654. Recent Life

United Nude Rise Issey Miyake
My new shoes! They are designed by Issey Miyake for United Nude. I always have a lot of trouble finding clothes and shoes that I like enough to buy. Most things I own are things that I saw and fell in love with (a lot) at first sight. That was the case with these. They're the perfect colour for summer and pretty comfortable to walk in actually.

Here are some random photos taken in the first few weeks of this month..

Toronto harbourfront
Hungarian Restaurant schnitzel
Hennessy Pomeranian
Alibaba Tencent
baby raccoon
While walking back from dinner one night, we found a cute baby raccoon on the street. Despite living in Toronto all my life I don't think I've ever seen a raccoon on the streets before (apparently our city has a lot). He seemed to really love my boyfriend and kept following him lol.

baby raccoon
baby raccoon
Mira Restaurant
Dinner one night at Mira, a fairly new Peruvian restaurant. It was my first time having Peruvian food. We both really loved it. Everything we ordered was delicious. I especially love the ceviche sampler and the squid ink rice.

Mira restaurant cocktails
Mira Restaurant ceviche
Mira Restaurant
Mira chocolate ball
Dessert was a big chocolate ball filled with coffee ice cream, chocolate ranfaƱote, honey comb, yuzu marmalade & raspberry.

Mira dessert
llama light
Beer Bistro
leftbanked gym
Trying to work off all the food from these days!!

Breakfast and watching the World Cup final.

Akira Back octopus
Another really delicious dinner at Akira Back. Everything we ordered was really good as well. My favourites were the wagyu tacos and tuna pizza. It seems to be two of their most popular menu items:

Akira Back tuna pizza
Akira Back wagyu tacos
Akira Back wagyu rice
Akira Back unagi
Akira Back
Bisha Hotel bar
The restaurant is inside Bisha Hotel, so we had some drinks at their lounge afterwards.

La Cubana menu
La Cubana Toronto
leftbanked La Cubana
La Cubana
La Cubana

Issey Miyake United Nude



653. Recent Life

Eggspectation Sugar Shack
Photos Taken Recently..

Phantom of the Opera
A few nights ago, my sister and I went to watch the last show of Phantom of the Opera in Toronto. I really love it. I've seen it once several years ago on Broadway in NYC. I love the songs. This was my belated birthday present from my sister. Before the show we had dinner at La Carnita:

La Carnita corn
My favourite thing here is the corn

La Carnita tacos
La Carnita paleta
Hennessy Pomeranian
Moschino playboy
Eaton Centre
Little Pebbles Toronto
Kukum seal pate
Last week we went for dinner one night at Kukum Kitchen, a First Nations fine dining restaurant. I really loved it. We don't have many of these types of restaurants in Toronto. I tried seal for the first time. The taste is actually pretty mild and doesn't taste that different from other meats. This is seal pate with bannock. Their bannock was delicious as well. We ordered 2 extra plates of it.

Kukum seal pate
Kukum Toronto
As a main, I ordered the elk. It was delicious!!

Kukum Kitchen
pink lemonade
Firkin on Yonge
Watching the World Cup

chicken fingers
matcha cookies
Eggspectation classic
leftbanked outfit
Last night we also went for dinner at The Chase

The Chase Toronto
The Chase Toronto
The Chase Toronto
The Chase Toronto
I had the scallops. They were really good but too little of them..

The Chase Toronto
kitchenaid mixers
crocodile meat
Trying crocodile meat for the first time. I don't think we cooked it quite right since it tasted way too dry. It tasted just like fish to me. I would like to try it in a restaurant next time to see how it's really supposed to taste..but not sure anywhere in Toronto serves it?

Country Style Hungarian Restaurant
Possibly the best schnitzel I've ever had!! I really enjoyed this restaurant. It was my first time there and I will definitely be going back again. It's called Country Style Hungarian Restaurant in the Annex area of Toronto.

summer in Toronto
dog park samoyed
Dundas Square
We watched the new Jurassic World last week. I enjoyed it but I liked the previous one more.

Bang Sue Bar
shisha lounge
My first time at a shisha lounge

Toronto financial district

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