462. Recent Life / Christmas Week

Nadege Christmas chocolate
I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and happy new year!! The chocolate in the photo above are from Nadege..the images are printed on the chocolate/not on the wrapper btw.

& Here are some more photos from my Christmas week:

The Nutcracker Toronto
Watching The Nutcracker! 3rd year in a row (& counting) we've seen this..

Christmas outfit
My festive Christmas outfit! Matches the Williams Sonoma bag. It was my favourite place this year for Christmas gifts and food. I kept going back there for more stuff, including:

Williams Sonoma apple cider
Williams Sonoma peppermint cups
Apple cider
My favourite drink for the winter = apple cider!

Day and Night salad
An early new year's dinner with my mom a couple nights ago. We ate at a restaurant called Day and Night. It's really good. We went there as well last year for Christmas dinner. It was a 5-course meal. I forgot to take a photo of the soup but I really loved it. It was a lobster bisque. Above is the caesar salad.

Day and Night garlic shrimp
The butterfly garlic shrimp is so delicious..it's my favourite.

Day and Night salmon
I got the salmon as the main course.

Day and Night dessert
Dessert. I didn't really like it but they didn't have any other options for dessert.

Nadege Patisserie cakes
Nadege is my other favourite shop this Christmas season. I bought a lot of their Christmas chocolate there as gifts and even some for myself. Most of their things look too good to eat. We got this large praline cake:

Nadege Praline cake
Niagara Falls
Niagara Falls on Christmas Day

Niagara Falls



461. Merry Christmas Eve

City Hall skating Toronto
Merry Christmas Eve, everyone! I can't believe how fast this month has flown by. I'm actually looking forward to the holidays being over now..I really enjoy it but it definitely makes me spend a lot more/too much lol. As I'm typing this, it's currently raining outside. I really want it to snow soon..hopefully it won't start too late so that winter ends late as well.

Toronto City Hall Christmas
black moon boots
New moon boots! My bf & I planned a short getaway next week. That's what I got these boots for but it looks like we won't be getting much snow..which is going to be really unfortunate because I was also looking forward to doing some of the winter activities there. :(

Christmas presents
Nadege cakes
Peppermint Bark Nadege
Christmas chocolates
penguin Tiffany and Co gifts
Present I got for my mom. The stuffed penguin and penguin bag because she likes penguins, and I got her a necklace from Tiffany & Co.

Williams Sonoma Christmas food
I love Williams Sonoma food..especially their Christmas stuff! I went there today and unfortunately most things were already sold out. Next time I'll know to buy them in advance. I already planned to get everything weeks ago but kept putting it off/thinking there will be lots more time. Didn't realize they would sell out so fast.

Chinese dinner
Chinese dinner
Dinner with my mom yesterday for the Winter Solstice or "Chinese Thanksgiving"

Pomeranian sleeping



460. Recent Life

Toronto lights
I seem to be doing better with updating my blog this week. I finally have all my Christmas shopping done (I think). This year I put the most effort and spent the most on gifts for everyone. I didn't have that many people to shop for, but for each person I got like 2-3 things. & wrapping each gift is also a huge task. I wish I could post everything on here but I can't risk them seeing!

For this upcoming year I want to get back into blogging more, and I'm also working on a new travel website/blog. I had everything set up last year (2014) and registered the domain for 3 years (so it expires in 2017). But I never ended up doing anything for it..besides 2 test posts lol. So now I'm getting back into it and I actually really enjoy it. I will reveal it maybe in a month or so when I have it officially launched.

Lastly I need to get a custom logo/header designed for this blog! I think I may try out 99 Designs for that. Will start working on that this week.

outfit Tiger of Sweden
Chihuahua Pomeranian
Dog-Sitting this Chihuahua again. I posted about her once before if you remember..

This is how Hennessy slept last night, right above my head

Christmas Nails
Love my Christmas nails! It is Formula X "Pyrotechnic" with a top coat of "Wham!"

Nadege Macarons
Macarons from my sister

Nadege Patisserie
Macarons Nadege



459. Louis Vuitton Coffee Table Books

Louis Vuitton books
Here is my collection of Louis Vuitton coffee table books! I recently got the one (far left) as a gift from my boss, so I decided to pull out my other ones to have a look through them again. The middle one is their main one, and the first I ever got. It is an extensive history of the brand like how it started and how it got to where it is today. I bought it during my first year in university (I studied Fashion Communications), for an essay we had to write in Art History class on a fashion item. I wrote mine on the first LV trunk. I had a lot of fun researching for that lol. The one on the far right talks about art, architecture (like of their stores), artists and designers they collaborated with, etc. If you are a long time reader of my blog..I posted about that day in this post when I visited Hong Kong in 2009. They had an exhibit for Louis Vuitton (with Richard Prince and Frank Gehry there giving lectures) and I just HAD to go. All I remember now is how heavy that book was to carry around all day in the busy streets of HK. Coffee table books are heavy to begin with but this one came with a case.

Louis Vuitton sketch
Louis Vuitton book
Louis Vuitton collections
Louis Vuitton Alma Lockit bags
I actually don't like many styles of LV's handbags. I really just love the Alma..I want them all..

Louis Vuitton windows
Louis Vuitton Richard Prince nurses
The Richard Prince collection. This was during the peak of my LV/designer fashion obsession lol.

Louis Vuitton Art Fashion and Architecture
Louis Vuitton Coffee Table Books



458. Recent Life

Fairmont Royal York film set
Hello everyone! This post is long overdue. I thought of separating it into 2 since I have a lot of photos..but then decided on having it altogether in one big catch-up post. I think my new year's resolution will be to update my blog more often. Sometimes when I want to blog, I don't have enough photos or content to blog about but then I suddenly have way too much..

I really love all the Christmas decorations around the city, especially in hotels. A couple weeks ago I went by the Royal York Hotel to see if their decorations were up yet as I wanted to get some photos. It turns out they were filming something in there that day (hence the American flag & palm trees in this photo above).

Royal York Christmas
Royal York carvings Royal York hotel carvings
Royal York hotel carvings
They seem to have these carvings every year. I forgot what it's made of. This year they have these characters from "A Christmas Carol". I used to have that book and read it every Christmas.

Royal York Hotel Christmas
Dynasty Toronto dim sum
Dynasty Yorkville dim sum
My mom came downtown a couple weeks ago. I met her for dim sum at Dynasty. Then dinner at Nami:

Nami Japanese
Nami Japanese
Nami Japanese chicken teriyaki
Dean Delmonte salon OPI My Chihuahua Bites
Getting my hair done at Dean Delmonte Salon + my new favourite pink nailpolish (OPI's "My Chihuahua Bites")

Pomeranian Pomeranian
20151129_201158 caramel apple Rocky Mountain Chocolate
Dynasty Yorkville
Dynasty for dim sum again, when my bf came for a surprise visit last weekend

CC Lounge Toronto
Some photos from my company's holiday party at CC Lounge.
I took this photo pretty early and it was a Monday night so it wasn't that busy in there lol

CC Lounge
CC Lounge whiskey tunnel
Whiskey Sour
CC Lounge chandeliers
OB Canteen breakfast
Random late (4pm) breakfast I had by myself at O&B Canteen one day.

Toronto Financial District
Union Station Christmas Market

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