130. J'Adore Cristal

The stuff I used for my 'photoshoots' these past few nights. I'm actually pretty happy with the results - I'll post more of them when I have more time.
The photoshoots are for my Fashion Photography as well as Communication Design classes. It's fun but time consuming..not to mention it's starting to get expensive having to print everything out. Why does school have to be so expensive?!

What better way to cope with the stress of school than Pravda on a quiet Tuesday night? My friend & I were literally the only ones there. We shared a bottle of Cavalli vodka..I think we only finished a 10th of it that night?

The view from our lonely little table lol



  1. Tiffany,
    Hi there...So pleased that you are using my book (www.bringinghomethebirkin.com)as inspiration for your studies...thanks for reading.
    Great pic at the top of your site of the Vertigo Bar at the Banyan Tree Bangkok...I went there and truly did get vertigo.
    Be well!
    michael tonello~

  2. Hi Michael,
    thanks for the comment! I really love the book so far!!
    ohh that's cool. I'd love to go there someday..


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