166. Alexander McQueen Skull Ring + Laduree Macarons

Here's some photos of my new Alexander McQueen ring!!! I took this picture in photography class today..for our first project we have to shoot an accessory - I was going to do my necklaces but my ring arrived just in time.

As I mentioned before, my sister got it for me from Paris! Which makes it all the more special - when I think about it, pretty much 90% of my fashion accessories are not bought in Toronto. I usually shop more on vacations..or my family members bring me back souvenirs when they go without me. So most things I own come with travel memories or more sentimental value :D

My sister also brought back Laduree macarons!!!

They taste SO good. Like an orgasm in your mouth.


  1. That ring is soooo badass. I like that you took such creative images with it. Long live McQueen!

    Those macarons are...... amazing. GAHHHHH I haven't had a macaron in a month (a long time), and now I'm seriously craving for them. But I covet your stash because they're from Paris. Everything's better from Paris.

    I walked by 1 King West on my way from work to Bymark for drinks and thought of you. :]

  2. thanks!!

    I JUST finished off the last one! :( that's true about Paris heheh..

  3. You're photos.... make me droool!!!!

  4. alexander mcqueen is so cool!

    (new post: Ethnobraid and green heels & follow me)

  5. Wow nice nice post, I love mcqueen and Laduree's macarons mmmm

  6. wow amazing pics! great fashion tips! I would like to invite you to watch the Louis Vuitton S/S11 collection in streaming on my blog, tomorrow, from 20.00pm (european time) on...I will prepare you a virtual cocktail, see you there!

  7. This is the BEST RING EVA!!! We have it and love it sooo much!!!! The bee is the best part..when you wear it out to parties, people are gonna FREAK!!! Your sis has AMAZING taste!
    xoThe Beckerman Girls



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