419. Recent Life

Fendi 2jours Macbook Air Starbucks
outfit Tiger of Sweden Fendi Frame Denim IQFoodCo Red Rocket box
OPI Infinite Shine To Infinity and Blue-Yond

In the photo above, my nail colour is OPI Infinite Shine "To Infinity and Blue-Yond". You can probably guess what my favourite colour is. & the snow in the circle down below is this pile right here:

Commerce Court in winter
This sums up the weather for the past week. Lots of snow and freezing temperatures..-30C most days. :(

Yakitori Kintori
Yakitori Kintori
Yakitori Kintori
Kinton black sesame pudding dessert
One of the companies I work for shoots Google Business View (in other words, Google Street View for interiors) for businesses, so I'm always discovering new places and restaurants especially. The first photos above are from Kintori Yakitori..a Japanese Izakaya style place where most of their menu items are served on skewers. In the last photo is a black sesame pudding dessert from Kinton (known for their ramen noodles)..I totally forgot to take photos of the food. It was actually my first time ever eating ramen at a restaurant. It was so good. They're both our clients which I discovered a couple months ago and had been wanting to try out.

San Pellegrino Aranciata Rosa
My favourite drink! I usually never buy drinks for home..I only drink water or tea but I love these.

Chanel Rouge Coco Shine



418. Tiger of Sweden

Tiger of Sweden pastel blue blazer
I went out yesterday on an attempt to shop. I say attempt as it's extremely hard for me to purchase new clothes..I very very rarely find anything I like. TNT is probably my favourite clothing store now. They have all my favourite brands and I usually find something I like there. I looked around the entire store before picking out this pastel blue Tiger of Sweden blazer and a Helmut Lang white top. I should've taken a photo of the top by itself..it's short at the front, long at the back and has pretty cool sleeves. I love the colour of the blazer. This one was a bit big on me so I ordered a smaller size..hopefully it'll be really fitted. Have to go back again this week to pick it up!

Yorkville Toronto
Toronto in winter
Brookfield Place Toronto
Brookfield Place
Louis Vuitton Pochette Accessoires Damier Azur
Macbook Air Louis Vuitton FCP Pomeranian
I just got a new MacBook Air! It's mainly for travel and as I work "from home", I can easily bring it around anywhere if I feel like working out at a coffee shop or something..but the screen is so small. I got the 11" as it fits in my bag and is super light, but it's hard to get used to. My main one is still my Sony VAIO though..I love all Sony products and have only been buying their white laptops for years. Now they discontinued their computers though. :( Anyway..

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