220. chrome blue

This was Brookfield Place last week - they had their annual Christmas lighting event. Most of you know I LOVE this building. I come here multiple times a day. It's right beside where I live and directly connected to my building underground so some nights I just like to take a walk there (they always play nice music too) &/or to go to Marche. Anyway this event is one of my favourites of the year. They had circus acrobats, silent auctions, lots and lots of free food & drinks..

Chocolate fountain!! Normally I don't like chocolate but I love when it's in the form of a fountain

My white wine and tiramisu from Obika - it was amazing!

Christmas is also a time for lots of sequins! Actually I wear quite a bit of it already..

Yorkville a couple days ago. I always love going there in the winters especially..lots of nice Christmas decorations everywhere.
That day I mainly went there to buy new toys for my dog & to meet my sister for crepes.

I got Hennessy these gingerbread toys..

The next day.....sighh. He manages to destroy 90% of all the toys I buy him!! The "Cristal & Dom Perignon" ones are the only ones left intact so far hahah. Figures. Even as dog toys they are still the best quality!

Stockyards a couple sunday nights ago with my friend. It was my first time coming here..they BBQ your food in front of you. It's a pretty popular place - really busy when we went. So busy that they usually run out of food before they even close lol (I thought this was pretty weird - not sure why they don't stock more)

My new chrome blue Blackberry!!! I had it gold for a few weeks and today the chrome blue just arrived so I changed it. I really like it. The colour's a bit different in this picture - it's actually brighter in real life.


219. Ninja Matryoshkas

Some of you may know, I collect matryoshka dolls (amongst many other Russian things). I ordered these ninja ones a few weeks ago & they finally came in the mail yesterday!! Had a lot of fun doing a photoshoot with them.

This is their home..my Armand de Brignac champagne box. Matches perfectly hahah.

The past month has been crazy. I've been working on school projects like non-stop. Next week is my last week of school before the holidays and I can't be more excited. But unfortunately I've still got a few more major projects due before then...sigh. Here's a few photos from my phone I haven't posted yet from the past few weeks:

Went with my friend to the Royal Agricultural Fair parties one night. They were all black tie parties: men in tuxedos, women in ball gowns..I definately wasn't dressed formal enough.

At the Royal York..I've been starting to come more often again. Well I always come here throughout the year but I especially love going there during the winters. Especially with apple cider :)



218. pirate ships

Haven't updated my blog in forever because I've been ridiculously busy the past week..& it'll only get worse next week. This is what I get for slacking off most of last month. Here's a quick post to show you what I've been working on.

One of the things I love about having two laptops - I can watch movies/tv shows non-stop on one and do my stuff on the other!

Working on my portfolio website! It's actually a lot of fun..I've only made the images so far; haven't started the dreaded coding yet. As you can sort of tell, I've decided to make it pirate themed.

It takes soooo much time. I've spent probably 20 hours on it already and I've still got a LOT to do. There's about 50 pages in total?!

Lately this has been my routine: few hours everyday doing hmwk in Starbucks, then whenever I get hungry..

over to Marche for food for a few more hours.

I am a lot more motivated in nice surroundings.

I've been doing so much online shopping lately. Every few hours of hmwk-ing I must reward myelf..hahah
So I got this Union Jack sweater the other day. I really love it & have gotten a lot of compliments on it. 
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