227. Кремль

Just put up these Paris wall stickers! What do you think of them? I have more and will be giving them away possibly

Beautiful sunset..& the moon is beside the CN Tower if you can find it.

Got this in the mail yesterday, thanks to Carte-Blache!! I love surprises :D

Here's what was inside. A pair of handmade sunglasses by the Italian brand Sunettes.

Christmas card from Russia..I love the stamps!

& some more photos of Christmas around Toronto!

My galloping dog.

My Kremlin/St.Basil's painting on the right side. I think you can see it (Moscow and the Kremlin) three times in this post hahah.


226. red velvet

I wish you all had a very MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!
I had a great week. Was able to spend some time with my mom and sister. My dad just left for a trip to Hong Kong a couple days ago. Really really wish I could've gone as well....
I can't believe how fast 2011 went by. I know 2012 will be a good year though..I can't wait until I graduate from school in May. I think I will go to Europe afterwards..but more on that later!

A Moveable Feast by Hemingway - I got this book after watching Midnight in Paris (which is an amazing movie - if you still haven't seen it, you should!). I didn't have much time to read it until now, plus it seems right for the Christmas season.

I went to Yorkville a few days ago for some last minute shopping. Actually it was a failed attempt, since I just spent most of my time going around looking for Christmassy foods. Saw these at Pusateri's! I wanted to get literally everything..

I might be one of the few people in the world who do not like chocolate (I only like chocolate ice cream) but these were so cute!!

Got this for dinner from Pusateri's - carbonara pasta..one of the best I've ever had!! I need to try the rest of their dinner stuff/other pastas!

& dessert. I got some macarons - my favourite was chocolate hazelnut. I also got red velvet, chocolate, and passion fruit..they were alright. Also got a bag of biscotti - soooooo good. I must go back again for more!! I wish they would open a Pusateri's closer to where I live..

As always I'm pretty behind on my blog so even though Christmas is over now, I'll still be posting Christmas photos in the next couple days.

& one final thing - can't believe I already have 208 blog followers now! I had this blog for years but it was only a few weeks ago that I started whoring my blog out hahah. I'm happy with how fast it's grown..up until 3 weeks ago I was at about 60 followers for the longest time. Also thank you for all the comments on my previous posts..I no longer have the time to reply to every single one of them. 


225. Glühwein

Finally made it to the Distillery's Christmas Market last Sunday - on its final day! It turned out to be better than I expected. The only other time I went was last year, when I went on the first day they opened so it wasn't so busy that time. But it was fun this year. I mainly went because I wanted to try Glühwein hahah. I wish they sold more authentic German stuff..

Sitting around the fire enjoying our Glühwein :) It was delicious!! It's basically warm red wine with a lot of spices..tastes like apple cider mixed with red wine. I want to try making my own one of these days.

I wear lots of sequins year-round but even more during the holiday season!

Picked up the new issue of King West Magazine ..was happy/surprised to see they took a picture of me walking Hennessy! lol I had no idea. This is the second (?) time I've been shot for streetstyle :D



224. Blowfish on Bay

New dress I got a few days ago!
I'm going to post more photos of it in my next post. 

The colour matches perfectly with my Gucci clutch :D

Had an early dinner today at Blowfish with my dad and sister.

Edamame + Orange & Black + Spicy Tuna makimonos

Chicken Kara-age makimono

Pan-Seared Ribeye Beef Enoki Roll with Teriyaki Reduction (first time I tried this..very good!!)


Flourless Chocolate Cake (Torte?) + Mango Tempura

After dinner we went to the TSO/Toronto Symphony Orchestra for the Messiah concert

My posts (or a night) wouldn't be complete without Pravda! hahah. Yes..went there AGAIN last night. We got there half an hour before they closed. Got some champagne - had to drink it all very fast since they were closing..at first it didn't have much effect on me but then suddenly it hit me very hard & I got incredibly tipsy.

Lights went on. Stumbled out.

I used to bring that clutch with me all the time to Pravda..it's bathed in all sorts of alcohol.

After we left we looked around for some places I probably shouldn't have been, crashed some afterparties, got kicked out of the afterparties, looked for more places, got food, then back home..like a usual spontaneous night.

Thursday night, I went to this company holiday party in my building that I was actually invited to (since I usually attend uninvited hahah).

I know the president & a bunch of people who work at the company so that's why I was able to go. Was fun - had a couple Hpnotiqs (they had to bring it up especially for me because I'm so high maintenance with alcohol) + lots of food.

Just one more week until Christmas...
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