160. Toronto | Thompson Hotel

This is a reflection. Can you see where my desk ends and the window begins?
Last night I pulled a full-blown all-nighter, something that I haven't experienced in a long time. I occasionally stay up until 6am but very rarely 10am when the sun is all out. This morning I got back to my place at around 8am. My entire night consisted of restaurant/lounge/bar-hopping then going to the Thompson Hotel for food + staying there for the rest of the night, then checking out their rooftop pool (we were the first ones there!)

I'm not going to tell you what happened throughout the night because it'll be way too long of a story, so here are some photos of the Thompson. We had food at their dinner then went to sit at their lobby for awhile. It was still dark when we sat down..

Then it was morning.

My friend got a room here the next night so after checking in, we went to the rooftop

Little infinity pool

Impressive, but not as impressive as Marina Bay Sands in Singapore..
Lounged around for an hour before heading back home.


  1. My gosh i cant believe how pretty it is over there! Tnx for sharing!

  2. That first picture is awesome. Sounds like you had an amazing night and that hotel is gorgeous xoxo


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