They also recently launched free WiFi across all their locations. We were treated with endless amounts of froyo (guilt-free since the yogurt is low calorie and made with real fruits). Since then I've gone there almost every week and tried most of the flavours. My favourites are: Watermelon Sorbet, Honey and Mango Sorbet.

They offered me two gift cards worth $10 to give to you. I am running this giveaway just for a couple of days (until Friday May 31). If you would like one, please comment here with your email address, OR tweet me OR send me an email! I will pick the winners randomly from the first 10 entries I get. Giveaway only open to Ontario residents. Enjoy!!



332. NYC | St. Regis Hotel - Bentley Suite

When I was in New York, I got a chance to check out the amazing Bentley Suite in the St. Regis Hotel. Going for approximately $10,000 per night, I merely had a tour of it. The hotel has a lot of designer suites, all very luxurious and extravagent. The Bentley Suite seems the most masculine and sleek. It's on the 15th floor of the hotel, looking over Fifth Avenue with views of Central Park.

A lot of Bentley's elements are incorporated into the details: leather floors, seatbelt curtains, lighting modelled after head lights, etc.

The view:

I LOVE the bathroom:

Here's the St. Regis Hotel lobby:

King Cole Bar:

& here's the hotel's Bentley:

I really wish I could've seen the Dior and Tiffany & Co suites as well..Dior being my favourite brand and Tiffany & Co just for the name. Unfortunately they were occupied last time I was there. One of those designer suites as a permanent home would be a dream! The Dior is definitely my favourite:



331. NYC | Glen Cove Mansion

One night we went for a drive around Long Island to catch the sunset and the New Yorker showed me around the areas he grew up. I really liked it there. Lots of small beaches and beautiful houses. We stopped by this hotel there called Glen Cove Mansion.

Sunset at the Long Island Sound:

Then we went to Brooklyn Heights for this amazing view of the NYC skyline:

Then dinner at a restaurant called Buttermilk Channel:

The next day I had to pay a visit to Laduree/Madison Avenue:

Goodbye NYC..see you again in 2 weeks!

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330. Stock, Soho House, Malaparte, Rosewater

Dinner at STOCK - the restaurant on top of the Trump Hotel. The dish above is Burrata cheese (I know it kind of looks like an egg). Absolutely delicious!

So it's already May 18th again. I can't believe it's been exactly a year since I left on my solo Eurotrip. A year ago today I'd be doing last minute packing to fly off to London, my first destination. Time flies by so fast..funny thing is I still have about 20 blog posts left to post from that trip. Plus some more from the trips I took in between (I'm so slow on my blog these days!)
In about 3 weeks I'm off to NYC again. I think after that I'm going to start seriously saving up to return to Europe.

Here's some photos of what I've been up to this week..

I love the decor at Stock

The main course. It's some type of fish, though I can't remember the name. Very good though. The waiter rattled off like five different types of fish dishes they had that evening. I didn't know what any of them were, so after he said the last one I just went "ok I'll take that one".

Picking out dessert from the chocolate cart

Lobby of the Trump

My dog, completely knackered from the doggie playdate he had today + my new favourite cafe, which just opened last week down the street from me. It's called Dineen Coffee. I don't drink coffee at all (but I assume it's probably quite good here). I love the atmosphere in there..reminds me a bit of cafes in Paris. Well the red banquette seating just reminds me of Cafe de Flore. Their pastries are also delicious - I kind of think Petite Thuet makes it for them.

Here's the interior

Afternoon Tea at the Soho House yesterday. Loved their finger sandwiches.

The very rustic interiors

Cowshed products in the washroom

Couldn't get a good shot of this room. There was a table of people in there having a meeting or something & I didn't want to awkwardly snap photos in front of them

Media lunch at Malaparte

The lunch was held at Malaparte, at the top of Bell Lightbox. I love the rooftop terrace! The last time I came was for Nikki Beach/TIFF 2011..the view is definitely better at night.

I also dropped by the Skinnygirl event at Rosewater earlier this week. Bethenny Frankel came and as you can see, she was quite excited to be here..

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