232. baumkuchen

As usual, photos found on my Blackberry from the past week..

Today I went to a chocolate store near me called Eitelbach. They're famous for their Baumkuchen ("tree cake") which is essentially cake covered in chocolate (the two in the clear wrapping). It was ok, it didn't taste that special or anything. But to be honest I don't even like chocolate - I was just curious to try it.

Finally went to Bloke & 4th on a night last week. It's a fairly new lounge/club that opened up on King West (IMO the best area for good lounges/clubs if you're not from here). I liked it, but there were so many people there that night. I liked the crowd - lots of well dressed people and every other guy wore like a blazer + scarf lol. That was totally the style there.

Crashing one of my ballroom parties..

Last week for Thursdays at Ki!!

Of course we got the usual edamame & sweet potato wedges (still the best I've ever had)

Irish Embassy night! I seem to be drinking more and more Sapporo these days..

So nothing really exciting has been happening in life lately. Just been busy with school and interning. I don't remember if I talked about my internship here yet? I just got it like 2 weeks ago. It's at a media marketing company (yea, sick of the fashion ones..) I'm there on the two days when I have no classes. I'm still trying to adjust to that..as much as I wish I had some days off to relax, I also really like the internship so far.

PS - I just reached 300 followers on my blog!!!!


231. Burberry Prorsum Fall 2012

Some of my favourite looks from the latest Burberry menswear show. I wish more men dressed like this..

Burberry is definitely my favourite brand for men. #1 BF requirement: willingness to dress in Burberry trenchcoats.



230. let me see your bestest wine

Sorry for the boring posts lately. I haven't been going out much these days. Yesterday was my dad's birthday so I went uptown for a buffet dinner. The pic above is of my house in the suburbs - haven't been there in so long!!
I'm in what I refer to as the "danger zone" right now. It's not anything bad..just a type of situation I've always avoided before because I hate what happens in the end. But while it's happening it's fun. I feel like I'm speaking more and more in code on this blog.
Some random photos found on my phone:

A friend of mine went to the States during the holidays and brought back a bottle of purple Hpnotiq for me!! It's called Harmonie & it's pretty new. Actually it's not even available in Canada yet. I'm excited to try it..but I think the blue looks better. If you don't know yet, Hpnotiq is my absolute favourite drink.

Met my friend at Real Sports Bar last Tuesday night. Lots and lots of Leafs fans (for the game)

Went to Marche earlier today to do some hmwk. Their internet wasn't working which meant I was actually able to be productive.


229. erotic city come alive

This is how I want to dress up my boyfriend. + other Burberry trenchcoats. + damier graphite bags. + shiny Tom Ford suits with pocket squares!

Obligatory Pravda pic. I went there again last thursday - fun night! They had a bunch of balloons there..maybe left over from the New Year's party? At first I went with a friend from my building, who left after awhile. Then my friend and her Bulgarian friend came by. I also saw this guy I knew who has a suit store + his friends..I think they are very curious with what I do in my life lol. I think next time I see them I should make it clear they're wrong. (Not sure if you know what I'm talking about..)

After Pravda, we dropped by Irish Embassy and met some Brits with nice English accents. After that, I went with my friend's friend for some late night food at Fran's. Stuffed myself with a poutine. Then got home around 4am..when I walked into my lobby the fire alarm turned on! When the alarm is on, the elevators are down. So I just sat there for awhile waiting for it to end..was not going to use the stairs. At least I got to see a bunch of firemen lol.

People usually stay in their rooms during our fire alarms but that night I met someone new in my building. An 18 year old kid from Saudi Arabia..apparently he's here to learn English and go to university. Don't remember the last time I met so many foreigners in one night hahah.

The weather was unusually warm last friday so I took a walk down to the harbour with Hennessy. I used to come every night in the summer! I missed it.

The most gorgeous sunset ever!! This was taken with my Blackberry by the way..in person it was much more amazing.

Polar Bears @ Irish Embassy aka one of the only shots I can handle.

Friday night dinner with my friend at Guu! This place is always ridiculously busy..after two failed attempts in the past to get a seat, we finally made it into their Sakabar location on Bloor West. I've heard lots of good things about this place before and I actually really loved it!! The atmosphere in there is crazy/fun.

We got way more food than we could even finish but it was all delicious. I'll attempt to describe everything we ordered, for those who are interested:

Kinoko Bibimap ($8.8): rice, mushrooms & cheese with seaweed sauce in sizzling stone bowl.
I loved this a lot! The rice has a bit of a different texture than normal rice..like kind of soft and sticky. Didn't really taste the cheese. Will definitely order it again next time.

Gyu Shabu Salad ($6): shabu-shabu beef on greens with sesame dressing
I usually don't eat a lot of meat but the beef in this salad was delicious! It was really soft/tender and went really well with the dressing. This was one of my favourite things that we got. Will order it again next time too.

Edamame ($3.5): steamed soybean with seasalt
This is kind of self-explanatory. Edamame tastes more or less the same everywhere. I like how they gave a huge portion though.

Chicken Tortilla Pizza: This one's not on their menu - it was something they only had that night. It tasted so strange and was probably one of the worst things I've ever eaten. Maybe I'm being too extreme lol..but it basically tasted like a mixture of chicken and some type of fish.

Takoyaki ($5): deep friend octopus balls with tonkatsu sauce & karashi mayo
Normally I wouldn't ever eat octopus but I decided to try one of these balls. I didn't like it that much, but I think someone who likes octopus/seafood might like it?

Karubi ($6.8): sweet & spicy miso grilled short ribs
There were 5 thin pieces of this in one order..very good!!

Agedashi Tofu ($5.5): deep friend tofu in dashi broth
I really really liked this. I think my review of our food is a bit biased though, since I'm not a huge meat eater. The broth was very good. Will order again next time.

Karaage ($6.8): deep friend soy sauce marinated chicken with garlic mayo
This tasted like regular fried chicken to me. Apparently it's the third most popular thing on their menu though. It's good if you like fried chicken..we ended up taking like all of this home though, since our stomachs were bursting by that time lol. Don't think I'll get it again just because it was way too fried.

& a few more things that are unpictured:

Kakimayo ($7.2): baked BC oyster with mushrooms, spinach and garlic mayo topped with cheese
I only tried a little bit of this because I don't like oysters but if you do, it's very delicious. Very creamy and filling.

Black Sesame Ice Cream ($4): I'm like a black sesame ice cream connoisseur (hahah) but I didn't taste any black sesame in this one. Just tasted like flavourless ice cream. Maybe I have strange taste buds because my friend thought it had a strong taste.


I think that's all we ordered. It was way too much food for two people though..I think 6 different things would've been enough. Totally slipped into a food coma. But I really liked it..all their foods are very unique and not too expensive. Will have to go back soon!

& also, thank you Ron for putting my link on your blog!! You guys should all click here & check out his blog :D


228. Damien Hirst

Hi everyone, I hope you all had an amazing new year's!! Mine was good, even though I didn't do much this year. I just went to a house party with my friend (like second house party I've attended in my life?) I'm glad 2011 is over because I'm pretty excited for 2012!
Lately I've been going through that phase of just staying home almost every night. Actually I just checked..it's only been less than 3 weeks since my extreme "Pravda phase" (where I went practically every night) but it feels like forever to me. Those nights are just on the previous page of my blog hahah..yea, feels like eternity.
I assume the reason for this is because the Christmas season is over so there's not as many parties anymore. 

Massive dinner sausage fest a few nights ago at Bier Markt with my friend.

Pravda last thursday..think that was the last time I was there. Seems like forever hahah. & really, no post would be complete without an obligatory Pravda pic.
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