200. The Residences at the Ritz-Carlton, Toronto

Very behind on my blog once again. I've had such an exhausting week..literally haven't gone to bed before 6am in THE longest time. Feel like I've said this many times before..but it's really true. I need to stop going out every night. I seriously think I have a problem..because I've been telling myself to stay in for even one night, and it hasn't happened for weeks. I've gone everywhere this week: Pravda, Brassaii, Spice Route, Blowfish, Irish Embassy, Watermark, Against the Grain, Spice Route, Pravda, Spice Route, Pravda, Spice Route..etc.

So I've also been going to the Ritz Carlton a lot. Their residences to be more exact. I checked out a lot of the units still under construction and took a lot of pics:

This was taken on the balcony at the very top floor/master penthouse. Apparently it's 25000 sq feet. Ridiculously huge and expensive (I was told it will be for $38 million when the owner decides to sell it). If given the choice I'd rather take the penthouse in my building though - it's way nicer (& for a mere $4 million unfurnished - look at previous post for pics) plus the location is a lot better. The Ritz's penthouse is just very big..nothing spectacular about the view/layout/shape of it. Or I would take a suite at the Shangri-La, which I think I'll like way more than the Ritz. It's the one still under construction on the left side..with pink at the top.

The residents' patio

This was another suite at the Ritz, with a private elevator. The only thing I liked about the units here were their HUGE living rooms and floor to ceiling windows. Once you get out of the private elevator it's a large open area in front. Well, some of the floorplans were like this. Overall I didn't like many of their layouts.

Kitchen - I like the white cabinets

The view to the CN Tower & Skydome..

& finally some pics of my very happy dog:

Expect more picspams to come in the next few days!


199. givre

Photos on my phone all taken from yesterday..starting with a morning going around Yorkville.

Of course I stopped by LV to look/ogle at the Bleu Infini vernis Almas again..

I love these men's shoes..I need a boy to shop for!

Very happy that my new business cards have arrived!! 

My building's penthouses are still for sale! There's still 3 available. I want to live in one badly. When I was up there I thought about how Suits filmed an episode there lol.

This is the one I want..I always need a south view.

The entrance..facing east. Amazing wall of windows.

I really love my building - if I ever have to move, I think the only place I'd actually want to move to is up to the penthouse. Hopefully by the time I can afford it, it'll still be available? Actually how much longer do I want to stay in Toronto anyways? 

I loooove the washrooms.

& dinner at Blowfish!

I love the Okinawan - what I refer to as the "dessert sushi"


198. MoRoCo Chocolat

Last week I met up with a friend to go to MoRoCo! I love the decor at this place. The previous time I came here with her was like two years ago ..wow that's such an old blog entry.

I really liked their patio. All the furniture/decor was white and felt like Alice in Wonderland.

I had their sweet crepes..actually did not like this at ALL =\ it had yogurt inside, which I didn't know..and I really hate yogurt. Plus it was way too sweet. Should've just stuck with the smores that we got last time.

& my friend got this..sorbet or something. It's pretty cool how they did it. The sorbet was inside this ball of chocolate..which melted away a hole when you poured hot melted chocolate over it.

Truffles at their boutique. They also have macarons here but I still think Petite Thuet's is the best I've had in Toronto.

Perfect gifts for Veuve Clicquot lovers. I actually try to stay away from Veuve Clicquot because the one and only time I had it, I felt really sick afterwards. Now that I think about it the only other champagne I've had are Cristal & Dom Perignon. Ahh those Pravda nights..reading back on my old blog entries are fun. Can't believe I used to go there so often back then: 1, 2, 3. It makes me laugh how I used to blog about going out to Pravda on a school night then at the bottom of the posts I'd have a paragraph stressing about school.

So the day after that, I met my mom and my sister for lunch at Yorkville..saw this beautiful white Bentley drive by as we were on the patio.

Then we went to Holt Renfrew as my mom wanted to look at handbags, and I wanted to pick out the next bag on my wishlist. I think I'm gonna get the LV Alma..the one in this picture is the PM. I tried it and felt it was a bit too small so I'll probably go for the bigger size (hate how it's so much more expensive though! ugh). & it's really dark in this picture but it is the Bleu Infini colour which is navy blue. I like it in bright lighting..it's gorgeous. I wish it was a bit lighter but I still think I might get it. Just want to wait until the new colour comes out in August so I can decide whether or not I want that instead (apparently it is a colour called Givre - a pale shade of blue/icy blue, according to the Customer Support people. SAs know nothing in stores if you ask) Hopefully the Bleu Infini will still be available after the new colour is introduced though.

Evening strolls by the harbour as always..

Met a 905-er down there who's a graphic designer with an even cooler business card than mine (it's metal) ! We went to O&B then Spice Route that night. For those who aren't from Toronto/not familiar with the term...905-ers are those from outside the downtown area. Their special trait is that they only come out on weekends. Friday and saturday nights are the 905er nights..that's why I prefer going out during the week because those 905er nights are too packedddd. Weekday evenings they usually have an early curfew in order to get home and wake up early for work the next morning. ;] I used to be a 905-er! Do not miss those days at all..

PS: I'm half joking. I'm not that snobby lol


197. Part II

More pictures on my phone taken from last week when my German friend came to visit..

Spice Route - Pretty sure I was here at least 4 nights of the past 7 days!! & it's not like I plan my nights..I just happen to end up there all the time.

So IIFA took place in Toronto this year. I don't even know any Bollywood stars or had much interest in this event, but I wanted to go to the Royal York bar that night where the celebs all happened to be staying at. My friend & I went to EPIC , and conveniently sat next to a bunch of very famous celebs. I have no idea who they were but soooo many people kept walking by outside and snapping pics of them and waving! I'm pretty sure I got in all their paparazzi pics hahah. It was fun. There were also bodyguards next to us the entire time.

Here's MY paparazzi shot of them - anyone know who they are?!

I got dessert - their apple crumble which tasted really bad too (this post seems to be full of bad reviews). A bit disappointing because everything else I've ever had at this place in the past were amazing!

Walking around the city..Dundas Square.

My building's ballroom


For my work I have to go to different buildings. I got an assignment on a new building the other day and on my first day there..as I got in the elevator I run into a guy who used to live in my building! hahah..I really have gotten to the point of running into someone I know at every place I go to. He invited me to his place after I was done. His view is amazing!!!! Of course this picture doesn't do it justice..but his balcony was very big with a full unobstructed view of the CN Tower.


196. "ich liebe dich"

I'm about a week and a half behind on my blog. Usually if I haven't been updating much it either means that I have nothing going on in my life worth mentioning or way too much going on. Lately I've been going out way too much a lot and just enjoying my summer. For the past two weeks I've been out literally every single night - coming back past 3am & sleeping when the sun comes up. That's why I haven't had much time to update..plus I don't take nearly as many pictures as I used to. It's mainly been Brassaii, Spice Route, Brassaii, Pravda, Spice Route, etc..
Right now it's 4:30am & I really have been trying hard to go to bed before 6 one of these days. So here are some photos from last week (this week's will come in my next post)

My new favourite restaurant, BLOWFISH! As a lot of you know, when I find something new that I like, I become obsessed with it. & I really love Blowfish. If I can find someone to come here with me everyday I would. I was invited to an event they had last week..lots of saketinis and makimonos for sampling. We got there kind of late so we only got to try one of each. The makimono was so good we decided to sit down for dinner. I have pictures of the food I got on my Facebook but I'm not gonna post them here because the pictures came out too dark. I ordered 6 pieces of Okinawan (
deep fried sweet potato wrap, banana, avocado, mango-kewpie coulis) and 6 pieces of Chicken Kara-age (lightly battered chicken breast, avocado, lettuce, red tobiko, mango, strawberry kewpie). Both were AMAZING. When I go out for Japanese food I usually just order kappa maki (cucumber sushi) but I wanted to try EVERY single makimono they had, because it all sounded so good (& it was!) Their edamame was also pretty good. I will definately be coming back here more often..I really want to try everything on their menu, plus every sake and saketini they have. PS - the service could've been better though

Then a friend of mine from Germany came to Toronto to visit for a few days! The first evening I brought him to O&B . This is the view from their patio to my building (the skinny/flat/white one on the right)

We just had drinks, edamame (yes I have an addition) & sweet potato fries which all tasted much better than when I had them last time. Plus the service is really good here.

After that we went to the harbourfront for a midnight stroll. I love summer nights down by the harbour. I've been going there practically everyday lately with Hennessy.

The next day going around Yorkville..we went to the Hyatt Hotel's rooftop lounge. I really love this place..I can't believe I've only been here once (or twice?) before. But I definately need to go back more often...again, if I can find someone to come everyday with me I would hahah. It has such a nice view/atmosphere.

& amazing tapas!!

My blog seems to be slowwwwly turning into a food/lounges/restaurants blog..
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