208. Toronto Buskerfest 2011 - Part II

Here's some more photos from Buskerfest last weekend. It went from Thursday to Sunday..since it was located so closeby I went a total of 10+ times.


Watching the Fireguy..for once I actually got a really good unobstructed view standing spot.

Pyromancer again. There were like 20+ different buskers & for some reason I kept watching the same ones over and over again.



207. Toronto Buskerfest 2011

Very behind on my blog once again! Here's a quick post with some pics of Buskerfest! It's going on for four days this year..tomorrow's the last day. I've been going literally like 3 times everyday lol. Well I live pretty much just down the street & go to that area alot anyway. I love it!

There's my building! The white flat one.

This was taken on thursday/the first day it started so it wasn't too busy yet.

I'll post the rest of the photos in my next post.

Last night I went to Devil's Martini - first time at this place. Actually I never even heard about it til last night. It's kind of weird how I've stayed in almost every night for the past couple weeks or so then suddenly last night I had like 4 different people asking me to go out somewhere. & I rarely go out on weekends (usually during the week). Anyway I came here with a few of my friends & we took Hpnotiq shots! :D It was a fun night.

Afterwards we all went to my friend's place (who also lives in my building) & smoked some shisha!


206. sapporo

Drinks at Canoe

Passing by the set of one of my favourite TV shows - Suits!!

What do you do when your dog chews the heels off your favourite pair of heels? (sigh) Buy another. Burberry box just to store them in

Fake grass on my friend's condo patio

Late night harbourfront walks



205. penthouse + partylicious

Some bad-quality Blackberry photos taken recently: 

A few nights ago my friend brought me to his dad's place in the city - the penthouse of a building in Toronto (I won't reveal which for privacy reasons) Apparently right before his dad got it, Harrison Ford lived there!

Here's an attempted shot of the bathtub. It was right beside a huge window..I couldn't find the lights so it's a dark shot. =\ It was a really cool place..even had its own wine cellar. & steam room/sauna.

then we came back home to find Partylicious going on at
Jump. It's their annual charity event so we decided to check it out. It's literally right beside my building..located in our courtyard/fountain. I loved the music they had that night..when I looked at the DJ I saw it's one of the Pravda ones hahah. Figures.

I wish they had this more often. Loved being able to stagger home in a matter of seconds



204. Kusmi Tea + Total Recall

Kusmi Tea!! yes I can get very excited over tea, as long as it's in nice packaging. But mainly for the fact that it's originally from St. Petersburg & established in Paris..for those of you who know me well, you'd know these are 2 of my favourite cities!! I plan to have a whole collection of these teas (even if I don't drink them) because I love the tin cans sooo much. There's one that's a larger size with a matryoshka on it..I'll probably get that next. Just wish they weren't so expensive =\

Today I got the Anastasia tea. It smells AMAZING. Exactly like the scented oils I used in my baths before. I'm not sure if I'll like the taste because I normally go for green tea.
So the Anastasia is: Blend of Chinese and Ceylon black teas flavored with natural essences of bergamot, lemon, and orange blossom.

This historic Kusmi Tea blend is a tribute to the Grand Duchess Anastasia Romanov, daughter of Tsar Nicholas II, who mysteriously disappeared in 1918 after the fall of the Russian royal family. Viatcheslav Kousmichoff, the son of the founder, created this blend during his time in London, shortly after the disappearance of the princess.

This limited edition is available until dec. 31.

I went on a tea spree the past few days. Got a few different green teas, darjeeling, & of course the Kusmi is the nicest one. I'm always so lazy to make my own though..whenever I buy new tea I end up just going to get one at Starbucks instead. Alright enough about tea. Here's some other random photos found on my camera:

The filming of Total Recall! It was a huge set. They filmed it pretty much the entire day..right beside my building.

Zooming in on the cars..

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