321. My Birthday

Windsor Arms Hotel Dining Room
Yesterday (March 26 for future reference) was my birthday! I spent Saturday & Sunday with my family then was with some friends on Monday & Tuesday. I had a really great time!
I also got my company registered. I've always wanted my own business and I finally did it yesterday (I purposely wanted to do it on my birthday so the date was more memorable). For the past few months I have been working for a few different companies doing their PR/Marketing on a very part-time basis. Through referrals recently, I got a couple more potential clients so I figured it was time I started my own firm! Pretty excited and nervous at the same time. Enough about work for now...here are the photos from my birthday:

Ruelo macarons peach bellini Earls Toronto King Street
My friend Matt gave me some Ruelo macarons..still not at Laduree standards but probably the best I've had in Toronto so far! I really like their unique flavours (like Green Tea Sesame, Rose Lychee, Yuzu, etc.). & on the right, my peach bellini yesterday at Earls

Origin restaurant Toronto menu
Origin is my new favourite restaurant! This place is just down the street from me yet I've never been there until last weekend. In fact, I liked it so much that I went again on Monday night. Pretty sure I will go back again soon. I liked their food presentation a lot(that's like the biggest factor in determining my favourite restaurants) Everything is served tapas-style here.

origin bufalo mozarella
These were my FAVOURITE!!! Bufalo Mozarella with pear, rosemary oil, pinenuts and honey...mmmmm. Just as good as the Burrata cheese we got from Harbour Sixty before (I have spent the past few months trying to find a restaurant appetizer comparable to that and now I have)

Origin pumpkin soup Origin salad
Origin chinois duck
Origin dessert glazed banana
The descriptions of each dish are super long so here is their menu if you want to take a look.

Origin Toronto
When we went again on Monday night, it was late and took dark so none of my photos came out..here you can see their open kitchen which is right in the middle of the restaurant. Can't wait until it gets warmer for their patio!!

Origin stormtrooper
Cool photograph/painting they had hanging on the wall

Windsor Arms Hotel Toronto entrance
On Sunday, my sister and I went for afternoon tea at the Windsor Arms Hotel ! Their tea is considered the best in Toronto.

Windsor Arms Hotel Windsor Arms Hotel
Windsor Arms Hotel afternoon tea
Windsor Arms Hotel red room Windsor Arms Hotel
Windsor Arms Hotel afternoon tea
Overall, everything was good but it wasn't as amazing as I expected. I thought the finger sandwiches were a bit too small and I wish there were more pastries/cakes. So far, my favourite afternoon tea I've ever had is the Peninsula Hotel's in Hong Kong! Closely followed by the Mad Hatter's Tea at Sanderson in London.

afternoon tea afternoon tea
Windsor Arms Hotel Afternoon Tea
scones afternoon tea
Windsor Arms Hotel Spa
They also had a little gift for me - a couple vouchers to their spa

Windsor Arms Hotel bar
Windsor Arms hotel lobby entrance Windsor Arms Hotel dining room ballroom

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320. Crystal Bra

outfit crystal bra house of holland super suspenders leftbanked
A few days ago, I received a nice little package all the way from Sweden (all the more special because as you know, I love Sweden!) Thanks to Crystal Bra. I love it so much!! I've seen it on a lot of bloggers before, like Kenza & Chiara. I'm still figuring out different ways to wear it. It looks great under a semi-sheer top and low-cut tank tops. It comes in silver and black. The sizes run big though..maybe it's just the difference between US & European sizing but I'd recommend getting a size smaller.

The Crystal Bra Swarovski necklace outfit crystal bra super suspenders leftbanked
That was my outfit last night. I went to the Rihanna concert. I actually don't even like her or concerts that much..but my friend had an extra ticket so I tagged along. (PS - Rihanna also has the same tights as me!)

Crystal Bra
Crystal Bra
Purchase it here!

Real Sports Bar
Drinks before the concert at Real Sports Bar

Petite Thuet macarons
Today was Macaron Day so I went downstairs to Petite Thuet to pick up some. Unfortunately there weren't any colourful ones left. So "macaron day" is when participating macaron shops offer one free macaron per customer who comes in. Though actually they asked me for a donation of $2 to receive the free macaron..which essentially is the normal cost of one lol. But it's for charity.
I LOVE macarons but very rarely buy them in Toronto because they're just not good. I don't mean to be a total macaron snob but after trying Laduree, Pierre Herme, Sadaharu Aoki, etc..the Toronto ones don't even compare. I'm serious. They taste like two entirely different things. I haven't tried all the different ones in the city yet but when/if I do find the best, I will let you know....

To Me You Are Perfect Aroma Espresso Bar
I'm having movie marathons like every night this week. The scene on the left is from one of my favourite movies ever!! Know where it's from? (Hover over the pic) & on the right, my salad from Aroma Espresso Bar

St. Party's Day
Last weekend for St. Patrick's Day my friend & I went to check out St. Party's Day. Maybe it was because we went early but I didn't like it that much. It was not what I expected. I kind of expected something like Oktoberfest but with pitchers of green beer and a similar atmosphere but it wasn't. Probably wouldn't go back next year.

St. Party's Day 2013 St. Party's Day 2013
louis vuitton graffiti stephen sprouse house of holland super suspenders
Outfit - wore my Louis Vuitton x Stephen Sprouse Graffiti scarf for the first time in ages. It is the only green thing I own! & House of Holland Super Suspender tights..I lost count of how many pairs I have of these. I keep re-purchasing since I always manage to rip them after a couple wears.

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319. Sleep No More

3 more weeks until NYC! (& a couple weeks until my birthday but not as excited about that hahah) This month is going by so slowly though. One thing I'm very excited about is going to Sleep No More. It's an "interactive theatrical experience" loosely based on Shakespeare's Macbeth. Something like a play that the audience takes part in; walking around observing the actors in each room of the "abandoned hotel" where it's set. Oh & everyone has to wear a creepy mask similar to Phantom of the Opera. The style seems to me like 1920s/something out of a film noir. If my description didn't make much sense, read the review here. Can't wait!!

Burberry trenchcoat YSL Yves Saint Laurent Y-Mail Clutch Canadian passport
Outfit the other night + my old passport expired/renewed it just in time for NYC!

Louis Vuitton Graffiti scarf Stephen Sprouse Crystal Head Vodka
Crystal Head Vodka wearing my Louis Vuitton x Stephen Sprouse graffiti scarf as a turban

St. Party's Day Toronto ticket black outfit leftbanked
St. Party's Day this weekend! The only green thing I own is that scarf (photo above) - bad lighting but it's actually neon green

aerial silk acrobat Pravda Toronto
Pravda last week - amazing acrobat!! One of the many many reasons this is my favourite spot in Toronto.

YSL clutch Pravda Pravda Vodka Bar

I took a short video:

Richmond Station Toronto restaurant
Richmond Station polenta fries appetizers
Richmond Station ravioli Richmond Station dessert
Richmond Station dinner Richmond Station dessert
I'm too ashamed to say how long overdue these photos from Richmond Station are. My friend & I came for dinner on their opening night, which was quiiiiite a long time ago. The food was good but not extremely memorable - I thought it was a bit over-priced to be honest. The chef here is the winner from Top Chef Canada.

Pomeranian car ride
My dog enjoying our Uber cab ride. BTW, if you are still not a member of Uber yet, sign up with my special promo code to get $10 off your first ride! Just type in "uberleftbanked" or click here - enjoy!

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