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Pictures from my phone taken the past few days..
Last night I went to Real Sports Bar with a friend from my building to watch the hockey game: game 6 of the Stanley Cup finals/Vancouver Canucks vs. Boston Bruins. I'm not really a huge fan but I want the Canucks to win just because they're a Canadian team..but they lost last night. We'll see what happens in game 7 tomorrow. I'll most likely be going there to watch it again. As expected, it was ridiculously packed there last night. Apparently if you wanted to book a table, you were supposed to do it three weeks ago =\ Luckily we got good bar seats last night.

After the game we went to Irish Embassy for food then back to our building..I tried smoking a cigar for the first time in my life. My friend has a collection of pretty nice ones..

On the weekend I went to Woofstock! They have this every year, like a block away from my building and of course this was the first year I actually had a reason (aka a dog) to go! It was a lot of fun & Hennessy was really really really excited. He always loves seeing dogs on the street and this time it was like hundreds of dogs everywhere. & free treats at every stall.

The view from there...my building is on the right (the flat oval shaped one)

Then I went to Hiro Sushi with my mom for some food..

At night, my friend & I went to Kultura for this thing called the Toronto Image Awards. To be honest I still don't know exactly how to explain what it is. It's some sort of photoshoot competition. It was ok..met a couple people.

& another Hpnotiq to end this post

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