166. Alexander McQueen Skull Ring + Laduree Macarons

Here's some photos of my new Alexander McQueen ring!!! I took this picture in photography class today..for our first project we have to shoot an accessory - I was going to do my necklaces but my ring arrived just in time.

As I mentioned before, my sister got it for me from Paris! Which makes it all the more special - when I think about it, pretty much 90% of my fashion accessories are not bought in Toronto. I usually shop more on vacations..or my family members bring me back souvenirs when they go without me. So most things I own come with travel memories or more sentimental value :D

My sister also brought back Laduree macarons!!!

They taste SO good. Like an orgasm in your mouth.


165. Royal Canadian Yacht Club

So I've finally got a summer job! I now work at the RCYC; Royal Canadian Yacht Club. My first real job ever. I love it so far. It's so beautiful and relaxing there..way more beautiful in real life than in pictures. The photo above is when you first get off the boat and walk towards the clubhouse. The RCYC is located on a private island only accessible by their own ferries. They also provide me with meals..their food is all DELICIOUS.

The ferry ride

The view of the city from the island

Inside of the clubhouse

It seems like I'm on a mini-vacation every time I'm on the island.
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