735. La Coruna in November | Part 1

La Coruna Spain Drone
This post is pretty overdue. About 3 months late to be exact! Back in November, we went on a trip to Edinburgh and La Coruna. All my Edinburgh posts can be found here.
So after a few days in Edinburgh, we went to La Coruna (my boyfriend's hometown) in Spain for a couple weeks. It was my third visit there. It was more of a relaxing visit. We mainly just visited his friends and family and worked (on our laptops) in coffeeshops. I didn't take that many photos so there will only be two parts to this.

Here are a couple drone shots over the city. This is the city hall/Plaza de Maria Pita.

drone shot La Coruna
La Coruna storm
On the night we flew in, there was a huge storm. Our flight almost got cancelled due to it but in the end, they felt it was safe enough to fly. I was sooo nervous during the landing as it was raining a lot and the winds were apparently close to 100km/hr. I was even frantically Googling how much wind an airplane could handle to land safely lol. The next few days it rained a lot and the winds were still pretty extreme. You can't really tell from this photo but the waves were super high. They blocked off the beach for awhile to prevent people from going and washing away.

La Coruna architecture
Vecchio cafe
We went to a lot of Caffe Vecchios to work. I really like them. I guess they are kind of like our Starbucks here but with better food, cozier and cleaner.

Pandelino La Coruna
We also went for breakfast every morning at a place called Pandelino. I love their avocado toast and oatmeal!

We stayed at my boyfriend's dad's place this time. He recently got a new kitten. He was really scared of us at first and hid the whole time. Then in the middle of the night I woke up to something attacking my foot and it was him lol. Slowly he got more used to us and even slept on me.

La Coruna streets
Spanish tapas
Estrella Galicia beer
La Coruna beach
Maria Pita La Coruna
La Coruna
Ingooco La Coruna
La Coruna aquarium
Visiting the aquarium

La Coruna aquarium
La Coruna aquarium
Lost in translation hahah (weirdly enough this was literally the only English words in the whole place)

La Coruna aquarium
La Coruna Spain
La Coruna Spain



734. Recent Life

Laduree CNY macarons
Chinese New Year/Year of the Rat macarons from Laduree! I'm so happy a Laduree location has opened in the PATH..a few minutes walk from me. My favourite flavours are the Strawberry Guimauve and Marie Antoinette.

Here are some photos from the second half of January:

Laduree macaron
snow tubing
We went to a small skiing/snow-tubing place a short distance away from the city a couple weekends ago. I've only been skiing once in my life and am pretty bad at it. So just did the tubing this time lol.

ice on trees
Chotto Matte
My dad's birthday lunch at Chotto Matte.

United Nude Issey Miyake
Their washrooms are super dark with fluorescent lighting..so my shoes literally glowed.

Laduree macarons
Dineen Commerce Court
A Gentleman in Moscow
One of the books I'm currently reading - A Gentleman in Moscow. I really love it so far. Will post a review once I'm done with it.

Royal York Clockwork
Royal York lobster rolls
Clockwork at the Royal York.

Royal York Hotel lobby
Toronto view
Piano Piano pasta
The Gentlemen
Last weekend we went to watch The Gentlemen. It was such a good movie! I loved the concept.

Hungarian Restaurant Toronto
The best place for schnitzel in the city - Country Style Hungarian Restaurant. The place is really cozy and authentic, and the portions are HUGE. They only accept cash though.

Inner Life of Animals
Another book I recently finished: The Inner Life of Animals. It's part of a trilogy by Peter Wohlleben. I read The Hidden Life of Trees first which was really interesting (I posted about it previously). This Animals one wasn't as informative but it was still entertaining.

Chinese New Year dinner
Chinese New Year dinner

Chotto Matte Toronto
Another dinner at Chotto Matte (I seem to have gone there a lot this month)

The Tipping Point book
Another one I'm currently reading: The Tipping Point by Malcolm Gladwell. It's ok so far.

George Street Diner
Breakfast at George Street Diner - a really popular, old-school diner close to me that I've only recently discovered.

Terroni Adelaide
Terroni pasta
My friend's birthday dinner at Terroni.



733. Christmas Part 3 & New Year's

1KW NYE 2020
Finally the first post of 2020! I haven't had much time to blog these days (or motivation) unfortunately as I've just relaxed during the holidays, then got quite busy with work after the new year. Also I've been in my reading phase so I've just been doing that a lot in my spare time. Here is what we did over Christmas and New Year's Eve. This was my building's NYE decorations. They always go pretty over-the-top with them but I love it! (The bottom part of my building used to be a bank many years ago (the headquarters of TD) so that's why we have a vault downstairs). The first year I moved in here, I celebrated NYE in my lobby. I remember that was quite an eventful night as there was a shooting at the party in the vault (I think it was 2-3 shots fired and nobody got hurt though). I didn't see it happen as I was in the lobby but I did see the guy run out with a gun.

Akira Back cocktails
On Christmas Eve, my boyfriend & I went for dinner at Akira Back.

Akira Back tuna pizza
Our favourite dish..the tuna pizza!

Akira Back Toronto
Akira Back sushi rolls
Akira Back black sesame cheesecake
Santorini Puzzle
Christmas puzzle of Santorini! Unfortunately it's still maybe only 15% completed.

Gyu Kaku
On Christmas Day we went to Gyu-Kaku (one of the few restaurants open)

Gyu Kaku
Gyu Kaku smores
dim sum
Then a dim sum lunch with my mom.

dim sum
Australia postcard
A nice surprise from my friend who spent the holidays in Australia!

leftbanked Adidas outfit
matcha cookies kitchenaid
Making our favourite matcha cookies.

Awkward Ty Tashiro book
One of the books I recently read. I think I'll do a big post soon of all the books I've read lately (and my review)

Chotto Matte Toronto NYE
For NYE we went for dinner at Chotto Matte.

Chotto Matte Toronto
pisco sour
Pisco Sours

Chotto Matte Toronto
Chotto Matte Toronto
Chotto Matte Toronto
Chotto Matte dessert
80s style Adidas outfit
My 80s aerobics style inspired outfit.

The Millionaire Next Door
Another recent book I've just read.

Dineen Commerce Court
One of my work spots.

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