845. Riga, Latvia

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Last month (when we had some friends visiting from Toronto) we took a weekend trip to Latvia and Lithuania. The scenery along the way was really beautiful as we just had a big snowfall. All the trees were blanketed in snow. It was truly a winter wonderland. I think I enjoyed the journey more than the destination. It's funny to think that I am from Canada but rarely witnessed scenes like these there, which is what foreigners probably think all of Canada would be like.

When we arrived in Riga it was already dark. Up here the sun goes down at around 3:30pm so we don't get many hours of sunlight in a day. Also by the time we settled in the hotel and went out for food, we realized there was a curfew in the city (due to COVID) and restaurants were just closing up. We ended up having no choice but to order pizza to eat in the room lol. So then the next day we explored the city a bit before heading to Vilnius, Lithuania.

Parnu German restaurantAlong the way we stopped at a "resort city" in Estonia called Parnu. This German restaurant was soooo good and cozy.

leftbanked despacito Riga Riga Latvia Christmas Riga Latvia Christmas Riga Latvia Christmas Riga Latvia Christmas Riga Latvia winter Riga Latvia winter Riga Latvia Riga Latvia Riga Latvia Riga Latvia Latvia winterOn the drive to Vilnius we turned in this snowy little neighbourhood

Latvia winter house winter wonderland winter wonderland winter wonderland Latvia winter Latvia winter leftbanked despacito latviaI think we have some more drone photos from here which I'll post next time..



844. Luxembourg

First post of 2022! We celebrated Christmas and New Year's here in Tallinn. The past couple years have felt quite strange due to the pandemic and our travels. I can't quite keep track of time. The year went by in a blur. Last year for the holidays we were in Morocco, which doesn't even feel like a year ago already. Sometimes I forget which month it is and it didn't feel like Christmas at all this year. Even though in Tallinn, we were in the right atmosphere for it - lots and lots of snow and a Christmas market we often walked by. For new year's we walked out to an open space close to our place and saw the fireworks around us. In Tallinn there isn't one central place for the celebrations and fireworks. They do them in several places around the city and on a smaller scale.

Rewinding back to October, after visiting Strasbourg, we took the train to Luxembourg. We mainly went there to visit my friend Anouk who I haven't seen in years! If you've followed my blog for awhile, we first met in person back in 2012 in Paris - both of us were on vacation. She lives in Luxembourg so I've always wanted to visit her there someday. Finally 9 years later I made it lol. In between we've taken trips together to Capri, London and Western Canada, and she's also visited me in Toronto a few times. Hope we will be able to meet again soon..somewhere else in the world!

We stayed in Luxembourg for 2 nights. It's a tiny place and possible to see everything within hours. Unfortunately I was quite sick during those days (it was right after I took my first vaccine dose as well, which was probably the cause) but had a great time. It was nice to catch up. It is a beautiful little place and felt kind of like a fairytale village or one you see on chocolate boxes.

Luxembourg restaurant Luxembourg Luxembourg Luxembourg Luxembourg Luxembourg restaurant Laduree Luxembourg Luxembourg Luxembourg Luxembourg Luxembourg Luxembourg Luxembourg Luxembourg Luxembourg Luxembourg Batucada Luxembourg

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